Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Favorite Winter Art Lessons!

It's December 1st! Which means it's time to embark on all sorts of fun, colorful and winter-y art projects around here! Today I'm sharing with you some winter-y greatest hits lessons that I've done over the years. Be sure and click on the link to each as many of these lessons have instructional videos...all free, of course! 
Let's kick things off with these black glue outlined stained-glass inspired trees my fourth graders created a couple years ago. If you need a review on line and color with an introduction into the world of stained glass, than this lesson is for you and your kiddos!
Nothing says cozy like a delicious cup of hot cocoa! My second graders created these collage paintings inspired by the artist Heather Galler. This is a lesson I did last year with my kindergarten and they used Model Magic to create marshmallows! You can find this lesson right here. 
A HUGE hit with students and fellow art teachers alike is this project inspired by the artist Jen Aranyi. Check out the video and share in your art room! 
Printmaking and portraits make for a fun collage project in this lesson I've done with first and second grade! You can check out the details here. 
These kindergarten snowmen are the cutest! And they had a blast creating them. All the details (and a video!) can be found here. 
And if you think those snowmen are cute, check out these penguins! First grade created these and they are so adorable! Another video lesson for y'all!
My fourth graders loved creating these snow globe cities. Read all about it and check out the video here. 
One thing I've really missed this year is having my students work closely together on projects like murals. We have been making it work tho! We recently created a massive school mural (oh, y'all, I cannot wait to share here!) and with some outside-the-box thinking and spreading WAY out, we have made it work. You can check out details on creating a winter mural here. 
If you are looking to add a little fiber arts to your art class this winter, you might want to try on these printed and stitched snowflakes on for size! 
Kindergarten snowy landscape collages are always a hit and cover so many lessons in painting, cutting and gluing! More here and here
Check out these snowflake reliefs! Always a fun one, details here. 
Need a bunch of lessons that are a little on the shorter side? Well then look no further as this blog post has plenty!

Happy creating, y'all! Stay cozy!

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