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Monday, May 27, 2013

What the Art Teacher Wore #65: School's Out!

Field Day Monday: Hence the ugly but functional footwear. The kids had an awesome time running off their final-days-of-school steam. Meanwhile the teachers, armed with squirt bottles, managed to soak anyone within their squirting range. Being unarmed, I got drenched. dress: vintage, altered by me in this Vintage 911 post; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; shoes: Crocs

Important Correction: I mistakenly labeled a couple of photos on this post as Lucienne Day. They are in fact photos of the lovely Hannah Asprey! Doesn't she look just like Lucienne? You can see more of Hannah's photos from 2011 of the Robin and Lucienne Day Exhibition here. Thank you, Hannah, for your kind correction!

What you're lookin' at here is someone who doesn't have to go to work for the next two months. Das right, it's my summer vacation! I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it as it seems this break just sneaked up on me. One minute I'm frantically preparing things for the art show and the next, BAM!, it's all over. Not that I'm complaining. I'm ready for some breakage.

 I dunno if you've noticed but I've not shared a real What I Wore post for the last couple of weeks. In the midst of all the end-of-the-school-year craziness, I've not had the time to snap photos or even research artists. When I discovered the fabric designer Lucienne Day I just knew I had to share her work with you. I am in love.

Until next time, I hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day (all of my US friends) and a lovely week. I'll be back soon with another neglected blog series: my DIY! Later.

Textile designer Désirée Lucienne Day with her furniture designer husband Robin Ray. So, am I the last person on the planet to discover the work of this amazing fabric designer? Lucienne Day, who lived a long life from 1917 to 2010, brought bright and optimistic abstract patterns to a sad and broken post-war England. Her fabric was used mostly for the home, particularly her husbands furniture creations. Image from here.
 Lucienne Day was inspired by such artists as...can you guess? Miro, definitely. Maybe some Kandinsky? A pinch of Picasso? When asked why she didn't become a painter, she said she was "very interested in modern painting although I didn’t want to be a painter. I put my inspiration from painting into my textiles, partly, because I suppose I was very practical. I still am. I wanted the work I was doing to be seen by people and be used by people. They had been starved of interesting things for their homes in the war years, either textiles or furniture." Images from here and here.

Final Countdown Tuesday: It's so weird at the end of the school year. The kids are beyond ready to be out for the summer. Because my art room was still cleared out for the art show, I just set up art centers around the room for the kids to dabble in. Origami and free draw with my collection of How to Draw books is always a hit. dress and necklaces: thrifted; jacket: Modcloth, old; shoes: Frye, TJMaxx, old
Lucienne Day's stunt double Hannah Asprey of Asprey Vintage Design. Image found here.

 When I grow up and buy a vintage airstream trailer, I shall have the furnishings upholstered in this here fab fabric.
See Ya in the Fall! Wednesday: Saying goodbye to the kids this school year seemed especially hard. I'm gonna miss 'em!  sweater: Betsy Johnson, Buffalo Exchange; dress: Bernie Dexter, ebay; shoes: Target, last summer

Lucienne's fabric, her husband's furniture. These two were like the British answer to Charles and Ray Eames. Love the chair, I'll take two.
Hannah at the 2011 Robin and Lucienne Day exhibition. After doing a little digging, I found that getting your hands on this fabric is pretty tough. There's a website out of the UK that has reproductions of her fabric...for 75 euro a meter. A quick search of etsy found similarly high prices and slim selection. I wish some innovative fabric design team would reproduce an affordable cotton of her work.

