Monday, December 28, 2020

DIY Earrings! Learn to Embroidery and Make Pompom Earrings!

For the longest, I never wore earrings. My ears have been pierced since I was a kid poor little earlobes have always been high maintenance. If the metal of the post isn't just right, my ears itch and throb. If the earring is even just the slightest bit heavy, my ears start complaining and driving my left eye to twitch. It was all too much! But a couple of years ago, that changed when I spotted a pair of earrings that just sent me spiraling outta control. These days, all I can say is: I like big earrings...and I cannot lie.

But with big earrings, comes big wait. And, y'all, I just cannot. I tried making my own earrings out of wooden beads and polymer clay but, man, they were so heavy! Not too long ago, on a road trip, I stitched up a couple of rainbow earrings and they were perfect! Not heavy at all, nice and big like I like 'em and, best of all, I can walk around and say "THANKS! I MADE THEM!" to anyone who asks (and even if they don't). 

Since, I've gotten some questions on social media just how I made them and if I'd make a tutorial. So! Here you are! I've created two earring tutorials just for on these rainbows and the other on pompoms. More to come as I'm currently on an earring makin' bender, so stay tuned. Until then, gather up your supplies and get to stitchin'! 
And get to pompomin'! Have fun!

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