Friday, May 15, 2020

Under the Sea: Sharks Like Snacks!

Sharks like snacks! So, let's feed 'em! This fun pop-out shark mouth is so fun and was a hit with the kids yesterday. Here are the supplies you'll need:
 And here's the video on how to create your very own Sharks Like Snacks Pop-Out!
Have fun!

Today is our last day for Under the Sea Week! Where did the time go? Here is what we are creating and the supplies you'll need:
You can join me LIVE on my Instagram, my Facebook or catch the afterparty over on my YouTube channel. I add new videos all the time so be sure and subscribe! 
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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Under the Sea Week: Sea Turtle Salt Dough Shoe Print!

 Did we have the most fun yesterday making these sea turtles! The Art Class with Cassie kids loved this one, especially since we got to STEP on our clay! Here's the supplies we used to create our own clay:
 And here's the video for you to follow along:
Today we are creating Snackin' Sharks! You can join the LIVE art class on my Facebook page, my Instagram or catch it later on my YouTube channel. See you real soon! 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Under the Sea Week: A Coral Reef Relief Collage

 Yesterday, as apart of our Under the Sea Week, we created Coral Reef Relief Collages! If you want to create your own, grab the following supplies:
And now, let's create:
This one is so much fun and the possibilities are endless. 

If you want to join LIVE art class today, here's what you'll need! You can find me LIVE on my Facebook page, my Instagram or join the fun later by tuning in to my YouTube channel. Be sure and subscribe, new videos are added all the time! 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Let's Make a Changeable Salvador Dali Face!

May 11th is Salvador Dali's birthday! What better way to celebrate than creating this fun and easy changeable face! Here are the supplies needed:

* Piece of paper
* Markers and crayons
* Pushpin
* Brass brad
* Pipecleaner
* Cardboard
* Scissors and Glue

Let's go!
Have fun!
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Snacktastic Chefs Week: A Wrap Up!

Boy, did we have fun during our Snacktastic Chefs Week! I think we can all agree that Friday was our favorite. We made Tie-Dye Cookies! I'll be sharing that video as well as all of our projects from that week, here. Have fun!
On Thursday, we created 3-D cake drawings!
On Wednesday, we made Salt Dough Pizza!
Tuesday was a hit, we created these amazing Collage Burgers!
And we kicked the week off with selfies, of course!
Have fun!
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