Sunday, February 1, 2015

What the Art Teacher Wore #132, Giveaway Winner and a Sewing Swap!

 Monday-ish: So this prolly isn't something one should wear on a Monday morning. Instead a night out on the town in the 1950's or something. But, you know, that's how I roll. The kids loved this scarf from UncommonGoods although a coworker did say it looked as though I'd deflated a globe. Which I thought was hilarious cuz it kinda does! dress: vintage, Buffalo Exchange; scarf: UncommonGoods

Hey there, y'all! Can I just dive right in and tell you what a wild week I've had (and then I'll get to the giveaway winner, pinky-swear/spit-shake)? I mean, it started out as your average art-teacherin' week that is til Tuesday when I was given the honor of District Teacher of the Year. Like, whuh? It went down a lil sumpin like this:

I was in the middle of a third grade class. And we were all over the place. Some kids were finishing a painting project, a couple others were creating miniature Ojo de Dios to accompany their large one, and one rando always-finished-first girl had started weaving on my large loom. All this was going down when outta the corner of my eye, I spy my principals, superintendent and an entourage of folk outside my door with balloons. BALLOONS, people. And it's not even my birthday. 

"Mrs. Stephens! Do you know why we're here?" I was asked when the mob walked in the door. To be honest, back of my mind, I see a dude with a buncha balloons, I'm half expecting a big fat check from Publisher's Clearing House, y'all. 

"Um," trying frantically to think of something, ANYTHING, to say, "You're taking us all to Chuck-E-Cheese?!" To which a couple kids cheered while the rest looked at me mortified. Even they knew better than to say something so ridiculous.

Because I was no help, the question was posed to the kids who replied, "Because she's Teacher of the Year!"

"Oh but now she's also District Teacher of the Year!" 

Stunned silence by both me and the kids. Maybe one of them cheered. The rest just looked as astonished as me. 

After it all finally clicked, we snapped a ton of pics with me and the kids and had a grand ole time. It was such a pleasant surprise. I mean, I work with outstanding educators in a school district that is renowned for it's awesomeness. To be recognized by my school was one thing but by my district...well, that's just incredible. 
Happy Surprise Tuesday: Such a fun and surreal kind of day. And of course it was the day I decided to skip hair-washing in exchange for more rolling around "I don't wanna go to school!" time. Which is always to no avail as the only one in the house is the cat who just gazes at me momentarily and then proceeds to clean her rear. sweater: made by me, DIY here; dress and tights: TJMaxx; belt: UncommonGoods; gold dotted boots: made by me, DIY here

On a dif note, can I totes confuse you and completely switch gears? Please? I mean, if you've read this blog before, you know the drill: it's ADD-enhanced for your reading dis-pleasure. A while back, an art teacher friend threw out the idea of a fabric swap. AND a while-while back, I threw out the idea of doing another Sew-Along this time for Dress-A-Girl-Around-the-World. By the way, the Dress a Girl dress is a simple pillowcase number, perfect for beginner sewers. So! I made this lil clip to explain my wild and crazy idea. Here ya go:
So! If you are interested, all you gotta do is the following:

1. Leave your email in the comments along with the state you live in. I'd love to pair you with someone close so you won't have to pay extra for shipping.

2. I'll send you an email introducing you and your swap partner by the end of next week. Y'all can chat and decide how much fab fabric to send and when. Remember the minimum to making a dress is one yard. But you might want to do one yard of two types of fabrics. This way your sewing buddy can create a pocket or a ruffle with the extra fabric.

3. Send out your goodies by mid-February. This way your partner can receive them in time to start stitching! I'll be sharing the Dress-A-Girl dress making steps on this here blog soon. So you won't wanna wait, y'all!

And that's it! I do hope you'll consider joining the fun. Just leave your email and state in the comments below!
 Wacky Wednesday: I dunno even know what made this day wacky apart from that it was Wednesday. Sorry, I got nuthin. sweater: vintage; tights and top: Target; pencil skirt: Anthro, last year; scrabble "Artsy" necklace: from my buddy Phyl over at There's a Dragon in my Art Room! Thanks, Phyl!
Thurs-daze: When I was a kid, Thursday was my ab fab day of the week. It was the day before Friday and it was the night of the Cosby Show and that was my jam, y'all. I think I still have a soft spot for ole Thursdays for that very reason. sweater and shoes: thrifted; palette belt: etsy; necklace: The Paper Source; floral still life skirt: Anthro

And the winner of the UncommonGoods $50 Giveaway is...

Allison of Artfully Yours! She wrote: 
"Your blog has me very intrigued about needle felting! I am a fellow art teacher and would totally get the hedgehog needle felting daughter would love those cute little guys too!"

Congrats, Allison! Big thanks to UncommonGoods and all who entered to win!  
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  1. Congrats Cassie! What a wonderfully well deserved surprise!

  2. Gosh, I love your teacher clothes. That UnCommon Goods scarf is awesome, and I was so close to buying that pencil, pencil skirt a while back. It's great! But alas, I'm a Montessori school teacher, and so I give a lot of lessons on the floor. SO pencil skirts aren't the best option for me.

    Anyway, I also wanted to let you know that I find your blog to be a great resource and a fun read, and so I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. You can find out more about that here:

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow, thank you! I enjoyed reading your post -- thank you much for the nomination :)

  3. Cassie is the necklace too long for your skinny neck? If it is, bring it to NOLA and let me know and I'll bring tools to shorten it.

  4. Me again. I bought fabric intending to make the dress, but I'd be willing to swap it and maybe get rid of something else I have laying around. One thing to mention, if the fabric is to be used to make the dresses, it should be cotton, and it has to be opaque. So anyhow count me in on the swap.

  5. I'd like to do the fabric swap too! Sounds fun!

  6. Anonymous2/01/2015

    I'll swap - your outfits are amazing!
    Congratulations on being named District Teacher of the Year!

    Ann in Texas

  7. Interested in swap. Email:
    State: Louisiana

  8. From Tennessee

  9. I love the idea!!
    South Carolina

  10. I tried to sign up from my phone, not sure but I don't think it posted. Anyways...interested! (FL)


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