Monday, December 12, 2016

In the Art Room: Artome Art Show

Last Tuesday my school hosted their first ever Artome Art Show and I gotta say, it was FABULOUS! If you are not familiar, Artome is a fundraising company for the arts. To join the fun, you simply call or email Artome and let them know the number of students you have participating. In return, they send large sheets of paper that students can either create directly on or artwork can be added to. Also on the paper is a place for you to add the student's name, artwork title, grade, teacher's name and school. Once artwork is complete and the form is filled out, Artome provides you with a UPS shipping label. Slap that label on your box of artwork and ship it on to Artome. 

Then, two weeks later, THIS happens!
Two hours before our art show/winter program/book fair (we specials folks like to do ALL THE THINGS, ALL AT ONCE), two sweet Artome dudes showed up and set up our displays. The artwork could be organized anyway I I decided to mix it up a bit. Instead of having all kindergarten artwork together, I had them mixed with other grades. This added variety and also made it so folks went through the art show more thoughtfully.
Here's how the fundraiser portion works: Artome is paid $19 for each framed piece. Whatever amount you up charge is what you take. For example, we asked for $25 for each piece making our profit per work of art $6. We have about 320 students at my school and sold over half of the works of art. We did really well!
 I think next year we will do even better. Our program was for our 2-4th grade kids so many of our younger students were not in attendance. If there were, I think we would have sold even more. And, actually, we have...Artome allows a week of post-show sales for families who missed the show. 
Any unsold pieces will be removed from their frame and sent back to me to return to the artists. Also, this was so helpful: any artwork that was not completed in time to be shipped could still be framed the day of. That helped me out tremendously with my friends who were absent on art days.

Overall, it was a seamless fundraiser that resulted in happy artists and parents. Who could ask for anything more? 

Love to hear if you've given Artome a go and what your experience was like. 
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  1. Looks terrific! What do you tell parents about where the money is being used? Is at a fundraiser for your classroom budget, towards a big-item purchase, or for a general PTO type fund for the whole school?

  2. Oh my gosh, this looks soooo amazing! I was wondering if anyone knows of anything like this in Melbourne (Australia)?

  3. Anonymous12/27/2016

    What grade are those self-portraits? They are awesome!

  4. Thanks so much for this. Actually, your info answered questions I hadn't thought to ask until now 2 weeks before my ship date. Your artists did amazing work. I can't wait for our Artome show in March!

  5. I will never use them again. They sent only two people to set up a show for 823 students. They arrived late, I had to help unload the truck , my principal and I set up most of the art while the Artome employees set up the stands. We helped take down all the work and load it on the truck. They would never have gotten the show ready in time if we hadn’t worked. Seems unfair to pay them $19 out of $25 when we had to help with set up. There were more problems as well.


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