Sunday, March 10, 2019

In the Art Room: My Favorite Sub Plans!

DISCLAIMER: I am offering these lessons, handouts and videos to you for free. PLEASE do not take my lessons and sell them. Because that would be super crappy of you (yes, someone is doing this. Yes, they are super crappy). Thank you.

Going to NAEA in Boston next week? Need some sub plans? Y'all, I got you COVERED! Today I'm sharing my favorite VIDEO sub plans and my tips and tricks to planning for being out. There's nothing like the amount of WORK you gotta do just to take some time off. I'm here to make your life a little easier, I hope. So, without further ado, my Top Ten Sub Plans!

Let me just start by saying that the sub plans I am sharing were created for my kindergarten through fourth grade kids. I ALWAYS make a lesson that's age appropriate for all my classes. This makes my prep life so much easier and the life of the sub all the better. For more tips and tricks, check out this video!
Lessons like this require a lotta prep. Yeah, I will be keeping it much easier this time. More about how I prep for a sub can be found in this blog post. 
1. James Rizzi Cities! This sub plan was a huge hit with all of my kiddos. They started it while I was away and I was able to easily slide back in to a low-mess/low-stress project for them to continue. Lesson, handouts and video can be found here!
 2. Loud Mouth Collages! My kids thought these were the most fun ever...while I thought they were the most funniest ever. Complete video lesson and plans here!
3. A Colorful Village! Again this is another lesson that the kids work on while I'm away and we finish up with oil pastel and watercolor when I return. Easy, fun and super colorful. Video and lesson here! 
4. Chris Uphues Inspired Hearts! Who doesn't love Chris Uphues and his happy artwork?! My kids love learning about him. I've not only got a video lesson but I have a short clip of an interview I did with Chris and his wife Jen. More here!
5. I am a Super Star! This lessons is so really incorporates so much, from mixed media to literacy to a good ole boost to the self esteem! I DID ask the sub to make the stars for the kindergarten before they arrived because I'm not that crazy. Lesson here! 
6.  Collage Monsters! Another fun lesson that the kids really enjoyed. This one required more prep than most, just an FYI. Complete details and video here!
 7. Kerri Ambrosino-Inspired Still Life! Need a pop of colorful happy for spring? Try this sub plan on for size. So fun and we busted out the PUFFY PAINT! Lesson here. 
8. Wings Mural! I know, you've seen it a thousand times...but the lesson originated here! The feathers were created while I was out on jury duty, I believe...and then we assembled it when I returned. Lesson and video here. 
9. Britto-Inspired Collaborative! I love having the kids work on collaboratives when I'm out. It means we have a big beautiful work of art to hang when I return! Lesson video and details all right here! 
10. Monochromatic Self Portraits! Lastly, here's a lesson that's always a hit: monochromatic self portraits. We love hanging these in rainbow order for a beautiful display. Have your kiddos follow along with me in this video! 

There are PLENTY more lessons and videos on my YouTube channel so be sure and give those a glance if none of these strike your fancy. And be sure to subscribe, I upload videos and content all the time. If you are gonna be in Boston, see you there! 
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  1. yes, please don't sell Cassie's lessons. They are a gift to us all. Thank you Cassie

  2. these are amazing.... in case i havent said this earlier... i find ur ideas fresh n so creative... n i love the fact that u share.... my team n i r going to try out these ideas for our camp programs for children with serious illnesses...

  3. Anonymous3/11/2019

    Thanks Cassie! Love these ideas!So kind of you to share.

  4. Thank you for sharing, Cassie! I'm always looking for great sub lesson ideas. Yes, shame on you...whoever you are! Stop selling Cassie's lessons and passing them off as your own!!!

  5. Wow,some people have some nerve. How did you find out someone was selling your plans?

  6. It’s so sad to hear that people have to be so dishonest. Your ideas, lessons, and creative genius are SO appreciated!! Thank you for being so kind to share.

  7. anyone that is alive and not living under a rock knows your work and your lessons. whomever is purchasing your lessons from a thief should be ashamed of themselves. i've always appreciated all the time and effort you put in to putting your work online. it is such a job!! thank you from the bottom of my art lovin' heart!

  8. Hi Cassie! I would love to run into you at the NAEA! Thanks for everything you do for us fellow art teachers! -hope you're enjoying the trip to Boston!

  9. Cassie, I am here in Boston, and most of my sub plans come from you! You ROCK and I want to meet you!

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