Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Fiber Arts Craft Nights!

To celebrate the release of my book Stitch and String Lab for Kids, I thought I'd bring back my Facebook and Instagram  LIVE nights (click the link to follow my FB page or IG account). I ran this past y'all a while back on my Instagram and it was met with a resounding YES...which made me so happy. I love doing live craft nights. I fell off the wagon last year when I was writing the book...now I have a little more free time to start it back up again! The beauty of the live craft nights is that FB archives them so you can always join the fun at a later date and time. 

I said I'd give you all a supply list for the nights...here you go! So take a screen shot so you remember what to have on hand. I tried to think of things you may already have so you wouldn't have to go out and purchase anything. All of these crafts we will be doing are also from my book!  
We'll be doing two crafts on the first night! One to prepare the fabric that we'll use the following week. This way of dying fabric was one I discovered while creating my book and I think you are gonna love it. Then I'll be sharing a simple embroidery for you to do with your students. We'll be doing that on Wednesday, August 14th. 
The following week, we'll be using that dyed fabric to make a stuffed pillow! If you don't use your dyed fabric, any ole fabric can be used. I'll be walking you through the steps of sewing as I share it with my students. This way you can see how I teach them how to thread a needle, stitch and tie a knot. I'll also be sharing how to make tassels that week. 
The final week, I'll be sharing with you how to create a cord weaving and how to make pompoms. Cord weaving is a HUGE hit with my students. They absolutely love it and it's one of my favorite things to teach. We use them to add a strap to our woven pouches. I'll also share with you a super easy way to make pom poms -- no special tools required!
 I'm so excited and I do hope you'll join the fun!
ALSO, IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! There has been date change to my book launch at Parnassus Books in Nashville. It is now on Sunday, September 15th at 2pm. If you would like to attend (and I would love to see you there!), please RSVP here!
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  1. Will we be able to access this after if we miss the live workshop?


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