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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

DIY: A Christmas Dress

Merry (almost) Christmas, y'all! Ima gonna hafta keep this here post short -n- sweet as I'm so stinkin' tired I can't even think straight. I was up last night workin' on this lil number until the wee hours of the morn. I was only down to a sleeve and zipper install but that still took me til 1am. Which should mean that the whole thang is gloriously perfect. Howeverness, I created it. Therefore, 'tis not.
 If this dress pattern looks vaguely familiar to you that's cuz I used the same Emery pattern that I had in the creation of this Christmas dress. In fact, I created them both in tandem with the exception of the sleeves and zip. I've never created two dresses simultaneously before and I kinda liked it. Despite the slight sweatshop vibe, I loved that I was busting out two frocks as once. 
However, even though I love the Emery pattern, I kinda feel like it's a lil too high waisted for me. The dress waist seems to hit a good inch or two above my true waist. With a belt, I don't think you can see the dif but without, I kinda look like I'm in a kid's dress. Or is it just me? What do y'all think? 

I would also like it if the dress was about 3-4 inches longer. A longer length might give it more of a vintage-y vibe? However, I do love the fitted bust and the simplicity of the sleeve install. 
On a dif note, I gotta say that as an artsy type, I really don't know if I should be dabblin' in such things as knitting (oh, I've not shared that mess with you yet.) and sewing. Cuz they are, like, precise kind of crafts, for lack of a better word. I mean, you gotta get those pieces cut and stitched just so; those knits and purls just right or else the whole thing is a disaster. But as an artsy type (I hesitate to use the word "artist" cuz, well, have you seen half of my DIY's?!), my solution to an oops is to hot glue something over it. Which, sadly, you can't do to a dress. Or a knitted scarf. Cuz I've tried. 
Despite that, my desire to create uber tacky art teacherin' garb overrides my slight dislike for the technicality of stitching. I just need to find a fabric friendly hot glue, I guess. 

By the way, did y'all notice the serious furry photobombing that's been happening in this post?
So I got the genius idea to attempt some kitty-cat Christmas pics. Someone was not convinced this was a good idea.
 Like really not diggin' it. 
 And game over. "I said, put me down right meow!" Yes, ma'am. 
 And now for the final giveaway of the year...

A Build Your Own Alpaca Pack! I'll give you one of my handmade alpacas (and a hand painted card!), the supplies to create two alpacas (minus the papier mache) and plenty of ribbons and yarn for embellishments. So, here's how you can enter to win:

1. Tell me just one of your New Year's resolutions. Does it involve creating more? I know mine does!

2. Don't forget that email addy, kids!
 And yesterday's winner? Young by Design! Congrats, buddy.

And Merry Christmas, y'all! Have a wonderful time with friends and fam. 

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