Thursday, December 3, 2015

In the Art Room: A Winter Mural Collaborative

So this story of Winter Mural Collaborativity begins with a simple request from my amazing music teacherin' friend: to create a piece for the winter program. The making of this beast involved multiple grade levels with one incident of two classes working simultaneously and another where third grade created alongside kindergarten "buddies". Confused yet? Not as much as my art teacherin' friend Jennifer's daughter was when she popped by for a visit. "I just don't understand why this is on the floor!" Girl. At well over eight yards in length, it was the only place I had for it!
But at least that meant there was plenty of room to spread out and paint!
So just how did the kids create this masterpiece of monstrous proportions? 
 Like, I mean, mammothly monstrous. 
It started when two of my second grade teacher buddies both had to be out for an hour. I offered to take their classes which they thought to be super gracious...what they didn't know was that I was gonna put their kids to work. We called it a Painting Party! The kids were to go to their usual seats but, because of lack of chairs, were told not to sit. They'd need to stand to reach the entire paper anyway! A pattern was started on their large bulletin papers by me and their goal was to finish the patterns. Once complete, I'd pull their paper off their table, ask them what color paper they'd like to tackle next and what they thought they'd like their winter-y pattern to be. After an hour, we had a dozen large painted sheets of paper. My music teacher buddy Kiera and I assembled the papers to create the landscape the day before Thanksgiving break. I even put that girl on painting duty, she outlined all of the hills! Sadly, no photos were snapped...but you can see a very similar process in this mural creation and this one
On our half day before break, I arranged for a kindergarten class to come at the same time as a third grade one. I did this mostly because my poor kindergarten kids have fallen a pinch behind due to scheduling. I thought it would be a fun way to catch them up. Little did I know just how much the third graders would LOVE working with their "little buddies!"
Once all of my kinder and third graders were seated, I gave them the basics on building a house. Pick out two squares, cut one into a triangle, glue as the roof. Decorate. Add details. DONE. For my third grade kids, this was a larger version of the houses they created for the Houses to Help
By the end of the thirty minutes, we had a stack of these colorful beauties. 
When I told the kids that class was over, the third graders seriously said, AW! and hugged their sweet little friends good-bye. It was the cutest thing ever and I can't wait to do something like that again!
 On Monday of this week, back from break, I laid the mural out and had some second graders go to town painting some trees. It was a fun review of value (dif greens), shape (of the trees), texture (of the branches) and space (painting different sizes of trees). AND collaboration!

Did I mention we played the music program songs the entire time? We got our practicin' in, y'all!
 Love them trees!
NOT TO MENTION, the program was fabulous! Special thanks to Kiera for the awesome program (and mad painting skillz), my P.E. teacherin' buddies for helping me hang that masterpiece...and the young artists that made it all possible! 

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  1. Anonymous12/04/2015

    Love all of the wonderful collaboration!!! Things like this make a school a community. Great story and a beautiful piece!

  2. Anonymous12/04/2015

    Love all of the wonderful collaboration!!! Things like this make a school a community. Great story and a beautiful piece!

  3. Love this winter wonderland collaboration!

  4. The kids did a great job! They deserve to be proud of that masterpiece!

  5. Anonymous12/10/2015

    Hi Cassie, I'm looking for new bulletin board colors and loved the darker blue and pink that you have. Where did you get those colors?

  6. Anonymous12/10/2015

    bulletin board paper:) And the purple is awesome too:)

  7. What kind of paint did you use for the background base? Tempera?

    1. We use the large sheets of bulletin board paper that comes on the roll :)

  8. Anonymous10/23/2017

    Hi! I LOVE this idea and would love to “borrow” it if that’s okay! I have a couple of questions for you. You say that you gave groups a large paper with a pattern: do you mean that you pre-cut shapes and then painted something like a snowflake and they continued it? Or did you cut the paper shapes (hills and all that) after? Did your bulletin board paper come in those colours (pink & blue) or did you colour them? Any advice for this would be much appreciated!!



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