Saturday, April 11, 2020

Dinosaur Week!

I can't believe we are heading into our fifth week of LIVE online art classes! When I started this adventure with Robot Week, I didn't have any idea or plans to continue. But so many of you have joined the fun and, honestly, it's been such a joy for me that I don't see signs of least not for a while. And that brings us to this week's theme Dinosaur Week!

We'll kick off Dinosaur Week with a Paleontologist Portrait. We'll either create a self-portrait of that of someone else. Simple supplies are all you need and if you see a supply on the list that you don't have, don't worry. I always offer lots of alternative supply possibilities. 

Now that we are paleontologists, let's go digging for dino eggs! These fun moveable puppet-like eggs are easy to create and so fun to play with and create stories about. 
I seem to bring back the salt dough clay each week but I know kids love it! If you don't have the ingredients to make the clay, any clay will do: Model Magic, modeling clay, playdoh, you name it! 

What do dinosaurs eat?! Well, in this project, you get to decide! In this lesson, we'll make a mouth that pops open for you to draw whatever snack foods you wish to have your dinosaur munching on. 
 What if the dinosaurs...came back?! And roamed the streets of our cities? Let's make a pop-up city for our dinos to wander in. We'll create dinosaurs using cereal boxes and a TP tube!
If you'd like to join the fun, art class is free! You can catch it LIVE on my Instagram and my Facebook. You can always watch later on my YouTube channel. New videos added daily so you might want to subscribe. See you soon!
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