Sunday, April 5, 2020

Superhero Week!

I really cannot believe that I am heading into the fourth week of home-based art class! I have so enjoyed teaching those of you who have been joining in. This week I'm excited to share that our theme is Superheroes! Before I go any further, in case you missed Robot Week, Zany Scientist Week or Pirate Week, just click the highlighted word and head straight there for fun projects with video! 
Tomorrow, we'll kick things off with a Superhero Selfie! Any supplies you might not have, don't worry. I always share ways to make do with what you've got. 
 Who doesn't love a good onomatopoeia?! We'll make these with our favorite air dry clay recipe that we've used the last couple of weeks. Don't have the supplies? No problem, we can still make these plaques with paper and glue!
Be thinking of a word that makes a sound!
Let's make a pop-up card for a special superhero in your life! making pop up cards is highly addictive so get ready to become a little card making factory of fun!
Got toilet paper tubes? Well then you have the start of Thursday's project!
Be thinking about what three colors could be represent you as a superhero! 
To end our week of superhero goodness, we'll create our very own miniature comic book all! As superheroes.
 It's gonna be action-packed, y'all! 
To join the fun, you can catch me LIVE on my Facebook page or my Instagram. Or watch afterward on my YouTube channel. Be sure and subscribe as new art videos are dropped almost every day!

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