Thursday, April 30, 2020

Let it Glow: Monsters in the City!

A lesson that I was sharing a lot of images from on my Instagram got a whole lot of love and questions this year and that was this Monsters in the City project! After learning about the artist Kudu-Lah, my students began by designing their cities and creating a series of monsters. I thought I'd share some images from our project but also create a video to walk you and your students through. Because these works of art were going to be apart of our Glow Gallery, I'll be sharing my favorite glow products from Pacon. With my students, we used 24"X36" sheets of paper for the cities and 12"X18" paper for the monsters. I'll be working half that size for the video. And my paper of choice is Pacon's Mixed Media paper. Here you go:
If you are doing this at home, try using a permanent marker to draw your cities and monsters with. Then add color with crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint! 
 In my thirty-minute art classes, my fourth graders spent two days drawing their cityscapes. 
The following day we used fluorescent oil pastels and watercolor for the sky. 
Then we created TONS of monsters! I had them make as many as they could to really loosen them up. I love the variety they achieved! 
 We used our fluorescent paint to make them glow!
Then we cut them out to add to our cities! We used a little bit of foam and cardboard glued to the back of the monsters to make them pop up from our cities. For a sneak peak of last year's glow gallery, check this out:

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