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Thursday, December 21, 2017

In the Art Room: Color Coded Trash Cans!

As y'all know, I'm revamping and rainbow-izing the art room. NOTHING stands a chance at not getting spray painted (my hands included) and I couldn't be happier. I mean, maybe it's the paint fumes a-talkin' but don't these trash cans look so stinkin' happy?!
I actually picked these cans up a couple of years ago and was going to use them as planters (say what now?) and then never did. So in my garage they sat. Meanwhile, the art room seriously had ONE little trashcan that overflowed on the daily. So I brought in these bad boys and they are great. I have four color coded connected tables (see last pic) and I love having one trash can at the end of each table. However, what drives me bonkers is how much they seem to move around my room. I find myself constantly bumping in to them and asking "where does THIS can go?!" Now, no more. But first, lemme walk you thru how easy peasy this was!
I started by just taping the cans off. I used a painters tape called Frog as I heard it was the best. I'd had it on hand for painting the murals in my room. That took me about 20 minutes. I didn't have any rhyme or reason, just started taping.
 My tables are red/orange, yellow/green, blue/indigo, purple/magenta. I used that color combo to paint the cans. I did prime them before painting them. 
 After pealing the tape, I did some touch ups with black house paint. I know that seems nit-picky but I just knew those little color bleeds would drive me bonkers. 
 Today was a 2-hour day before winter's been so nice to crank my tunes and get some stuff done! 
 My tables each have a drying rack and now a trash can at the end. 
 Color-coded cuteness!
They look like fun stained glass windows...I'm in love! I hope the kids dig 'em when they return from winter break. 
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Monday, October 30, 2017

In the Art Room: Spray Paint Wall Display!

As I've mentioned, I'm slowly "remodeling" my art room. I've been in this space for close to 15 years and I'm just so TIRED of looking at the same decor, store-bought posters, same hot -n- stinky messes. I'm super proud to say that I'm turning my life around (bwhahaha, let's be honest: no.) Okay, what I am doing is trying to get organized for the first time ever. And I feel like it's working and feelin' great BUT organizing is NOT my idea of a party. So, for that reason, I do have to hit the pause button every now and then and do something fun, wild and crazy (according to me, this is my idea of a good time, y'all!). Case in point: This new wall display!
So I've been spray painting and color coding nearly everything in my art room...I think that was fresh on my mind when I ventured into Michael's and spotted these 4" X 12" canvases. I scooped 'em up and immediately started painting them. That was on Monday. By Sunday, I had them up and the wall painted. Now, before y'all tell me how fast I work and question whether nor not I have some sort of time-freezing machine (that would be my super power, honestly!), lemme tell you what I DID NOT do last week: write up my lesson plan for an upcoming evaluation, clean the house, do laundry, fill the 30 glue bottles with black glue for 3rd grade and, oh, countless other things. Y'all wanna know where I find the time? It's by shirking all other adult-type duties. I'm simply a 12 year old in a 42 year old body.
 So whilst all y'all were cookin' home cooked meals, we were dining on hummus and crackers last week so I could crank these out. My hubs is a saint. Who really likes hummus, thank goodness. 
 What in the world was I thinking, spray painting my wall? I blame the paint fumes. I used acrylic paint on the walls...and plan to go over it with a sealer but not sure if it's necessary.
 I got labeled bins of art supplies FOR DAYS, y'all! So much happiness. Also, side note, I think I'm gonna extend my tape lines to the paint cans. I started to with the purple...and then found some other shiny object to fool with. You can read about the Color and Line Wall here. 
 Did I ask my admin if I could paint my wall? Nah, not really. I mean, I might have kinda "asked"...meaning I said something like, "I'm gonna paint my wall, just wanted to let you know." They, of course, were not at all surprised. 
 The kids sure were! They loved it so I count that as a win. Every time they come in my art room, it's something different. It's fun for us both.
 I was asked why I didn't just paint the cans on the wall also...great question. I have no answer other than I really liked those canvases! That size was super cute AND I do love the 3-D element of them popping out of the wall. that this is complete, back to organizing. Insert unenthusiastic "yay" here. 
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