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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DIY: A Candy Cane Christmas New Dress

Well, hello there, friends! Welcome back to my lil ole 10 Day Giveaway. Thank you to all y'all that have participated, the response was super great and I really appreciate those of you that took the time to become a follower of this here craziness. So, just who won that lovely Christmas-y fabric cache?!
 (Please pardon my still-painted-covered hands, we've been working on this wild -n- wacky 4th grade legacy mural [you'll find out more in an upcoming giveaway post!] and I'm finding paint everywhere). Congratulations, Charlotte! I'll pop the fabric in the post tomorrow in hopes that it reaches you before the holiday. 

So, what's up for grabs today...?
Two whole yards of this amazing Tammis Keefe vintage reproduction fabric by Michael Miller! This here is enough loveliness to really create something marvelous. If you aren't familiar with Tammis Keefe's designs (or my obsession with her), you really outta visit here. Since I had you jumping through a coupla hoops for yesterday's giveaway, I thought I'd make this giveaway a pinch simpler...

To enter to win these two yards of glorious fabric, simply leave a comment on what'd you'd make with the stuff and add your email address so I can contact you tomorrow afternoon. Thanks and good luck! By the way, non-fabric lovers: Don't fret! I'll be giving away all sorts of fabric-free goodness over the next coupla days as well so pop back by!And now...on to the dress!
 I've actually had this fabric for a while. Anytime I see Tammis Keefe repros, I scoop them up. She's simply one of my faves. The prob with buying fabric without a solid plan is that, if you're like me, you over-buy. Which is way better than under-buying cuz running out simply sux. When I was digging out some holiday fabrics this fall, I knew I wanted to work with this fabric and decided that candy cane striped stuff would make a perfect bodice for this dress. But what pattern to use?
 One of my fave stitching blogs is Roisin over at Dolly Clacket. She always stitches with the cutest prints and makes me feel better about always sewing with quilter's cottons (I know there are those out there that oppose sewing with quilter's cottons but I just find the prints are the cutest thing ever!). One pattern I've noticed that she and several other sewing bloggers use is Christine Haynes' Emery. So I decided to get outta my comfort zone, pick up this popular pattern and try something new!

By the way, it wasn't until I was deep into stitching that I noticed what was happening on the Santa beating his reindeer?! DUDE, that's not cool. I definitely wouldn't challenge that deer wielding that candy cane. Cuz, Claus, it might end up somewheres that you might not like, ya feel me? Ho-ho-OH NO YOU DIDN'T. 
And I totally love the dress! It's not without it's issues which had nothing to do with the pattern, it was all me. My zipper install looks like some sorta botched plastic surgery which really ain't no thang if I wear the belt. AND I prolly shoulda made a muslin (haha, as if. My laziness knows no bounds, y'all) cuz the back is a lil gappy. Of course, who's gonna notice that when you're trimmed in faux fur, riiiiight? Speaking of, sewing that stuff was a barrel of (un)fun. That stuff was flying outta my sewing machine and goin' straight up mah nose. I've had furry boogers all day and I'm almost positive all my coughing is due to the early stages of fur-lung. 
 Oh, but the pockets. I do love them so. I used the striped fabric for those which is all kinds of cuteness, if I do say so. I also love the pocket placement way better than the sewing pattern I usually work with (which I've dubbed "piddlin' pockets"). AND the sleeves were actually a painless install! Hurray! 
To top off this Christmas-masterpiece, I wore these lovely kicks which I found on ebay (can you believe I was the ONLY bidder?! Wait, don't answer that). The kids thought they were the best thing ever even if I felt like Hooker Claus in 'em all day long. My feet are  not happy but, hey, it was worth it. 
And there you have it! A new Christmas dress just in time for the holidazzzze. 

Good luck on today's giveaway, friends! I'll announce the winner and what's up for grabbies tomorrow. Until then!

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