Thursday, August 23, 2018

In the Art Room: Getting to Know You Sculptures, Part 2

We are wrapping up week two here at my school and it's shaping up to be a wild, crazy and colorful start! I decided to add another layer to our Getting to Know You Sculptures with another sheet!
You can find the free downloadable link right here!  

I was excited to add this second layer to their project. It allowed me to spend a little time continuing to teach our rules and routines...while still providing the kids with a much needed creative outlet. I was also able to share three NEW paper sculpture techniques. Creating a tab, cutting OUT a spiral and making fringe. I have a short video of me teaching this to my third graders so I'll be sure and share super soon. 
Until then, you can probably take a look at these sculptures and figure it out! Now the one question I've been getting a lot of is...HOW ARE YOU STORING THESE?!
Answer: ALL OVER THE FLIPPIN' PLACE! Seriously, I may have not completely thought this through. Story of my life. They are going to be hung up super soon so that will get them outta my hairs. I also plan to do a follow-up activity with these next art class...I'm thinking a "Can You Guess the Artist" game or some sort of Gallery Walk...the idea is still coming to me so I'll keep you posted. I'm also working on LESSONS for next week as we're all moving on from this. Yikes! What are we even gonna do?! I'll keep you posted (which is code for Y'ALL KNOW I DON'T EVEN KNOW!). 

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  1. Cassie, do you do this s\paper sculpture project with every grade level? I teach K-5 and my first week is introducing rules and routines and each student creates something for a co-operative bulletin board. Next week they all have different projects per grade.

  2. thanks you for sharing your blogs i really likes your blog and its beautiful. keep posting more
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  3. Mary McGuigan8/27/2018

    After teaching Kindergarten for 34 years (through Art). I have been transported to the k-4 Art teacher. I'm beyond happy. I will be keeping a close eye on your blog...

  4. Love your videos and concepts. I plan to use your sculpture idea, but since diplay/storage is a problem for our classroom we will present it as a collage.

  5. I made these with my art class this week. They really enjoyed doing them and definitely learnt some new paper skills. Look amazing up on wall too. Thank you

  6. Hi! I have been following/loving all of your posts and videos on Instagram! I don’t teach art, just 6th grade!!

    I am coming back from maternity leave in November ���� and wanted to do these scultpures with my kids who have already done get to know you stuff with my sub. This would tie in perfectly with the paper art we do as part of STEAM. Unfortunately I can’t open the first or second sheet...any way you could send this to me??

    Thank you!!

  7. Cassie, I LOVE this lesson and want to try it with my students after break, but I am unable to open the files. Could you possibly send them to me? Thank you!

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