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Sunday, December 13, 2015

What the Art Teacher Wore #152

 Monday, Monday: I know it looks like I'm wearing a completely oversized pair of culottes (80's friends, 'member those?!) but I swear I'm not. Instead it's just an oversized dress with a super oversized crinoline underneath. I mean, y'all. I can't even fit through most doors with that partic'lar crinnie on! sweater and dress: Anthro; shoes: Clarks; brooch: vintage

Hey, buddies! First of all, I wanna say thank you for all of your kind words after last Sunday's blog post. I appreciate you allowing me to whine and the happy thoughts y'all sent my way. I took a little day off this week to have some time to myself and it truly made a world of a difference. Mental health days are always a good idea, in my book! 

Second thing is HOLY MOLY, Y'ALL SUPER DUPER WANT YOU A PALETTE HAIR CLIP! If I had all the time in the world, I'd open up my very own Palette Hair Clip biznatch and start rackin' in the big bucks! But until that day, I'll just have to award the Palette Hair Clip to (drum roll please...)

CHALLEN BAKER! Here's what she said about creating a homemade gift: 

My favorite gift that I ever created for a loved one: a paper dress that I made for my mom when I was a wee preschooler. (My parents always said that I was the creative type). I wrapped little pieces of paper around my mom so I could measure out her size and then I proceeded to tape them together. I even made her matching paper shoes! I recently inherited a sewing machine so I would love to start making some dresses out of fabric. Once I get the hang of this sewing machine I would LOVE to make some paint palette hair clips for myself and my friends! (Thanks for the tutorial Cassie!).

Yay! Congrats, Challen! And thanks to everyone for playing along. I've not done a giveaway in a while, this was so stinkin' fun. Might have to get all Oprah and start giving stuff away more often. Until then, have a super fun week, kids!
 Holiday Party Tuesday: So holiday party season has begun and I'm lovin' it! In fact, I had a wee Christmas craft night this past Friday (more details on that this coming week, our craft was epicly awesome, if I do say so and I just did) and I'm heading to one tomorrow night. I love any reason to get all dolled up, eat delish food and chat with buddies, don't you? sweater: DIY, here; dress: thrifted; dotted tights: Target; shoes: Shii
 "It's Tacky...And Yet, Somehow Tasteful" Sweater Wedensday: Says the checkout clerk at the grocery. I swear, I get more tips and tricks on my ensembles from the grocery store, y'all. Also, did I tell you that I have kindergarten convinced that the color of my legs is all dependent on the food that I eat? This time, with my sparkle tights, it was speculated that I had eaten glitter. They are so funny! sweater: thrifted; skirt and tights: Target; shoes: Dolls by Nina
 Blue Christmas Thursday: I dunno if you can see it very well but this dress is about as lit as I was Friday night (ahem). The kids loved seeing that my dress could light up and I loved sharing with them how I made it. I think it's good for them to realize that you can create your own clothing, you know? Of course, they kinda know that about me at this point, I suppose. sweater: thrifted; dress: DIY here; shoes: DIY here; belt and crinoline: amazon
 Craft Night Friday!: I love hosting craft nights, y'all. It's become one of my fave things and it's really the only time I bother with cleaning the house so it's nice to not see dust bunnies the size of my head for a change. I'll share more details soon but I will say that we dined on breakfast, complete with big a## pancakes, egg scramble and cheesy potatoes (along with Bloody Marys and mimosas!) before diving into a glitter-tastic craft. If you follow me here, you've already seen a sneak peak! dress: DIY here; tights: Amazon
I sometimes get asked if I get all fanc-ified on the weekends. Well, only if I leave the house...and how could I possibly do that when I have this hunk of love holding me down. It's nearly impossible for me to even write this here blog post. Until next time!
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Sunday, December 28, 2014

What the Art Teacher Wore #128

 Merry Monday!: I mean, a day without schoolin' is most certainly "merry", amirate?! By the way, this outfit was thrifted (well with the exception of the tights cuz, like, ew). Can you believe that? Okay, so not the Hunter boots cuz that'd be like a miracle. blouse and skirt: thrifted; sweater: vintage, thrifted; boots: Hunter, ebay

Hey, strangers! It feels kinda weird that I've not chatted with you in a coupla days. I mean, that whole blogging daily thing, whilst a wee bit taxing, was so fun. I loved being able to overload you with my backlog posts and giveaway some goodies. But what I especially loved was hearing from so many of you! It's so easy to glance at blogs and move on to the next without dropping a line. I'm toootally guilty of it. But as a person who throws her goofball ideas out to the interwebs, it's nice to hear a response. So, thanks, kids! 

