Tuesday, January 31, 2017

In the Art Room: 101 Day of School Dalmatians!

Y'all know I'm always game to dress like a crazy person. So when the first grade team at my school approached me this and asked if I'd dress as Cruella Deville for their 101st Day of School celebration, you know I was more than game. I mean, I already had the wig and everything

Since we were doing all things 101 Dalmatians, I decided to have the kids create art based on the sweet spotted pups. You can check out the video I created (along with many other art teacherin' videos) here. Here is the video I created...feel free to use it on your 101st Day of School. Or any other, for that matter!
If you are curious to know how we created the heart stamped background, I cover that in this video...I did create the heart stampers for the kids. But in the vid, you'll see me explain how they are made.
We had so much fun with this project! We learned about printing, reviewed the elements of art and built our confidence with a short guided drawing. Many of my students are bringing in puppies from home. They've also started watching the other how-to videos at home...and I love that!
I can't wait to see these in the hallway along with all of the other heart-tastic masterpieces we've been creating. 
 Most kids drew one puppy...but I had several who drew more than one. Here's why: on the day we are drawing, some students said they were not happy with their drawing and they wanted to start again. I told them that in art, we ALWAYS finish what we start (hahahhaahahaa, as if I EVER finish ANYTHING but whatever). I promised them that the following art class, if they still wanted to, they could rewatch the video and draw another. I encouraged them to think of their first drawing as "practice". The following art class, those kids still wanted to create another puppy...but they had forgotten why they "didn't like" their first one. I convinced them to put both into their printed papers and call it Puppy Love.
 The classroom teachers had their kids watch the original 101 Dalmatians so the kids were perfectly frightened of my Cruella threats to "take their fur". 
 I feel more like Cruella meets Anna Wintour...or is it just me?
This was definitely a whole lotta fun and something I hope we do again next year! 

By the way, don't forget about tomorrow night's Make and Take Facebook LIVE Chat! 
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