Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In the Art Room: String Art!

Tonight, on Facebook LIVE at 8pm CST, I thought we could talk about how to prepare for a sub. I'll share with you what I do to insure that I'll won't come back to a Hot Mess Express. I'd love to hear your tips. ALSO...I have BIG NEWS about our LIVE chats that I think you are going to love love love! So I'll see you real soon.

My lovely and sweet (ahem) spring-break-ready third graders are starting their string art project this week. We have prepared the boards by painting them (we are using cardboard pizza rounds purchased in bulk via Amazon) and adding texture. We also punctured holes in them to prep them stitching. Next week, we'll sketch out our designs and start stitching. Here's the video I created to introduce the kids to this process. Feel free to use and share in your art teacherin' world.
Even if you don't do this project with the kids, you might wanna watch it for the needle threading trick alone. Or you can just follow me here and catch a short clip.
There are many methods of string art but I'll be introducing my kids to ones that I call Spectrum and Radiating Design. I found the above, the one I call Radiating Design, to be a little more taxing simply because you have to get more yarn to make the lines go all the way around the board. 
This one I'm calling Spectrum. This one is fun because you can use a lot of different colors. It's up to the artist just how much stitching happens within the design. 
 My third graders were at the end of this project when I introduced this new one. So during the second half of one art class, when they were finished with their candy sculptures, I had them quickly color, paint and scrape a texture onto their boards. 
Today, the first half of class, we did this. I had a handful of kids that were absent the day so they worked on coloring and painting while the majority did this. Thankfully, we had this project to also work on. Have I ever told y'all that I have a habit of having the kids work in exactly 37 projects at once? I ain't proud. 
The kids are stoked! I can't wait to share with you what they create. 
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  1. Hi Cassie thanks for the video. Not so scared now to try string art! Is there a size & kind of brand of yarn you like to buy? Or just a variety?

  2. Enjoyed your workshop at NAEA...thanks!
    What size cardboard rounds are these, and what type of paint did you use- tempera or acrylic?

    1. Hola! Love this! I had the same question about the paint. I was thinking tempera might flake.

    2. It's chipping some...but not much. Acrylic would def be better...or adding a pinch of ModPodge to the tempra would probably help to seal it better. :)

  3. Thanks! I think I'll try a little midge podge to the tempera, much better than than using acrylic with my grades 3 & 4. Hey? Got another question, I found a site on Amazon for the cake/pizza rounds, 100 for around $12. Your video looks like they're 10" rounds, or are they 12"?

  4. Did you add anything to the black paintbefore painting over the oil pastel? Thanks.

  5. I don't get how to do the beautiful painted colors, then black, then scraping? Do we wait for the black to dry then scrape with some tools?

  6. I just did this with my 5th graders. Used 10" rounds and had them color with oil pastels on the brown side. Then cover in black tempers paint. I used different style combs and picks to create the designs. I also let them use a q-tip but most just used the combs to scrape designs. I ended up getting neon colored yarn and white. Excited to see it all come together when we meet next.

  7. What size needle did you use? I am ordering some from school speciality for summer school, and I am not sure the size or whether to do a sharp or blunt tip? Any suggestions?


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