I'm excited about what's in store on this here blog in the next coupla months. I plan to restart the Artsy Book Club (book announcement as well as a book giveaway coming very soon) as well as the Artsy Sewing Along. I do hope y'all will join the funness. Stay tuned for deets. 

Oh! I almost forgot! The winner of the final giveaway is...Rebecca Ednie! Thank y'all so much for playing along. You're the bestest. Until next time, have a great week, kids.

OOooooohhhh, and one last thing. Can we please talk about the satanic elephant that's in the room? Look over to the right of your monitor, wouldya? I'm at "666" followers. Please make it so this isn't the Blog of the Beast, would you kindly? Just a click on the "join this site" would make my day so grand and demonic free. 
Christmas Eve Eve Tuesday: I do believe this here is one of my very first vintage purchases. I picked it up in college whilst attending The Greatest University on the Planet (otherwise known as Indiana University, in case you didn't know). One of my fave all time vintage joints in Bloomington is the Cactus Flower which is were I scored this frock so many years ago. sweater and dress: vintage; belt: Anthropologie
Christmas Eve Wednesday: The hub and I headed to Birmingham, Alabama to visit the fam. We didn't take our lil fur ball with us. She was left to hold down the fort and knock super expensive vintage ornaments off the super expensive vintage tree. Thanks, kitty! dress: DIY, here
Merry Christmas Thursday: It was a super sunny and unusually warm day in B'ham. The perfect day to bust out my brand new Santa Claus suspenders (thank you, Gatlinburg Goodwill! $1.50 well spent, says me). top and suspenders: thrifted; skirt: vintage; tights: Amazon; shoes: Clarks
I got a plethora of exceptionally good gifts for Christmas (the hubs spoiled me with a half dozen dark chocolate bars and Disney Starwars pins. Don't be jelly). Best gift? This Chewbacca cap and hubs-wannabe beard. I'm thinking the beard will be perfect if ever I decide to dress as van Gogh. Although, I gotta tell ya, I was hairball-coughing up faux beard hair for the rest of the day. Merry, cough-cough, Christmas, y'all! 

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

DIY: A Christmas Dress

Merry (almost) Christmas, y'all! Ima gonna hafta keep this here post short -n- sweet as I'm so stinkin' tired I can't even think straight. I was up last night workin' on this lil number until the wee hours of the morn. I was only down to a sleeve and zipper install but that still took me til 1am. Which should mean that the whole thang is gloriously perfect. Howeverness, I created it. Therefore, 'tis not.
 If this dress pattern looks vaguely familiar to you that's cuz I used the same Emery pattern that I had in the creation of this Christmas dress. In fact, I created them both in tandem with the exception of the sleeves and zip. I've never created two dresses simultaneously before and I kinda liked it. Despite the slight sweatshop vibe, I loved that I was busting out two frocks as once. 
However, even though I love the Emery pattern, I kinda feel like it's a lil too high waisted for me. The dress waist seems to hit a good inch or two above my true waist. With a belt, I don't think you can see the dif but without, I kinda look like I'm in a kid's dress. Or is it just me? What do y'all think? 

I would also like it if the dress was about 3-4 inches longer. A longer length might give it more of a vintage-y vibe? However, I do love the fitted bust and the simplicity of the sleeve install. 
On a dif note, I gotta say that as an artsy type, I really don't know if I should be dabblin' in such things as knitting (oh, I've not shared that mess with you yet.) and sewing. Cuz they are, like, precise kind of crafts, for lack of a better word. I mean, you gotta get those pieces cut and stitched just so; those knits and purls just right or else the whole thing is a disaster. But as an artsy type (I hesitate to use the word "artist" cuz, well, have you seen half of my DIY's?!), my solution to an oops is to hot glue something over it. Which, sadly, you can't do to a dress. Or a knitted scarf. Cuz I've tried. 
Despite that, my desire to create uber tacky art teacherin' garb overrides my slight dislike for the technicality of stitching. I just need to find a fabric friendly hot glue, I guess. 

