Sunday, December 13, 2020

Christmas Crafts for the Holidays!

Recently, I posted my favorite winter lessons for my students (you can find it here!) Today I thought I'd share my fave Christmas crafts for we adults! These are projects I've done with my friends in years past when I hosted Christmas craft nights. One of my favorite things to do during the holidays...that I've just not been able to do this year. But that doesn't mean we still can't create! You might even want to schedule a Zoom craft night with friends to give these a whirl. So here we favorite Christmas crafts!
Check out these cuties! These were made with old paint brushes, polymer clay, paint, yarn and whatever else I had on hand. You can find a video and learn more right here!
A handful of years ago, we created Putz Houses! If you aren't familiar, these little houses were created in the 1950's and used to decorate trees. There's a hole in the back where you can slide them onto tree lights and the houses then light up! You can see all the step by step details in this blog post. 
These are highly addictive to make!
And all together, they create a sweet village!
Is there anything more festive than an art supply decorated wreath? I say no! You can see a video on how I created these paint tubes FROM TOILET PAPER TUBES here! I also did this craft with my students and they loved it. Check it out here
You won't believe how EASY this one is!
My all time favorite craft is needle-felting. Creating wee needle felted ornaments with small embroidery hoops was a fun and easy craft. Some of us even added some embroidery to our designs. Details here
To decorate my art room rainbow tree, I used palettes that I just painted as well as old paint brushes and cardboard tube crayons I created! Check it out here. 
Crayon tube sculpture details here, with video! 
This majestic thing of beauty actually stays up all year in my art room and is from Treetopia.

For our most recent craft night, we created these! So simple to make. We created them with cardboard cones left over from yarn, yarn bombed them and added details. I'm thinking I may have to create a how-to video of this and the pompoms this week so stay tuned.

Happy Christmas Crafting, y'all!

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