Saturday, April 11, 2020

Superhero Week: Miniature Comic Book and a Wrap Up!

Well, that's a wrap for Superhero Week! We ended this adventure by creating our very own comic book! We used all of the skills we learned throughout the week and combined them in the drawing portion of our book. In case you missed yesterday's lesson, not to worry, here are the supplies you'll need:
And here's the lesson:
I thought I'd also share the lessons we did throughout the week. Here was what we created on Thursday: Superhero Costumes!
On Wednesday we had so much fun creating a Superhero Pop-Up Card!
Tuesday was spent creating an Onomatopoeia with salt dough clay.
And on Monday we made a Superhero Selfie!
Next week, our theme is DINOSAURS! I'm working on the projects now and plan to post the lesson line up and the list of supplies tomorrow. 

If you want to follow along art class live, you can do so on my Instagram, my Facebook or catch it afterwards on YouTube. Be sure and subscribe to my YouTube as I'm adding new videos sometimes twice a day!
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