Monday, October 7, 2013

What the Art Teachers Wore #79

Monday: Ermkay, I'm just gonna say it cuz you're already thinking it: this picture totally looks like some sort of  feminine hygiene stock photo. So much so I was tempted to title this "Massengill Monday". Fun fact: did you know that massengill is "a slang term for someone who can be correctly classified as a douche", according to Urban Dictionary? Oh, interwebs. How you educate me daily. sweater: felted DIY by me, see the back of it and read all the gory details here; dress: Anthro purchased at Buffalo Exchange; tights: Target; boots and belt: Anthro; flower clip: gift
Happy fall, ya'll! It's officially fall break (aka "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" with exception only to Winter, Spring and Summer Break) and I'm pretty stinking happy. This time of year is our favorite at Casa de Cassie because it's when we start hitting the haunted houses near and far. In fact, hubs and I just now did a little count and found that we've already done 20 houses this fall! I'll be certain to share those escapades with you soon but if you are dying to read about it now, you can check out our past trips to Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights here, Universal Studios Hollywood here and Busch Gardens Williamsburg Howl 'o' Scream here. I know, we kinda crazy. Oh! And lemme know if you've got any haunted house recommendations. We're always up for a new adventure!

Since I was feeling fallish, I decided to autumn-ize my wardrobe this week. I also rounded up some fall art work (f'art work? Sorry, I had to. It's the 12 year old in me) to set the mood. What are your plans for these crisp fall nights? Aside from haunts, mine include a nightly mug of hot chocolate. I'm curious what you're up to!  Chat soon.

I'm looking at this picture and making a BIG TIME sad face as this girl is leaving me shortly after fall break! When we return from break, she'll only be with me for another week before she jets off to her next school. They will be so lucky to have her. I know I'm going to go through some serious Rebecca-withdrawals.

Georgia O'Keeffe, Autumn Leaves, Lake George, N.Y., 1924 You know her as that lady who paints giant flowers. But she's so much more than that! You can check out her work AND the incredible artwork of young artists influenced by her here. Yes, I'm plugging Painted Paper again. No, I'm not on her payroll. Yet.

Feelin' Squirrely Tuesday: I mean, seriously. Is there anything worse than knowing you have a BigFatHairy break just waiting around the bend? Not only was I squirrely but I was going nuts! (and, yeah, that whole squirrel/nut reference was on purpose). dress: thrifted, Target; sweater: Urban Outfitters, last fall; tights: Target

Eehhhhh, I LOVE this dress. I totally think that color palette would make a create color scheme for some fall decor, don't you? Plum, mustard and cream. Sounds like a disaster of a food combo but love them colors.
As does my man Millias. John Everett Millias, Autumn Leaves (really, same title as O'Keeffe?), 1856

Potter Wednesday: My P.E. teacher buddy said I looked very Harry Potter in this outfit what with my Hedwig the Owl buckle and my key tights. Both Rebecca, my hubs and said P.E. buddy are HUGE Potter fans, having read the books and seen the movies. I'm kinda lame...I've yet to get through the first book. Meanwhile, I'm ashamed to admit I read ALL the Twilight books. Ahem. If you decide to discontinue reading my blog for ever and ever after that statement, I'll totally understand. sweater: vintage, thrifted; dress: vintage; tights: etsy shop TejaJamilla; belt: gift from a friend; shoes: Nine West, thrifted
Howard Hodgkin, An Autumn Leaf, 2000

Tigress Thursday: Okay, so when I saw these shoes at the local discount shoe place, I had to have them because at my school, we are the Johnson these shoes are totally educational. In fact, I'm thinking about turning in the receipt to the bookkeeper (this is legit, riiiight, Julie?!). The kids loved 'em but my feet called it quits at noon. Party poopers. dress: Anthro purchased at Buffalo Exchange; tights: same etsy shop as the key tights; blouse: gift; shoes: Naughty Monkey purchased at Martie and Liz; belt: Target; necklace: vintage, thrifted

Guess who as a thing for cheetah print? Just guess! If my shoes had been cheetah, pretty sure this girl woulda went home with 'em.

Don't suppose I can feature fall paintings without showcasin' this number. Vincent van Gogh, Mulberry Tree, 1889

Fall Break Friday!: This day began with me and a buddy riding a miniature motorcycle through a gym filled with hyperactive children (are there any other kind?!) and ended with me wearing a rainbow on my head. AND it was only a half day. Details on just why I was wearing this ole rainbow hat to come but until then...sweater and necklace: vintage, thrifted; skirt and shoes: Anthro; tights: Target

I'm just gonna tell you, it's hard to take a picture of this girl without it being blurry because we are usually cracking up for some reason or another. Usually because one of us is singing some horrible song ridiculously out of tune (ahem, me) while the other is usually rolling her eyes, groaning "oh-my-gerd" and then singing said tune. It's a vicious cycle of hilarity. Says me.
Edvard Munch, The Scream (of Nature), 1893. Seriously. That's the full title. Who knew? I thought maybe it was The Scream of Fall Break or The Scream After Hearing the Art Teacher's Sing. You decide.


  1. MALLORY10/08/2013

    Can I go back to school and be your student teacher? I'm gonna email Bonnie right now :) I mean, I'm just walking around my room singing all by myself! Why can't we be next door to each other...
    Those tiger shoes! meow!! I am gonna miss Rebecca , NOOO!

    1. Gurl, wouldn't we have so much fun?! When I open my magical PeeWee inspired art studio, I want you on board! Miss you, enjoy your break!!

    2. I wanna live across the street! There should be an entire neighborhood of art teachers - imagine - that would be so awesome! Love your outfits! :) ElvaMaria - TN girl woohoo!

  2. Rebecca, all the best at your new school, but really, how could anywhere compare? :D
    Thanks to you both for the great fall outfits...(I teach at 3 schools, so I guess I should be on the lookout for dragon, orca whale, and jaguar shoes!)

    1. Haha!! Just the image of orca whale themed shoes cracks me up!! Now, not gonna lie, dragon shoes sound pretty rad. Thanks for your kind words, I'll send Rebecca your well-wishes!


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