Thursday, August 31, 2017

In the Art Room: A Fun Drawing Game!

Hey, friends! Last night, on our Facebook LIVE Art Teacherin' Chat (which I host over on my FB page and on Instagram), the topic was sketchbooks. My third and fourth grade students recently finished painting their covers. They've been assembled by me and their job was to decorate them with duct tape and sketches, of course! You can read about how we create out sketchbooks right here
More details on how we "do" sketchbooks: organizing, distributing and purpose in an upcoming post. To be honest, I'm still workin out the kinks on that. However, I did wanna share this game as the kids really loved it and it got them stoked about drawing in their new books. It's not a game that I plan to play a lot as it did take some time to set up...but at least now we'll have our list of words and simply have to roll the dice (which was a Five Below find!). I think this game would also work super duper with a sub. Check out the video to see how I set up the game and to take a peek into their sketchbooks. 

LOVE to hear about your favorite sketch/drawing prompts. This is definitely one that I'll use again!
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  1. Love the sketchbook ideaa!!

  2. Just curious, why do you add the duct tape? It's expensive. Is it for flair or is there a function? Also, we must be on the same wavelength, fifth grade painted their sketchbook covers this week!

  3. Your art room looks incredible! Your kids are so lucky. Long live ROYGBIV :)

  4. Your blog is very useful for me,Thanks for your sharing.



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