By the way, did y'all notice the serious furry photobombing that's been happening in this post?
So I got the genius idea to attempt some kitty-cat Christmas pics. Someone was not convinced this was a good idea.
 Like really not diggin' it. 
 And game over. "I said, put me down right meow!" Yes, ma'am. 
 And now for the final giveaway of the year...

A Build Your Own Alpaca Pack! I'll give you one of my handmade alpacas (and a hand painted card!), the supplies to create two alpacas (minus the papier mache) and plenty of ribbons and yarn for embellishments. So, here's how you can enter to win:

1. Tell me just one of your New Year's resolutions. Does it involve creating more? I know mine does!

2. Don't forget that email addy, kids!
 And yesterday's winner? Young by Design! Congrats, buddy.

And Merry Christmas, y'all! Have a wonderful time with friends and fam. 

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIY: A Candy Cane Christmas New Dress

Well, hello there, friends! Welcome back to my lil ole 10 Day Giveaway. Thank you to all y'all that have participated, the response was super great and I really appreciate those of you that took the time to become a follower of this here craziness. So, just who won that lovely Christmas-y fabric cache?!
 (Please pardon my still-painted-covered hands, we've been working on this wild -n- wacky 4th grade legacy mural [you'll find out more in an upcoming giveaway post!] and I'm finding paint everywhere). Congratulations, Charlotte! I'll pop the fabric in the post tomorrow in hopes that it reaches you before the holiday. 

So, what's up for grabs today...?
Two whole yards of this amazing Tammis Keefe vintage reproduction fabric by Michael Miller! This here is enough loveliness to really create something marvelous. If you aren't familiar with Tammis Keefe's designs (or my obsession with her), you really outta visit here. Since I had you jumping through a coupla hoops for yesterday's giveaway, I thought I'd make this giveaway a pinch simpler...

To enter to win these two yards of glorious fabric, simply leave a comment on what'd you'd make with the stuff and add your email address so I can contact you tomorrow afternoon. Thanks and good luck! By the way, non-fabric lovers: Don't fret! I'll be giving away all sorts of fabric-free goodness over the next coupla days as well so pop back by!And now...on to the dress!
 I've actually had this fabric for a while. Anytime I see Tammis Keefe repros, I scoop them up. She's simply one of my faves. The prob with buying fabric without a solid plan is that, if you're like me, you over-buy. Which is way better than under-buying cuz running out simply sux. When I was digging out some holiday fabrics this fall, I knew I wanted to work with this fabric and decided that candy cane striped stuff would make a perfect bodice for this dress. But what pattern to use?
 One of my fave stitching blogs is Roisin over at Dolly Clacket. She always stitches with the cutest prints and makes me feel better about always sewing with quilter's cottons (I know there are those out there that oppose sewing with quilter's cottons but I just find the prints are the cutest thing ever!). One pattern I've noticed that she and several other sewing bloggers use is Christine Haynes' Emery. So I decided to get outta my comfort zone, pick up this popular pattern and try something new!

By the way, it wasn't until I was deep into stitching that I noticed what was happening on the Santa beating his reindeer?! DUDE, that's not cool. I definitely wouldn't challenge that deer wielding that candy cane. Cuz, Claus, it might end up somewheres that you might not like, ya feel me? Ho-ho-OH NO YOU DIDN'T. 
And I totally love the dress! It's not without it's issues which had nothing to do with the pattern, it was all me. My zipper install looks like some sorta botched plastic surgery which really ain't no thang if I wear the belt. AND I prolly shoulda made a muslin (haha, as if. My laziness knows no bounds, y'all) cuz the back is a lil gappy. Of course, who's gonna notice that when you're trimmed in faux fur, riiiiight? Speaking of, sewing that stuff was a barrel of (un)fun. That stuff was flying outta my sewing machine and goin' straight up mah nose. I've had furry boogers all day and I'm almost positive all my coughing is due to the early stages of fur-lung. 
 Oh, but the pockets. I do love them so. I used the striped fabric for those which is all kinds of cuteness, if I do say so. I also love the pocket placement way better than the sewing pattern I usually work with (which I've dubbed "piddlin' pockets"). AND the sleeves were actually a painless install! Hurray! 
To top off this Christmas-masterpiece, I wore these lovely kicks which I found on ebay (can you believe I was the ONLY bidder?! Wait, don't answer that). The kids thought they were the best thing ever even if I felt like Hooker Claus in 'em all day long. My feet are  not happy but, hey, it was worth it. 
And there you have it! A new Christmas dress just in time for the holidazzzze. 

