Sunday, April 2, 2017

DIY: Felted Bead Necklace

 Hey, kids! If you follow me here, then you know I've been sharing all things felted (including video tutorials). I'm getting super excited about our Craft Night this Wednesday, April 5th at 8pm CST right over here. If you'd like to hear more about our craft nights and how you can join (it's free, my favorite price!) just pop over here and read more. 

Now, I've put in my time with two-dimensional needle felting and feel like I have that got that down pat (check out this blog post of all my needle felted wares). Wet felting...well, that's another story. But I'm determined to get better at this craft. One project I did recently was create this felted bead necklace!
 I own many an item with wee felted balls on them: a handbag, coasters, a necklace and even a pillow. But I'd never learned how to make them. After doing some homework, I discovered how...and then put my own spin on it by adding spots to my dots. Here's a 3 minute how-to just for you!
Easy, right? For real, the hardest part was the time...but I just worked on them over the course of a couple evenings and then I was done!
Full disclosure: these balls are hairy (ahem) and wooly (double ahem) and therefore, slightly itchy. If you have skin that is akin to a delicate flower, as I do, then you'll probably find yourself scratching like a dog with fleas after a few hours of wear. That's why you'll often see me wearing my felted necklaces over a top.
Yes, I'm completely aware that I have the aesthetic of a twelve year old girl who occasionally drops acid. I grew up with Lisa Frank, what can I say?
 These are all of my favorite colors! 
I happened to have a necklace clasp in my stash (hoarding does have it's benefits) and I used a waxy string for it's strength. But you could totally use regular thread. Just make sure it's strong. If it breaks when you try to pull it, then find yourself something stronger. 
Have fun, y'all! Love to see your felted items as you create them. Tag me here or shoot me an email at 
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  1. Soft and cute pearl necklace and fantastic outfit! :)

  2. Helpful instructions, and so much fun!
    Narrative had me cracking up.

  3. Helpful instructions, and so much fun!
    Narrative had me cracking up.

  4. I love it all: the necklace, the polka dots, the hound's-tooth, the eye shadow! You know, as a fellow Lisa Frank kid :)

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