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Monday, July 24, 2017

Art Teacherin' Book Club: A Visit with Barney Saltzberg!

Did your little art teacherin' heart just flutter in your chest?! MINE TOO! You guyz, I'm so excited that the one and only, everyone's favorite, one-heck-of-a-guy, book author Barney Saltzberg will be joining us for our Art Teacherin' Book Club this Wednesday night right here. If you have been apart of our book club, then you know we've been reading The Growth Mindset Coach and loving it. 
Last week we were so fortunate to be joined by co-author of the book Annie Brock. If you were apart of that chat, I think you will agree that Annie was AMAZING, INSPIRATIONAL AND ALL THINGS CAPITAL LETTERS. If you missed out on the live chat, no worries, you can still find our discussion here. Those of you who joined in, I promise that a blog post with all the links, books, videos and more that Annie mentioned is to come. 
Every week, when we discuss growth mindsets and resources that can help us introduce this concept to our students, we always bring up the book Beautiful Oops. It so wonderfully shares that what we deem mistakes can actually become something more magical than anything we could have ever imagined. I think this is one book that every art teacher should have in their art room if they don't already. I also think it is a perfect way to explain how to keep a growth, and not a fixed, mindset in place.  
With that in mind, I decided to reach out to my friend Barney. I was connected with Barney many moons ago via a mutual friend. Since then, he's visited my art room and I've visited his studio. And I can assure you, this dude is tops, y'all will love him even more than you already to. When I shot him an email just a few days ago to see if he'd be up for a Facebook LIVE session with us, he ready agreed. Because that's just the kind of awesome guy he is. 
So, on Wednesday, come join the fun! Even if you are not currently reading The Growth Mindset Coach, it's okay. You are more than welcome to come hang out with us and chat with Barney. If you are a first timer to our Facebook LIVE chats, it's really simple:

1. Like/follow my page. This will ensure that my live feed appears on your Facebook feed. 

2. Make sure you have a decent internet connection. Live streaming requires more bandwidth (this is what I'm told, I don't actually know what those words mean. Story of my life.) If I freeze up or don't show up, you might have a weak connection. Run down to your local Starbucks, get an overpriced latte and use their internet. For the love tho, take your headphones. Don't nobody need to hear my voice.

3. Speaking of headphones...Barney will be chatting via speaker phone which might be difficult to hear. For that reason, you might be able to better hear us with headphones. 

And that's it! Come with questions for our friend...he'll be ready!
Also...did you know that Barney wrote a companion book to Beautiful Oops? He sure did and you can find it here. You might not know that Barney is the author of MANY books...and songs! You can ask him all about it this Wednesday, 8pm CST.
This "officially" marks the final book club meeting but...we've only made it about 1/8th the way thru our chat! So. I've decided that we should probably continue our chat on this great book, what do you say? Love to hear your thoughts on that! I'll report back soon...until then SEE YOU WEDNESDAY NIGHT! 
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

In the Art Room: A Recording Session!

Well, kids, today was beyond exciting as I took the kids to a recording session! That's right, they sang the lyrics to a song that will accompany one of my favorite art room books, Beautiful Oops!
So just how did something this cool come about? Well a wonderful guy by the name of Mark Meckel reached out to me and asked if this was something I'd be interested in. My first reaction was, YES! However, not knowing a single thing about teaching music to kids, I knew I'd need the help of our super fab music teacher. She immediately jumped on board as did the third grade team. Next thing ya know, we are recording a single!
And that's about all I can tell you for now. However, I just couldn't keep this excitement to myself, I had to share. MANY more details to come, kids!
We recorded at The Blue Room which is in the Berry Hill area of Nashville. The facility was super amazing and the guys working there were just the best. They made the kids so comfortable and were eager to answer their many questions. 
 But the icing on the cake was getting to Skype with the author of the book, Barney Saltzberg!

 Leading up to our adventure, we did put down our weavings for a bit and tried our hand at painting some Oops! I'll share more of these happies with you soon.
 When we returned from the trip, the kids worked on creating Thank You notes with an illustration of the experience on the cover. I love all the details in the one. Although I'm wondering why there's a kid on the floor! "Get Up!" says an unhappy adult. Hmm, might have to ask about that!
An empty studio after the session. I was so loving this drawing of The Blue Room.
 The kids had much to say about the experience. 

Quite a day, right? And one I'm sure they're not soon to forget. I know I won't! 
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