Sunday, February 8, 2015

What the Art Teacher(s) Wore #133

Meet Sarah Brooks, ├╝ber colorful art teacher outta Fairfax, Virginia. You know I totes love a pop of color and this art teacher is dominating the Roy G. Biv look, y'all. 

Whuz goin' on, party people?! I present to y'all today, in lieu of my regularly scheduled what this art teacher wore, what a whole buncha other art teachers wore. I decided to do a lil switch-a-roo on Friday as I'd not taken a single solitary wardrobe selfie this week. Ya see, I fell into a lovely lil patch of poison oak and I just didn't think the Red Rashy Look was something y'all would wanna see (unless you're into that sort of thing. And, if that's the case, might I suggest Craig's List. He's got a ton of freaky friends). So I declared Friday, F-Artsy Fashion Day and asked fellow art teachers to send me some snaps of what they wore. This was so fun that I just might have to do this sort of post again (this time without the whole "falling into a patch of poison oak and looking like I'm covered in The Herp from head to toe", ahem.) So without further ado, let's meet some art teachers and check out what they wore, y'all!
 So Fridays are usually casual days in Teacher Town, amiright? So we've got a lotta lovely art teachers in their fave art t-shirts. I do love how Jennifer Gironda spiced hers up with some fab jewelry (that necklace! that Hello Kitty ring! Ahh!) and that pink leopard print sweater. I think I need that in my life. By the way, Jennifer isn't only a snappy dresser, she's also a super active artist who creates several pieces of artwork...a day! You can find her blogging here and here
 Lindsey Ostafy is this super cute and always stylin' art teacher outta Delaware. I know I like Lindsey because she and I have similar tastes -- girl, I have that very same Frida top! We're Twinkies! I dunno if y'all are aware but ForNever21 (ahem) currently has some clothing with artist repros on 'em. Just this week I scooped up a sweet Keith Haring sweatshirt and t-shirt. They also had some Jean-Michel Basquiat. By the way, Lindsey's been on this here blog before, she participated in the Best Dressed Art Teacher Contest. Which made me just realize...I bought that same scissor skirt from ModCloth after seeing Lindsey's on that post. Does this make me a Lindsey-Ostafy-Single-White-Female Stalker?! Sorry, Lindsey! 
If you can find a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon/Art Teacher mash-up shirt then, by golly, you are a near perfect human in my book. And that's just what Suzanne Finn. Not to mention, she's a fellow Hoosier which means that, by Indiana law, I have to like her. We Hoosiers like to stick together. That shirt is simply the best, dontcha think? 
 Don't hate Kelly Moncure because she's beautiful. Hate her because she lives in the land of sunshine while the rest of y'all are up to your eyeballs in snow. This San Diego-ian teaches photography to some lucky high schoolin' kids. I love her sporty cowboy hat, don't you? Kelly is a super sweet gal, I know her students must love her.
 Hey, look, it's Heidi O'Hanley! If you don't know Heidi, she blogs over at Tales of a Traveling Art Teacher. She just wrote this AWESOME post yesterday where she shares the best places to find...wait for teacher clothes! And jewelry! AND a hair accessories! Thank you so much, Heidi! I can't wait do a lil online shopping based on your tips.
 You might not recognize my buddy Jane Shores without one of her handmade art teacherin' skirts! If you recall, I interviewed Jane a couple months ago about her new fave fashion accessory: art teacher skirts! She explained in this post how she got into the whole wild world of stitchin (it's addictive, y'all. Especially that fabric-buying part!). 
You know what's great about having an art teacher mama? She can help you create the best Spirit Day ensemble everrrr. Moheekan Moe and her son stand as proud Trojans. And as they should, that helmet and shield are the totes amazing! 
 Daw, don't you just love Rebecca Dupree's musical number? She said that her school was holding a school-wide music even that day and so she just had to dress the part. Like, yeah. And totes nailed it, if I do say so. I also love the sweet music-infused collages I'm guessing her students creating. So sweet. Thanks, Rebecca!
Oh, snap, Biz Craft, no you didn't! I currently have a Mondrian-inspired dress on one of my mannequins and this here girl beat me to the punch. AND she made her hand painted skirt. Like, did you hear me? That's hand painted? She looks straight offa the runway, y'all. So adorbs, girl!

Again, thank you all for playing along! If you didn't hear about this spectacular What the Art Teacher Wore event and would like to know more about it when the next one pops up, you might wanna follow me on Instragram, Twitter or Facebook (or "FacePlace" as one of my administrators once called it, ha!).

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