Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY: Haunted Mansion Pants

Welcome foolish mortals, to the Haunted Mansion! 

I am your host...your ghost host. Hmm hmm hmm hmm. Kindly step all the way in please and make room for everyone. There's no turning back now. Muhahaha...(cough)...ha!

Okay, non-Disney geeks, if you have no earthly idea what in the world I am talking about then you lead a Haunted-Mansion-deprived life. Which is a cryin' shame because it's simply the best theme-park ride ever. Although hubs argues that Space Mountain is better but he's also the dude I witnessed pour maple syrup on his salad the other night ("what, we're out of salad dressing" was his response to my look) so I don't know if his opinion is to be trusted. You just take my word, The Haunted Mansion is a classic.
Now there are a total of five locations of Disney parks world wide: two in California, six in Florida, two in Paris, one in Hong Kong, two in Japan and some craziness they are currently building in Shanghai which is slated to open in 2015. Since the Haunted Mansion is considered a classic, it makes an appearance at every park even if it goes by a slightly different name (Phantom Manor in Paris and Mystic Manor in Hong Kong). I've been to the Mansions in California, Florida and Paris (see here) and the ride is pretty much the same at each but the exterior of the houses are different. My fave is the one above at Disneyland in California which has a New Orleans theme.
Ah! There you are! And just in time! There's a little matter I forgot to mention. Beware of hitch-hiking ghosts! Ha ha ha ha! They have selected you to fill our quarter and will haunt you until you return. Now, I will raise the safety bar and a ghost will follow you home! Ha ha ha ha ha!

So the ride is narrated by the aforementioned ghost host who is delightfully well-mannered and creep-tastic. If you are a total Disney dork like myself, you've managed to memorize quite a few of his catch phrases and can quote them to the unfortunate souls that read your blog. My apologies. 
The best part of the ride is simply taking in the mansion itself. As you enter the house in your "doombuggie", the first stop is the parlor which is pretty famous for it's spooky wall paper...
which I seriously love. I need some fabric just like this in my life!
Spook-a-licious, no?
So when I found these damask skinny pants at Target for under $10, I scooped them up with the idea of turning them into my own Haunted Mansion Pants. So frightening they'll scare the pants off of... you! Wait, what are those, grannie panties?! For the love of all things, put your pants back on! This is a blog, not a strip club, geesh!

Okay, now that we're all traumatized, lemme attempt to continue. I dunno if you know this about me, but I kinda sorta never wear pants. I've said it once, I'll say it again: They touch me in weird places and make me uncomfortable, kinda like my hubs. And skinny pants?! Don't even bet me started. BUT for the love of all things Haunted Mansion, I just knew I had to have these and give 'em the ole felted creepy eye.

 Which was so super easy. I happened to have black and white wool in my stash. I simply placed my felting needle mat inside the pants, placed the white wool in the area of where I wanted an eye and commenced punching with the needle. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you can check out my last felting project here which lists some more detailed blog posts. Also, do some youtubing. It's where I learn everything. Like how to spin cat hair into yarn. What?! Yeah. Everything.

Finished result. I decided to NOT felt any eyes onto my backside...because it just seemed weird. Like the eyes on my butt should have a caption that read, "What are YOU lookin at?!" But it would be pretty awesome to able to brag "I've got eyes on the back of my...a$$." Well...on second thought, maybe it wouldn't. Regardless! I didn't do it. Mostly because I was all felted out.
Haunting Outfit Details: necklace: vintage, gift from a friend; sweater: Anthro label, bought at Buffalo Exchange; damask skinny pants: Target, clearance rack (do they have other racks there!?); shoes: Miss L Fire
And there you have it! Spooky Haunted Mansion Pants! 

By the way, I decorated the daylights out of mi casa this weekend for Halloween (I know, with only a week left, I'm a genius) so I'll give you a ghastly ghostly tour soon! Until then...

Hurry back...hurry back...don't forget your death certificate!


  1. You are amazing! These are awesome! How ever do you find the energy to do school + all these projects?!?!

  2. mwaahahahah...I love them! Such a brilliant idea! That wallpaper is so cool (or so ghoul?) I've never been on the disney ride but somehow feel as if I am missing out....since Halloween is my FAVOURITE.HOLIDAY. so glad they celebrate it here in Scotland...otherwise we would get a few strange stares :-)

  3. Aaah Haunted Mansion is one of my favourites!! I've done the Florida one (waaay too many times) and the Paris one :D I think I find the Paris one slightly creepier - the graveyard section is longer and just a little more gruesome. And those pants are AMAZING. I'm trying to figure out where I can find some similar in the UK now...and then learn how to I can have my own!

  4. Amazing pants! I LOVE Halloween and I love the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. We went a few times when I was a teenager and it was always the first ride I wanted to go on!

  5. LOVE those pants! What a hoot. The eyeballs are just so awesome. And I bet you could wrangle someone into designing that fabric and having it printed on Spoonflower. I can totally see you making it into a full skirt. I'm sad to say I don't remember if I went to the Haunted Mansion either of the two times I went to Disney World. I will definitely change that if I ever make it back!

  6. Dude! I am loving these! :) I love Halloween, it's so much fun! And the haunted mansion in Disney is AMAZING! :) I gotta get my stuff together and do some dang (see what I did there? You would never know I'm English) felting!

    Jerra xx

  7. Anonymous10/24/2013

    You are fantastic!!!

  8. OBSESSED!!! want. need. have to make.

  9. Anonymous10/26/2013

    Those pants are brilliant, love them. I agree about the eyes on your bum (reminds of The Astroboy movie... "I've got machine guns... In my butt!?!?" My boys love that film). Also LOVE your blog. It's great to see all your amazing creations and I enjoy your art teacher posts too, being a teacher myself. No just looking at the photos either, have to read it all... You are so funny :D

  10. Wow, I spent so much time as a young girl seeing these faces in my bedroom's damask fabric curtains. What a great idea to actually give them features. I think I still have them upstairs so may have to give this a go.

  11. I can honestly say that I never thought about owning pants with eyes, but now I feel I simply must have a pair!

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  14. You are just too cool lady!!

  15. OMG- you felted the eyes???!!!! And why am I surprised??!! Fun!!!!!!

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