Good luck on today's giveaway, friends! I'll announce the winner and what's up for grabbies tomorrow. Until then!

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Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY: Blue Christmas Dress

 As you read this, you might be sitting in your decked-out-for-the-holidays living room. Complete with a bedazzled and trimmed tree, wreath on the door, candles flickering in every window and lights strung outside the house.

If you came over to my house, you'd find a couple of pumpkins on my front step, flowers still blooming in planters (darn petunias just won't die!) and a bedazzled and trimmed pink Christmas tree. It kinda looks like Holiday Goulash. I'd apologize to my neighbors if they were still speaking to me.

Despite all that, what I do have is one completed Christmas dress! And not just any ole completed Christmas dress but one that Lights Up!! That's right, something that rad calls for Unnecessary Capitalization and Multiple Exclamation Points!! Eat That, Grammar Po-Po.
No, that's not my beeper. I upgraded to a cell phone last week. It's my battery pack for my LED lights.
I couldn't resist this vintage reproduction fabric when I found it at my local fabric shop. I scooped up three yards and decided to go with another version of the Simplicity pattern I used for my Cuckoo Clock Dress. This time, I went sleeveless for a coupla reasons: one, if you know me at all, you know I hate putting in sleeves. Like, hate isn't even a strong enough word. Despise. Detest. De-reallydon'tlike. And, two, I felt sans sleeves would give this dress a vintage vibe.

 But the idea to create a light-up dress didn't happen until hubs and I took a trip to his fave store in the whole universe: Big Lots.

Now, my hubs is an Idea Man. He is constantly coming up with new ideas for food trucks (my fave: the Organic Create-Your-Own-Flavor Cotton Candy Cart), clothing, and, of course, musical instruments. I usually know when a Big Idea is coming because his sentences begin with, "Tell me what you think of this..."

And that's what happened when I was wandering the isles of B.L. on Saturday, checking out where all ya'll snagged your Christmas decor. Hubs pointed out the little box of lights and said, "Tell me what yo think of this: You make your Christmas dress light up."
 Now, sometimes, hub's big ideas are just too big. But once he explained this one, I began to think it was doable. With his help, it was actually a piece of cake. 

You can make any ole dress light up. Here's how you do it:
  •  Sew a 2" hem at the bottom of your dress with a piece of twine that has a long enough tail to hang out of the opening of the hem. Leave about a 6" opening at the center front of your dress, right underneath the pockets.
  • Seam rip a hole in your pocket.
  • Feed the end of the LED lights through the hole.
Originally, I was going to sew in two strings of lights but the weight of two battery packs in my pockets didn't seem ideal. Hence the two strands of twine.
  •   Tie the end of the lights to the end of a piece of twine and pull through. I'm making that sound very was actually a two person job.
  • Untie string from the lights and close most of the hem opening.

 Dress front and back. This dress version of the Simplicity dress actually went by quickly. Skipping those four hour sleeves really helped. Normally I'd need sleeves in December but so far, no. It's been almost 70 degrees for the last coupla days.

This bodice is different than the other dress too in that it doesn't have that inverted V thingie. Thankfully.
 So you know, sewing a blue Christmas dress means I had Elvis' Blue Christmas running through my head the entire time. I managed to score this unopened album over Thanksgiving for a mere $3! It's been spinning on my record player since.
 And so there you have it! A Blue Christmas Dress. I'm pretty stoked and I can't wait to wear it to school. The kids are always full of questions and curiosity when I wear I dress I've created. 

Okay. I'm off to remove my pumpkins, planters and finish the Christmas decoratin' I've started. Because the song goes "I'll have a Blue Christmas..." not "I'll have a Pumpkin on my Porch for Two Months Christmas." Although that does have a certain ring to it...

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