Monday, August 5, 2019

In the Art Room: Setting Up Your Art Room

So I had NO INTENTION of talkin' y'all's ear off in Episode 18: Setting Up Your Art Room but, yous guyz. I HAD SO MUCH TO SAY! So I hope you'll forgive me a little and take a listen. You can do so right here or on whatever your fave place to download podcasts may be. Just a reminder, I no longer chat over on Everyday Art Room. My podcast is called Cassie Stephens because I'm super clever with names. Here's Episode 18!
After I set up my art room, I thought I'd do a little tour. I try to do an art room tour each year...and this one might not be that different of a tour than last year as my room has not changed much. AND it would appear that my tour went as long as my was such a long video, I decided to break it up into two parts. So here is my first installment:
Just about everything you see in my art room was made by me. That was a decision I made a couple of years ago. It really helps me find a creative outlet. You can find just about every DIY from my art room in this blog post!
 Just about everything I reference in the podcast can be seen both in my room tours or in the these photos...but if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Here's the second half of my room tour:
After revamping my art room a couple of years ago, it has remained pretty much the same. It is definitely a much happier place than it once was. And it's more easy to maintain since I don't redecorate the entire space with a new theme as I once did
PLEASE keep in mind that I've been in this room for 15 years, teaching for 20...and spent an entire school year in 2017-2018 completely revamping this space. I was in my room on weekends. I was working on new ideas and decor nonstop. I loved every minute of really helped me declutter, decorate to educate and CREATE. It was what my art teacherin' soul needed. 
THAT BEING SAID...I know this space can look overwhelming to some art teachers. Just should DO YOU. Do what you have time to do, do what you feel compelled to do, do what YOU need to do do and create that special environment that you wish for your students. BUT do not beat yourself up. Do not be hard on yourself. All good things take time. Spend time deciding what you want for your students. Take a deep breath. Go from there. 
 That's what I had to do. I had to really reflect on my space. When I see those BEFORE photos in that before and after post, I just see all that visual noise. Granted, this right here may seem pretty noisy to some but for me...I love it. And I think my students do too. 
 I hope you enjoy the podcast...and I hope it proves to be helpful to you as you begin to bring in this new and amazing school year. And if my room does make you feel a little, I dunno, intimidated...just know that behind every beautifully decorated art room (well, mine anyway) there is a storage closet that looks like THIS:
 That arrow is pointing to the one thing I need...which I had to climb over the junk to get to. I hate organizing!! It's exhausting and, obviously, I am no good at maintaining it! Feel better? You should! 
Have a wonderful and colorful day, y'all!

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  1. Cassie, your room is, as always, inspirational, but I really do have a serious question: does your neck of the woods not even have a fire marshall, or what?

  2. Cassie, quick question. Do you not paint your windows anymore? Just wondering, I thought I saw curtains. I had a mural/curtain up, but the fire marshal took it down. I was looking at your older posts for inspiration, but dont see any recent ones with the painted windows.

  3. For your pick a stick for early finishers what prompts did you use?

  4. Wish I was one of your students.

  5. Do you always keep your tables covered? I love your space!

  6. What are your messy mats made of?


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