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Sunday, March 10, 2013

What the Art Techer Wore #58

Annoying Almost-Birthday Photo Tuesday: Yeah, I skipped Monday. You can see what I was wearing when I was having a meeting-Mary-Poppins-moment here (scroll to the bottom). Although you cannot see it in this photo, my top teal top is covered in cats. I'm usually covered in cat hair so this was a nice change for me. black top, pencil skirt and tights: Target; cat print blouse: Forever 21; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; shoes: Softt
 Hey there, buddies! Welcome to my post-birthday post. I celebrated my 38th (what the WHAT?!) birthday this Saturday and it was pretty swell. Upon my request, hubs and I gorged on crepes, ventured into the craft store (okay, I did the venturing. The craft store is hubs kryptonite), and just did what we normally do on the weekends. A perfect birthday.

Not only did I celebrate my birthday this week, but we also began our clay animal sculptures. Which means all 400 of my students sunk their hands into some squishy goodness and began the creation of their masterpieces. These animal sculptures will be sold back to the student's parents for any amount they decide to donate. The money we raise will be donated to our local humane society. I've been so lucky to have moms and dads in my art room all week helping make 1/2 hour clay art classes possible. I really don't know what I'd do without them.

Because we are creating animals, I decided to go with an animal theme in my dress this week! I also thought I'd share just some of my birthday spoils. AND I've also received two packages this week from some of the sweetest ladies from across the pond. Knowing that my students are learning about the UK (which we will resume after clay-town), I received one package from England and another from Scotland. This totally rocked my birthday week, thank you so much ladies!
From the hubs. Most of this will be gone by the end of the week. What's not shown is the subscription to People magazine (I love me some mag trash) and some sketched out new ideas for my blog banner! It's long overdue for a redo and I'm thrilled to be getting some help on it.
Pants! Wednesday: Okay, I never EVER wear pants to school. Ever. I just don't like them. They touch me in weird places, they rub in other places and they just plain bother me. Kinda like my husband. So my students freaked out when they saw this outfit on Wednesday. I was asked by at least a half dozen if these were my pajama bottoms. Seriously, you guys? sweater: vintage, thrifted; pants and shoes: thrifted; tights and flower clip: Target
When I was asked by Jerra if she could send my students something, I would have never expected all of this! Postcards, tea, chocolates (not shown because they were devoured), playing cards, fabric and a One Direction poster, eep! I cannot wait to create a bulletin board with all of this goodness, thank you so much, Jerra!
Poodles and Paris Thursday: When I was giving a clay demonstration to one of my fourth grade classes, they were impressed by something that I did. Can't remember what. Not important. When one kid said, "wow, that's amazing!" I told her, "that's why they pay me the big bucks." This comment seemed to shock her even more as she looked at me with wide eyes and said, "They pay you to do this?!" poodle dress, Eiffel Tower shoes, beret hair clip: made by me, diy here; tights: Target; sweater: vintage, thrifted
Scottish sweetness! Debi was also kind enough to offer to send me and the kids a little something from her homeland. I yelped out loud when opening all of this plaid-tasticness. My kids are going to flip out over that giant pen (they have a fascination with my giant pencils) and I've got itchy crafty fingers just looking at that fabric and those Scottie dogs. Thank you so much, Debi!
Pre-Birthday Friday: So my buddy the P.E. teacher sent all of my students to me telling them that I was 999 years of age. Which sparked a debate among one class of 3rd graders. One announced, "you are probably 18 years old, right, Mrs. Stephens?" I slapped my thigh and shook my head in wonder and cried, "Oh, my goodness, you guessed it! How did you know?!" This was met with a serious look by another student who muttered under his breath, "18? More like 40." Hey! squirrel sweater: Urban Outfitters; belt and boots: Anthro; dress: thrifted, Target; tights: Target
And then this happened...the pain! I can't even begin to describe. Typing has been almost unbearable. Thank goodness for good meds.
Birthday gags and goodies. Aw, just kiddin'. That little gag came in a box full of silliness that I can't wait to share with the kids on Monday. A freaky-faced screaming chicken? I think I just found my new art room attention getter.
Happy Birthday Saturday: Yippie! lace biker jacket: Forever 21; floral dress: thrifted diy; tights: Target; shoes: Softt
My baby bro (my only sib and he's 10 years younger than me. But I'm prettier) posted this photo from my 5th birthday on facebook. I remember that kitchen, those chairs and that car outside like it was yesterday.

 Speaking of baby bro, he sent me this groovy gift of flowering tea. Have you ever had this? It's made my Numi and it's these little tea bulbs that literally bloom in your hot water. It's fascinating to watch the leaves unfold and the flower come to life. It reminded me of stop action videos of plants growing. And it was tasty!

Not only was I spoiled with presents on my birthday but check out this weather! Hubs and I went for an eight mile hike (yay, exercise!) along Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. This was promptly followed by deep dish pizza and an ice cream sundae (so much for exercise!).
Well, back to non-birthday/no-more-spoilage week on Monday. Stay tuned for a brand new DIY that I'm just catty over (that was your cheesy hint!). Enjoy your week, kids!

