Sunday, October 20, 2013

What the Art Teachers Wore #80

Forgot-to-Take-a-Picture-on-Monday-So-Here's-Tuesday: In celebration of the best holiday of the year, I've decided to wear Halloweenie-themed outfits until the big day. Here's hoping I can find enough spooky looks to last me! dress: picked up in Burbank at the super friendly Audrey K Boutique, tights: Target; shoes: Clarks
This was Rebecca's last week student teaching and, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Which totally sucks and I hate it! This means I have to go to school tomorrow BY MYSELF! And teach those kids ON MY OWN! Just me and the kids and no Ms. Tenpenny. I don't know who to feel sorry for, the kids or myself. Humph. 

In this outfit post, I've included just a smidgen of the awesome projects Rebecca taught. She's an incredible teacher and is totally gonna kill it at her next student teaching placement (high school art students, shivers). I'm so going to miss her sense of humor, style and just plain awesomeness. And I know I'm not the only one. In fact, when we told the kids on Friday, they let out a long-winded "Awwwwww!!" During a first grade class, one little girl raised her hand and this happened: 

Little Girl: Mrs. Stephens, I know why you want Ms. Tenpenny to stay.
Me: Oh yeah? Why's that?
L.G.: So you can eat and drink all you want in the back of the room!

Busted! That's truly the real reason.

All kidding aside, we'll miss you at JES, Rebecca! Best wishes in High School Land!
That sign ain't lyin', she IS unique! I mean, she's wearing polka dotted socks, a striped shirt and a floral skirt all in one awesome ensemble!

Rebecca dreamed up this project and did all that disgusting math stuff to figure out the dimension of each class' soup can.

You can read all about this fun mural project here.

Wicked Wednesday: This was the very first Halloween dress I created last year (and you can read all about it here, cuz you know you wanna). The kids kept remarking, "Your dress is creeeeepy" to which I replied "So is your face!". Not really. Well...maybe once. Or thrice. dress: DIY, here; tights: TJMaxx; jacket: Modcloth, old; shoes: Sofft

Rebecca scaled that air conditioning unit to hang each and every one of those coffee filters for our big ole The Dot display. These lovelies in the window was a huge hit.

Details of The Dot project here.
Like An Overgrown Lalaloopsy Thursday: Don't ask me what I was thinking. It's like I walked in my closet and said, "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!" and this happened. dress: Betsy Johnson, picked up at Buffalo Exchange; headband: gift from a friend; necklace: DIY, here, tights: dunno; boots: etsy

Oh my gerd, I think this is my fave Rebecca outfit of all time. Those tights! That necklace! Those booties! Don't tell her, but I totally went all Single White Female and rushed out to where she scored those boots and picked up a pair of my own. They're Lucky Brand and I scooped 'em up at Marshall's.
This necklace, gah. I LOVE it. Rebecca has a couple pieces by this jewelry designer friend of hers (who also designs for Anthro, if you can imagine!). You can check out KariBeth Thompson's incredible pieces here.

Having spent part of her summer in Norway (what?! Soooo jelly), Rebecca created an awesome Viking unit for the kids. To introduce all things Norwegian and Viking-esque, we donned these sweet, albeit super toasty with that fur-lined brim, hats. My fave incident, aside from us randomly horn-whacking the kids, was when Rebecca asked the kids what we were supposed to be and one shouted, "COWS!" Priceless.

Full story of these collages here.

Last Day of Student Teaching Friday, noooooo!: An art-teacher-best-bud gifted me this screaming chicken and it's become one of the random sources of hilarity for Rebecca and I. I don't know why I felt compelled for it to be in our final photo, but here 'tis! owl dress: DIY, here; blouse: gift; shoes: Fluevog


  1. This is so inspiring! Reading your blog and being able to smile while watching your pics and feel the love for Art... Makes me deeply happy! Your work takes my breath away! You're awesome! Viva el Arte!!!!!!

    1. Wow, thank you so much for your kind words, you made my day :) And, yes, Viva el Arte!!

  2. Hi, I am starting my own blog to document student work and share it with other art teachers. Do you get permission from parents to show your students' art work on line or is that not required since you do not identify students by name? Is your blog something you share with your students or is it strictly for other teachers?

    1. Hi Abby -- I'm so excited you are going to start a blog, I have really enjoyed working on mine and meeting artsy people like yourself! I have done a couple of projects that involve photographing the children and for that, I do get parent permission. However, when it's simply the artwork, I do not ask. If the artwork were to have the first and last name of the student on it, then I would not publish it without permission.

      I do not share my blog with my students although they have mentioned seeing it because their parents might read it. I like to think of my blog as appropriate for the 13 and up set...and my students are elementary age. Also, mine is not a strictly art teacher blog, it's a DIY, outfit, whatever-craziness-I-think-of kind of thing. Gee, that made little to no sense...but I hope that helps ;)

      Have fun on your blog adventure! And be sure to let me know when you launch it so I can follow!


  3. This bat dress is perfect for you. One might think it was made especially for you. Great!!!

    1. Hi stranger! So good to hear from you! Yes, I do love that dress, it's just as batty as it's owner ;)

  4. Hi Cassie! I love following your blog and seeing all your fun teacher outfits!! I am a second year middle school art teacher in North Carolina. LKC@

    1. Hi Lauren! thank you for your kind words! That means a lot to me, especially coming from a bad-a## middle school teacher like yo'self! Thanks for reading :)

  5. The link to your Owl Dress DYI goes back to the Viking collages. Eeek, I love owls and your crazy DYI dressmaking stories. I am in withdrawal, please fix the link!



    1. Dawn -- Thank you for letting me know! I fixed the link for your reading (dis)pleasure ;) Enjoy and THANK YOU for reading!


  6. You are going to miss Rebecca; I am going to miss getting to see her glorious hair in your posts. I know this isn't a hair blog, and maybe I shouldn't have fallen so seriously in love, but I have simply never before seen hair quite as majestic as hers. Simply beautiful.


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