Thursday, January 15, 2015

In the Art Room: A Recording Session!

Well, kids, today was beyond exciting as I took the kids to a recording session! That's right, they sang the lyrics to a song that will accompany one of my favorite art room books, Beautiful Oops!
So just how did something this cool come about? Well a wonderful guy by the name of Mark Meckel reached out to me and asked if this was something I'd be interested in. My first reaction was, YES! However, not knowing a single thing about teaching music to kids, I knew I'd need the help of our super fab music teacher. She immediately jumped on board as did the third grade team. Next thing ya know, we are recording a single!
And that's about all I can tell you for now. However, I just couldn't keep this excitement to myself, I had to share. MANY more details to come, kids!
We recorded at The Blue Room which is in the Berry Hill area of Nashville. The facility was super amazing and the guys working there were just the best. They made the kids so comfortable and were eager to answer their many questions. 
 But the icing on the cake was getting to Skype with the author of the book, Barney Saltzberg!

 Leading up to our adventure, we did put down our weavings for a bit and tried our hand at painting some Oops! I'll share more of these happies with you soon.
 When we returned from the trip, the kids worked on creating Thank You notes with an illustration of the experience on the cover. I love all the details in the one. Although I'm wondering why there's a kid on the floor! "Get Up!" says an unhappy adult. Hmm, might have to ask about that!
An empty studio after the session. I was so loving this drawing of The Blue Room.
 The kids had much to say about the experience. 

Quite a day, right? And one I'm sure they're not soon to forget. I know I won't! 
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  1. Gah! So cool and amazing timing- just today I started writing a piece on flexible thinking, creative problem solving, and this book, which I read to all of my classes each year. I'll share it with you when I am done, but it won't be nearly as cool as skyping Barry and singing about it! Awesome, can't wait to hear more about the trip and the work the kids created.

  2. So ridiculously cool!

  3. where can I find the song?

  4. only a couple of years behind...


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