Wednesday, February 1, 2017

In the Art Room: A Rainbow Book!

Don't forget about tonight's MAKE AND TAKE! Supply list and details here. See you at 8pm CST right here!

Hey, y'all! Recently I hosted a PD at my school that was taught by a couple of my favorite art teacherin buddies, Debbie Flynt and Kim Shamblin. They shared with us how to do many paper treatment techniques (more to come!) and create unique books. One of the books they showed us to make was this pop out one. As soon as I discovered that the book had six pages, I realized I could create a rainbow book. Perfect for reteaching my second graders the order of the colors in the rainbow!

I think they are gonna love this one! Here's the how-to video I'll be sharing with them next week. Feel free to use this lesson and video in your Land of Art Teacherin'. 
Because I see my second graders for 30 minutes twice a week, I'll probably break the lesson down like this:

Day 1: Book covers. Decorate cover if time allows.
Day 2: Folding papers. Use peer tutoring to help those kiddos who initially struggle with the fold. Store in envelopes marked with the kid's names.
Day 3: Gluing papers into the book in Roy G. Biv order.
Day 4: Finish books! 
The magic of a pop up book is aways exciting. We are going to look at pop up books and learn about book making as well. Early finishers will be introduced to other pop up techniques.
Dunno about your kids, but mine are OBSESSED with rainbow order. Their weavings were full of them!
Have so much fun!
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  1. Beautiful! What type of paper did you use? Thank you!

    1. I used construction paper! Tru Ray is my fave. Copy paper proved to be too weak for the weight of this project. :)

  2. Anonymous2/02/2017

    Can you provide a complete list of items?
    What size paper for the six sheets?
    cardboard 3 sq inches
    cover 6 square inches
    approximate length for yarn?

    1. Hi! The inside sheets were 6" squares as well. The year was about 14". I hope that helps!

  3. Wow nice post its informative for me !

  4. Ginger9/20/2017

    Great project! Thank you so much for developing and sharing. My classes will love it.

  5. What standard would this apply to? Thanks.


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