Friday, August 9, 2019

In the Art Room: First Day of Art 2019-2020

I have been talking SO MUCH on this blog and on my podcast about the first days of school. You can read all about how I set up my art room (complete with a video room tour), my very favorite (and easiest!) classroom management tool, my favorite first day of art projects, my art room rules, and my art room routines by clicking any of these blog post links!

It's all wonderful to hear about how folks do things but I find it's even better to see it in action. I'm sharing a video of all the things we run through on the very first day in art (keep in mind, my classes are 30 minutes in length.)
Here's what I do:

* I do my greeting, which you'll hear.
* We learn our Art Class Catchphrase.
* I introduce the Word of the Day.
* We talk about the Open/Closed sign.
* We talk about the Happy/Sad board. 
* We watch this video:
* We stretch!
* We greet each other and I ask a list of silly questions (more on that in an upcoming blog post!).
* We get our assigned seats. 
* We learn the lining up routine...and that's it!
My list of things to cover was much longer but time was not on our side. Notice...we didn't make any art! And we didn't on our second day either as we had rules to review, consequences to chat about, another video to watch, emergency drills to cover and drums to play. I will be posting a video of that second day later this week (or next, mama's tired!). 

Speaking of tired...I'm not as bad off as I would be if I hadn't made a handful of these videos a couple of years ago. They kids LOVE my rules and routines videos! If you don't make videos like those, I encourage you to do so, it will save your sanity, voice and energy. 
Stay tuned...I've been slowly sharing my favorite art room hacks on my Instagram (@cassie_stephenz) and I'll be doing a proper post here. I love sharing what works for just might work fo you!
 Last year, I also shared a "first days glimpse" series of videos...if you want to check those out, you can see them here. 
AND I have been sharing everything in even more detail on my new podcast, Cassie Stephens! You can download and take a listen anywhere. If you feel so inclined to leave a glowing and glorious review, well....I certainly won't stop you. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!
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  1. Would love the silly questions!! If you are sharing. 😬. So great!

  2. Cassie! I love everything you do! I am silly with my students, too, and they love it. What do you use to make your videos? What type of app/software/technology? I am very interested in making my own rules and routine clips. Thanks so much. :)

  3. I love your podcasts! Keep em coming!

  4. Hi,I am a big fan of your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your art work and the rules in the art room with us. Please I need your help, how I can pass the art content knowledge praxis. I took it twice and I didn't pass. Please help me I want be an art teacher 🙏

  5. Cassie! I got directed to your blog early in the summer. I listened to podcasts, looked around, found how to deal with the Minders...(that was REALLY helpful).
    I am a 30 year veteran teacher...mostly 4th grade and 4th grade math. I was devastated to find myself teaching art. I spent the summer reading, learning.... You have helped me so so much! While I am not so silly, I love your style. I'll be copying quite a bit from you. The first days posts and videos are invaluable!

  6. Hi ,Cassie. Really enjoy your podcast. Listen while I do my 3mile 6a.m. Walk.
    I wanted to say that I used your call and response technique last school year and it worked great. But funny story. I was walking down the hall in between classes and passed my 2nd grade class. Said hi and as I was walking away I coughed and cleared my throat. All of a sudden I heard 25 students clear their throat and look at me for directions on what to say. The classroom teacher stated at them in wonderment. I quickly said hallway rule walk quietly. All the students and I laughed.
    I really glowed after that. They do listen and follow directions.

    Denise Pelosi


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