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Saturday, August 18, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #30

Marvelous Monday: What a great day, the kids finally came to art! For the occasion, I wore my DIY Embroidered Eiffel Tower Dress. It was fun chatting with the kids about sewing and embroidering. The idea of one creating their own clothing seemed to blow their mind. shoes: Indigo by Clarks; necklace: Target; flower: H&M
Well, it has begun. The invasion of the art room by the Wee Ones, that is. We managed to pack in as much as possible during our first week: a chat about Jes (whose adventures to Paris will be shared in an upcoming post); a geography lesson; an art room scavenger hunt; a brief French lesson (Parlez-vous francias? Um, not so much); a mini-self portrait and the rules of the art room. 

During our study of all things French-y, we will be covering some of the biggest and baddest French artists that there ever were. I thought I'd throw them in among my outfits this week. Since we will be studying France for a while, you can expect to see a coupla weeks of French-themed looks. Pretty sure the kids and I will both be French-fried by the end of our study. C'est la vie.
I know that there are a million silly perspective photos of the Eiffel Tower, but this one really got me. A Young Man "Painting" the Eiffel Tower, 1970.
"Are Those Real?" Tuesday: Yep, I was asked that question this week...sadly, he was inquiring about my eyebrows. Huh? I explained I had on eye makeup, like what his mom might wear. I was informed she doesn't wear make that. Er-kay. French smock: vintagedame via etsy. So much cuteness in one shop!; pencil skirt: Target; mini-beret: made by me from a doll's hat
There are all of these super cute mini berets on etsy and they are seriously in the one hundred dollar range. That's just crazy talk. When I was decluttering one of my storage closets at school this week, I found this doll's beret. I cut a piece of stuffing to place inside and give it some form, covered the bottom with a circle of stiff felt and hot glued a giant hair clip to the bottom. It was received with wildly mixed reviews but I kinda love it.
Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1881 by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The story goes Renoir was tired of just painting these commissioned works of society women. The owner of a local cafe suggested he paint the river-facing terrace of his cafe. So for several Sundays, Renoir picked up the lunch tab for his 13 best buds while they wined and dined. I love the festivity he captured. Remind me to get invited to one of these painting parties, would ya?
"Hello, Crazy Art Teacher" Wednesday: As one of my first graders was walking past me and a group of teachers in the hallway, she greeted each one by name...except for me. Although I suppose it could be argued that while it's not my name, it's a pretty accurate description. top: H&M; belt and skirt: vintage, thrifted; necklace: Pangea; shoes: Frye, TJ MAXX
Because the hair just wasn't tall enough, I had to throw in a bouquet of flowers. I can't explain the logic, it just seemed to make sense.
So lovely. The Girl in the Red Beret, 1906 by Harold Harvey
New Dress Thursday: I was surprised how curious the kids were about how I created this dress. My working mom did not have time to sew when I was a kid and I'm guessing some of my students have a similar experience. dress: DIY I-See-London-I-See-France Dress; headband: Peachy Tuesday; sandals: Target
Self-Portrait, 1890, Henri Rousseau. Henri was this toll booth collector turned self-taught artist. During his life, he was ridiculed for his naive style...which, of course, is now what makes him so famous. It's said that Pablo Picasso saw paintings by Rousseau being sold on the streets as canvas to painted over. Recognizing Rousseau's genius, Picasso bought them up and had a banquet in his honor.
Friday!: I'll admit, this dress is more Mexican Fiesta than French Soiree, but I figured if I put on a beret, it'd be okay. I'm thinking that's going to be my new Portlandia-inspired philosophy: Put a Beret on It. dress: I.M.P. on etsy...a seriously sweet vintage shop. This is absolutely my new fave vintage dress!
Allies Day, 1917, Childe Hassam Hassam was this American Impressionist that was in love with all things French-y. So you can imagine that he was just a little freaked out when the Germans invaded France in 1914. He began painting depictions of the American flag hanging alongside the French even before we entered the war. His painting is like some sort of Impressionist premonition.

Thanks for dropping by, friends! I'm curious, which look to you think is the most French-esque? Do you have a favorite? It's been fun getting French-tastic in the mornings, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #18

Last Monday of the School Year! sailor top: gifted from a dear friend that wore it back in the day; skirt: Anthopologie, gift from a friend; shoes: Anthropologie, sale!; anchor belt: made by me
 After days of eating Sweet CeeCee's frozen yogurt (once even for dinner!), scoping out countless estate sales, spending time with friends and family, shopping at farmer's markets and seeing my nephew graduate from high school (what?!), I'd say summer has arrived. And to think I'm only five days in! I am so looking forward to more days like this.

This week I found some vintage ads, patterns and photos that I thought went along with what I wore. But now I need your help...with summer being here, do you really wanna see what I wore everyday? I'm wondering if I should temporarily put this post series on hold until school resumes...or not. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I do hope you are having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Thanks for dropping by.
OH, can I please have the sailor dress on the left? Love the big red bow. Check out this blog for more vintage goodness.

Just Down to the Hours Tuesday: We saw the kids for a mere two hours before wishing them a great summer. In that short time, my P.E. buddy and I managed to get censored on the Morning Announcements (I dropped the f-bomb...which would be "fart") and rode a mini-motorcycle through the assembly. In this. dress: vintage '80's, thrifted; belt: gift from a friend, outfitted with flower by me; shoes: Anthro, can you tell I like them?

My full skirted dress reminded me of this one found here.

Graduation Wednesday: When I married my hubs, my nephew was 8 years old...and on this day he graduated from high school! Such a happy time for this awesome young dude. dress: vintage, scooped up on etsy; shoes: Lucky Brand; belt: same one as above, different flower; necklace: thrifted

I love the horizontal stripes...but I've always been warned to avoid 'em. More pattern-y stuff found here.

Pom-Pom Happiness Thursday: Don't you love my mother-in-laws backyard? It's amazing! She's got herbs growing, flowers blooming, blue berries we picked off the bush and enjoyed right there. Oh, and four koi fish swimming in a pond. shirt and belt: vintage, thrifted; skirt: gift from a friend, pom poms added by me; sandals and necklace: Target, old

See, I'm not the only one that likes to hold her skirt out. I swear, I just don't know what to do with my hands! Don't you love this? I found it here.

Everyday is my Friday: dress: Forever 21, old; sunglasses: vintage, ebay; sandals: Target

Love the green and red. Vintage Revlon ad via pinterest.

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