Friday, April 14, 2017

Chalked Folk Art Fish

Need a happy and colorful project for your kiddos that reviews the elements of art, introduces the artist Sandra Silberzweig and allows them to explore the messy and fun medium of chalk? Well have I got a project for you! Here's the lesson video...
Please forgive the quality. I filmed this video at school using my iPad (I normally use my camera) and the iMovie app. I really love filming short clips this way as it's lightning fast! However, when I watched the video back on my laptop, I noticed the quality was not what I had hoped. 
I get asked often about making a video for the art room. I created this video last year at about this time when I was just starting to get my feet wet with filming. I use almost all of these techniques still so if you are interested in creating filmed content for your kids, you might find this helpful!
Back to the lesson: I'm doing this project with my second grade kiddos. This will probably be the last project for the year as they still have a couple of their clay projects, hot outta the kiln, to paint. We are going with a Pet Shop theme and my students created these birds:
They have all come out of the kiln so cute! I purchased some florescent paint, feathers, beads and wire for us to embellish them. I noticed on the bottle of paint I purchased that it says it works in black now I'm on the hunt for a black light for the art show. How fun would that be?
 All that to say, since we are going with a Pet Shop theme, any final projects created will feature animals or fish! My students are using 12" X 18" paper (I used half that in the video) because I wanted big, bold and colorful art. On the first day, we traced the template and did the glue drawing, all in 30 minutes. 
I am going to rethink my black glue recipe for next year. I use tempera paint and Elmer's Glue All...but I think the paint is too thick as the bottles sometimes get clogged. Next year, I'm going to try using India ink as my buddy Ginger uses. That being said, I do kind of like the variety of thick and think lines that the glue produces. 

Y'all know I've caught the Black Glue Bug this year. Check out what third grade created: 

And fourth grade: 

 What I love about chalk work is how vibrant it is. 
We have a couple more days of work left on these lovelies so I'll keep you posted on what happens next. Until then, enjoy your long weekend!
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  1. Question: how do you preserve these chalk paintings? Even if I spray them lightly with hairspray they will lose the color and turn dull.

    1. I use hairspray as does dull the color...but that's just life. I usually use Aqua Net but they have since changed their nozzle, ugh! It leaves specks. Back to the (chalk) board on that one ;)

  2. Another wonderful art project by the awesome Cassie Stephens! Fabulous interpretation of my fish artwork!

  3. Immediately thought of Fish Eyes by Lois Ehlert as a literary connection. Love the project and look forward to trying it out next year. I did the faces w/ 5th grade. The kids and staff loved the results.

  4. Anonymous4/26/2017

    Where do you get the double trays you use for the chalk?

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  8. Hi Cassie! Have you found a good (economical) fixative for chalk? I know you mentioned that the Aquanet nozzle was not the best. Please let me know if you have found something else that works!


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