Monday, July 23, 2018

2018-19 Art Room Tour!

Well, it's that time of year: Back to School Time! I know what you are thinking...already?! Yes. On my end of the universe, we head back August 1st and the kiddos return about a week after. For once in my life, I decided to get my room together EARLY so as not to be running around right before the kids walk in the door. I thought this might leave me some more time to lesson plan...or stay in my pjs until 1:35pm as I am currently doing. But, whatever! This place is GOOD.TO.GO. Here's just a lil time-lapse of all that you can accomplish when you drink two POTS of coffee:
Yeah, I was so motivated! I wanted to get as much done as possible in just two days and managed to knock out the bulk of it in one. I have been working this summer to declutter and clean closets...and while I have not completely finished those, it was nice to walk in to a tidy-ish space. That made setting up so much easier. The second day, I did finish organizing books, sorting supplies and clearing off my counter. If the kids walked in today, I'd be ready to teach! WHAT I'd teach 'em, I dunno...but we'd be ready. Here's a quick room tour:
I will most certainly give you a detailed tour of each space next week. So stay tuned, y'all! This week, I'll be posting on all of the DIY decor I've created since last year. My room was looking drastically different just one year ago. 
 For the curious, I have pulled up my room tours from years past! This should be interesting:
This is from 2016...right before the fire marshall came in and told me to take down all of my fun stuff. This video was created for my kindergarten thru second grade pardon me for talking to you like a little. 
And this one is from 2014. I've gone thru some changes, y'all!
 Having been in this space for 15 years, I was ready for an update. I was tired of just hanging up posters and silly stuff on my walls in an effort to just decorate the space. In the end, it just looked junky and cluttered. It was not a happy or calming place...not that it's calming now but I can say it makes me happy!
The magic of a couple of cans of paint and rainbows. Like I said, I'll be posting A LOT of info on how all of these were made this week...and next week, a more in-depth tour of each area. However, feel free to leave me questions below if you have any!
 It's getting to be a packed house, even without the kids! 
 Thank you so much, y'all, for letting me taking you on a tour. Best of wishes getting your art rooms to their happy places!
It can be an overwhelming task. Just take your time and enjoy that journey. Listen to what the kids respond to and go from there.
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  1. Did you make the seat pockets and what do you use them for? Love your videos! Lots of fun inspiration, thanks!!

  2. What a great space. I'm the Director of Brecksville Center for the Arts in Ohio and I love your ideas. I needed some inspiration to make our center look more artsy and I hope your ideas rub off on me. My problem is we are a gallery and have adult/child classes all on one level.

    thanks for sharing,

  3. Anonymous7/24/2018

    Hi Cassie, What a wonderful, colorful change you’ve made to your room this past year! Inspiring as always! So, where did you find your command center chair❤️, and I’m looking forward to learning and hearing more about your fiber arts center!

  4. Marie DiBiase7/25/2018

    I hope for the sake of humanity that you do voice-overs for books one day, if you don’t already. You have the most soothing and captivating voice. And your room is killer!! #keepondancing

  5. Your room is beyond amazing! You are amazing! Your students are so so so lucky.

  6. I am not a teacher. But I want to go to there.

  7. Wonderful blog wonderful videos! You are an inspiration! Love the classroom. Love the colors, walls, everything! Also love the drying racks. Do you have a source? Thank you!


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