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Monday, May 28, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #18

Last Monday of the School Year! sailor top: gifted from a dear friend that wore it back in the day; skirt: Anthopologie, gift from a friend; shoes: Anthropologie, sale!; anchor belt: made by me
 After days of eating Sweet CeeCee's frozen yogurt (once even for dinner!), scoping out countless estate sales, spending time with friends and family, shopping at farmer's markets and seeing my nephew graduate from high school (what?!), I'd say summer has arrived. And to think I'm only five days in! I am so looking forward to more days like this.

This week I found some vintage ads, patterns and photos that I thought went along with what I wore. But now I need your help...with summer being here, do you really wanna see what I wore everyday? I'm wondering if I should temporarily put this post series on hold until school resumes...or not. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I do hope you are having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Thanks for dropping by.
OH, can I please have the sailor dress on the left? Love the big red bow. Check out this blog for more vintage goodness.

Just Down to the Hours Tuesday: We saw the kids for a mere two hours before wishing them a great summer. In that short time, my P.E. buddy and I managed to get censored on the Morning Announcements (I dropped the f-bomb...which would be "fart") and rode a mini-motorcycle through the assembly. In this. dress: vintage '80's, thrifted; belt: gift from a friend, outfitted with flower by me; shoes: Anthro, can you tell I like them?

My full skirted dress reminded me of this one found here.

Graduation Wednesday: When I married my hubs, my nephew was 8 years old...and on this day he graduated from high school! Such a happy time for this awesome young dude. dress: vintage, scooped up on etsy; shoes: Lucky Brand; belt: same one as above, different flower; necklace: thrifted

I love the horizontal stripes...but I've always been warned to avoid 'em. More pattern-y stuff found here.

Pom-Pom Happiness Thursday: Don't you love my mother-in-laws backyard? It's amazing! She's got herbs growing, flowers blooming, blue berries we picked off the bush and enjoyed right there. Oh, and four koi fish swimming in a pond. shirt and belt: vintage, thrifted; skirt: gift from a friend, pom poms added by me; sandals and necklace: Target, old

See, I'm not the only one that likes to hold her skirt out. I swear, I just don't know what to do with my hands! Don't you love this? I found it here.

Everyday is my Friday: dress: Forever 21, old; sunglasses: vintage, ebay; sandals: Target

Love the green and red. Vintage Revlon ad via pinterest.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #12

Welcome Back, Monday: sweater: ancient thrifted find; dress: anthopologie; belt: made by me; tights: Target: shoes: Urban Outfitters flats made into Mary Janes  with leopard print fabric by me...they didn't want to stay on my feets otherwise.

Well, hello! Long time, no weekly outfit post. I dunno if you noticed but I kinda went on a weekly-outfit-post hiatus during my Spring Break. Mostly cuz I didn't really think you'd be interested in the jammies-and-house-slippers-til-well-past-noon look. And if you were, well, you could simply drop by the local Walmarts (oh, too harsh?).
Can you believe these shoes? I went in search of flats and found these bad boys on the Urban Outfitters website. I was asked several time is they were some of my DIY shoes!
But this week, we returned. And I'm so glad because I missed those kids so much. Even if this happened...

Kid: Mrs. Stephens, what is that smell?
Me: I had beans for lunch.
Chorus of Kids: Eeeewwww.

(five minutes later)

Kid: Mrs. Stephens, can I have some more green paint?
Me: Sure. (half empty bottle of paint makes farty noise).
Kid Across the Room: (whispering) Ew, did you hear that? Must have been those beans. I feel sorry for the kids at that table.

I get no respect, I tell ya.
Tinga Tinga painting from Tanzania.   Don't you love this? Tinga Tinga is the name of artwork made in something called the Tinga Tinga Cooperative in Tanzania. The co-op was created by the family of a man named Edward Tingatinga who painted in this style back in the 1960's. Artists in the co-op today are strongly influenced by his style.


In other less gassy news, I really enjoyed matching my outfits with masterpieces as I did in this post, so I thought I'd give it another go. It's been a lot of fun as I would have never stumbled upon the artwork above otherwise. I do hope you enjoy...


And might I make a polite recommendation....


The next time you decide to enjoy some lovely beans for lunch, have it with a side of Bean-o. Just sayin.

Turquoise Tuesday: sweater: ebay; dress: vintage, thrifted; belt: made by me; sandals: Sseko sandals with straps made my me
Ordering Spring, Janet Fish, 1996
Flamenco Wednesday: sweater and fishnets: Target; dress: vintage, found in San Francisco; shoes: Indigo by Clarks; belt and flower clip: H&M
Erhem, don't ask.
I adore this the contemporary artist Daniel R. Gerhartz.
Chlorine Blue Thursday: dress: found for a couple of bucks at an antique store, eep! belt and flower: H&M; shoes: Indigo by Clarks
David Hockney, John St. Clair Swimming (from Twenty Photographic Pictures), 1972
Greetings, Friday! 'Bout time: dress and sweater: vintage, thrifted; belt: gift from a sweet friend; shoes: Frye, found at the discounted shoe shop Martie and Liz
Just realized this is another Daniel Gerhartz painting.

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