Tuesday, October 18, 2016

In the Art Room: Monsters of Creativity

Fall means art teacherin' conference time which I so totally love. What I don't love is prepping and planning for taking those days off. I mean, I gotta create content that's educational and engaging both for the sub and the kids all while using materials that aren't too difficult for someone who just might not have an art background. I recently shared with y'all a bunch of my sub videos. Because I'll be out for the next couple of days attending an art conference in Wisconsin (can't wait, y'all!), I created this lesson and thought I'd share it as well.
 It's been my goal this year to introduce my students to contemporary artists with a focus on street artists. I recently did that with our wings mural project. This go-round I wanted my kids to meet the street artist who goes by the name Phetus.  
I think my students will love his colorful and humorous monsters...and hopefully be inspired to create their own!
 My hope is to display their monsters in a grid-like manner such as this. We're calling our display Monsters of Creativity. This will be showcased right outside the art room. Kinda fitting, no?
 I had so much fun creating my own examples for this project. I just love these!
Tomorrow, in Art Teacherin' 101, I'll be sharing with y'all just how I prepare for being absent and what I believe to be the essentials for a sub. 
Fingers crossed my subbo has a great time and that the kids create monsters...and not behave like them. 
 I'll be certain to share a follow up to this blog post and let y'all know how it all goes. Until then, put that tongue back in your mouth and...
Make something monstrous!
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  1. These are great. I'll see you in a couple of days.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday/Friday! :) I just discovered your videos- great for subs and for when you lose your voice

  3. Thank you for leaving quality sub lessons. As a retired art teacher who subs, I can tell you that it makes a difference! I have been left some horrible "plans." Horrible, bare bones plans make for a miserable experience, I can assure you. After having suffered a time or two with bad plans, I started only teaching my own lessons that I knew were good.

  4. Is this a 1 day lesson? I can't judge time needed....

  5. It´s really cool proyect! The skirt is fantastic. And it´s just a a great idea use house paint on fabric. Love it!
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  6. I teach k-6. Last year I did not teach 1st or 6th so I am creating new projects for those two grades. I loved this idea and how it fit into our line unit. I have 5 first grade classes between two schools. I just demoed it myself with the first group and then played the clip about fetus, but they paid little attention so then I had them sit and watch part one as a group. I was worried they would loose interest but they were glued to the screen lol. So at my second school I decided to do the same. I have to say that I found your videos last year on my first year of teching. I love your playfulness and fun voices so I have adopted the word of the day, smartest artist and Larry the line to name a few. So as the latter group was watching the video one first grader turned around wide eyed and said are you sure this isn't you? She sounds just like you!! I said oh it's becasue all art teachers are crazy. haha she gave me several suspicious looks to make sure I wasn't in fact talking instead of the video. Apparently I do a mean Cassie Stephens impersonation.

  7. This is a great little post with some valuable tips. I totally agree. The way you bring passion and engagement into the things you do can really change your outlook on live.


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