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Monday, May 16, 2016

DIY: A Kid-Created Paint Splattery 1950's Circle Skirt

Do you know anyone who suffers from the And-Ands? Unclear as to what this ailment entails? Lemme paint a picture for you. Those suffering from the And-Ands might find themselves in a situation such as this:

"I'm going to have all the kids create clay food sculptures for the art show. AND we're going to have a 1950's diner theme to showcase their work. AND I'm gonna get them all soda jerk hats. AND I'm going to encourage them to get all 1950's-ized for the art show. AND I'm gonna make an outfit for the occasion. AND I'M GONNA HAVE THEM SPLATTER PAINT THE FABRIC BEFOREHAND." 

Symptoms may include: waking up in the middle of the night with another AND; interrupting conversations by shouting, "Oh! I have another idea!" and running away abruptly only to return with a wad of Christmas lights (deets to come); constant lip biting and talking to oneself. Sometimes in tongues. 

When to see a doctor: When you look like this...

So, yeah. I got the And-Ands. I think this time of year does it to many of us art teacherin' types. We just have so much more we wanna do and have so little time to do it in. Not that I want more time, I'm beyond ready for summer, y'all. That was just a silly figure of speech. 
My case of the And-Ands spiraled completely outta control when I was in JoAnn's a couple weekends ago stocking up on the ushe: puffy paint and glitter. I happened by the pattern department and decided to plop down and flip thru their books. I spied a 1950's poodle skirt costume and was all EUREKA! I need to make one of those! It was then I remembered the drop clothes I had purchased from Walmart EXACTLY a year ago. This lead me to the idea of having the kids do this outside my art room door...
Just after my trip to JoAnn's, I hit Home Depot in Franklin. I'm telling you the exact location because this is seriously The Best Home Depot there is. I met a very kind gentleman named Dave who not only helped me pick and mix the colors of paint I wanted but, after I explained the project to him, he also generously gave me a discount. As a teacher, I don't often ask for any sort of discount (duh, gonna start now!). I loved that Dave, Miss Mary and QT were excited to help a crazy art teacher out. BIG shout out to them, they have a customer for life!
Word to the Wise: If you are gonna do splatter painting with non-washable paint and children, have them suit up in aprons and go barefoot. Even that won't keep them clean but it will help just a pinch.
Once I got the fabric home, I threw it down in our living room just to start planning my next course of action. Of course, Inspector Asha had to take a walking tour of the fabric. 
Busted, kitten!
I wanted to use as much of the fabric as possible to really showcase the kid's splattering. For that reason, I settled on my vintage Simplicity 4884 that I picked up from Etsy a while back. I used it to stitch this shower curtain into a skirt last summer. 
Are you gettin' just how BIG this piece of fabric is? A circle skirt requires a lotta fabric but, like, not this much. Which can only mean one thing: I get to stitch more stuff out of it! I'm thinking a handbag and a tote and a jacket AND, AND, AND...(oh my goodness, it's starting again!)
For now, the only extra thing I did make was a hair bow. 
For fear that I'd be busting sewing needles right and left, I did invest in a couple industrial strength needles. I only had a few times when my sewing machine sounded like it wanted to die. So, really, no more than normal. 
Did I mention that I also have the And-Ands when it comes to shopping? Um, yeah. It's bad. "I'm gonna need saddle shoes and poodle socks and a new crinoline and pink cat eye glasses..." 
The temp has dropped a pinch here in Tennessee (just heard from a buddy that is SNOWED in Michigan this weekend. It's May, Michigan. Get with the freakin' program). So I just might have to wear my snazzy Gap Kids jacket to complete my ensemb.
Which, by the way, wasn't spluttery painted enough for I added some more drips and drops. 
AND there you have it! I'm so looking forward to sharing the art show with y'all...and kicking this case of the And-Ands until next art show time!
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