Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY: Magritte Costume

 I hope your Halloween is a surreal experience! 

An official DIY post about this here get-up is in the very near future...but I'm guessing you now know who our Artist of the Month is!

 I actually wore this on Halloween Eve as it was: A. My day to be evaluated so why not? B. It's Spirit Week at our school, which I love but it was also Pajama Day and I didn't think wearing my pj's would be appropriate for my eval. Because there's just something about smelly sweats and a holey t-shirt that says "unprofessional" in my professional opinion. However, this proved to cause great confusion amongst the wee ones who kept inquiring: "Are those your pajamas?!"

Oh, and a funny side note about my evaluation (I'm in a chatty mood. Can you tell I'm in a chatty mood? Sorry, no one else will talk to me and you look like an easy target): I was observed with a normally chatty class that was creepily well-behaved and quiet. When their teacher came to pick them up, this happened:

Teach: How were they?

Me: Um, amazing! Like, kinda-freaking-me-out good. What did you say to them?!

Teach: Well, I told them that one of the principals would be in your room watching you. When one of the kids asked me if you might get fired if you didn't do a good job, I told them, "Well, that's not my decision to make..."

Bwahaha! It's nice to know the kids like me enough to keep me outta unemployment.

Until I get my official Artist of the Month DIY post together, you can check out my other artists dresses here: the Andy Warhol Soup Can Dress, The Jackson Pollock Splatter Paint Dress and Hokusai's Great Wave Dress.

Oh, and you can now find me on my Facebook page.

Happy Halloween!


  1. hello cassie!

    you are a great inspiration for us! i love your style and your ART!

    happy halloween!

    best wishes,

  2. Wow, where on earth did you get those tights. The whole outfit is great.

    1. Ebay, gurl! They took FOREVER to ship, but the shipping was free from China, so who can complain :)

  3. The best costume! (And so great to know the kids are on your side!)

  4. What a COOL costume! I am not a fan of Surrealism but that costume rocks!!!

  5. Anonymous11/03/2013

    René Magritte :) belgian like me - I love your costume and I´m not quite sure if I understood right, you have always an artist of the month and you you have a dress to "introduce" him (sorry if I ask something that you already explained) - anyway i think it´s a fantastic way to motivate children!!!

    1. Yes, I'm attempting to create an outfit a month to our with our artist of the month. I'm so glad to have a Belgian reading my blog. I spent some time in Brussels in college and LOVED lovely and such kind people. Glad to have you reading my blog :)

  6. We must've been channeling the same 'halloween' spirit this year! Your version is so cute, I wish I had thought of the cloud tights!! PERFECT!!

    1. What?! How fun is that! I'd love to see your version, I'm sure it was amazing!

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