Favorite Dress Thursday: If I'm gonna be in a powerpoint-induced too-many-meetings coma, I might as well do it in my new favorite summer dress. That's right, the kids got out on Wednesday but we had to finish off the week with professional development. Which was more like arrested development with our fried brains. sweater: Anthro; dress: vintage, Buffalo Exchange (where I snagged it for a mere 11 smacks!); brooch: vintage, St. Louis; shoes: BC Footwear 

 So Lucienne and her husband Robin were like this magical design couple. In the 1950's their home was considered the height of sophistication. And look, after a day of working together, they're still smiling! If this were a picture of my husband and I after a day's work, the captions would say something like, "I'm going to use this fabric to smother you in your sleep." "Oh, yeah? Well, I've already spiked your coffee with rat poison. Love ya!" Image here.

School's Out for the Summer! Friday: Which makes me feel like dancin'. Even though my dancin' skillz are embarrassing. dress: vintage, Wasteland; shoes: Frye

When not on the road, my airstream trailer will be parked outside of my atomic ranch which you can see a sneak peak of in the above photo. Image here.
 Oh, Lucienne. I'm off in search of your textile terrificness. Image here.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

What the Art Techer Wore #58

Annoying Almost-Birthday Photo Tuesday: Yeah, I skipped Monday. You can see what I was wearing when I was having a meeting-Mary-Poppins-moment here (scroll to the bottom). Although you cannot see it in this photo, my top teal top is covered in cats. I'm usually covered in cat hair so this was a nice change for me. black top, pencil skirt and tights: Target; cat print blouse: Forever 21; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; shoes: Softt
 Hey there, buddies! Welcome to my post-birthday post. I celebrated my 38th (what the WHAT?!) birthday this Saturday and it was pretty swell. Upon my request, hubs and I gorged on crepes, ventured into the craft store (okay, I did the venturing. The craft store is hubs kryptonite), and just did what we normally do on the weekends. A perfect birthday.

Not only did I celebrate my birthday this week, but we also began our clay animal sculptures. Which means all 400 of my students sunk their hands into some squishy goodness and began the creation of their masterpieces. These animal sculptures will be sold back to the student's parents for any amount they decide to donate. The money we raise will be donated to our local humane society. I've been so lucky to have moms and dads in my art room all week helping make 1/2 hour clay art classes possible. I really don't know what I'd do without them.

Because we are creating animals, I decided to go with an animal theme in my dress this week! I also thought I'd share just some of my birthday spoils. AND I've also received two packages this week from some of the sweetest ladies from across the pond. Knowing that my students are learning about the UK (which we will resume after clay-town), I received one package from England and another from Scotland. This totally rocked my birthday week, thank you so much ladies!
From the hubs. Most of this will be gone by the end of the week. What's not shown is the subscription to People magazine (I love me some mag trash) and some sketched out new ideas for my blog banner! It's long overdue for a redo and I'm thrilled to be getting some help on it.
Pants! Wednesday: Okay, I never EVER wear pants to school. Ever. I just don't like them. They touch me in weird places, they rub in other places and they just plain bother me. Kinda like my husband. So my students freaked out when they saw this outfit on Wednesday. I was asked by at least a half dozen if these were my pajama bottoms. Seriously, you guys? sweater: vintage, thrifted; pants and shoes: thrifted; tights and flower clip: Target
When I was asked by Jerra if she could send my students something, I would have never expected all of this! Postcards, tea, chocolates (not shown because they were devoured), playing cards, fabric and a One Direction poster, eep! I cannot wait to create a bulletin board with all of this goodness, thank you so much, Jerra!
Poodles and Paris Thursday: When I was giving a clay demonstration to one of my fourth grade classes, they were impressed by something that I did. Can't remember what. Not important. When one kid said, "wow, that's amazing!" I told her, "that's why they pay me the big bucks." This comment seemed to shock her even more as she looked at me with wide eyes and said, "They pay you to do this?!" poodle dress, Eiffel Tower shoes, beret hair clip: made by me, diy here; tights: Target; sweater: vintage, thrifted
Scottish sweetness! Debi was also kind enough to offer to send me and the kids a little something from her homeland. I yelped out loud when opening all of this plaid-tasticness. My kids are going to flip out over that giant pen (they have a fascination with my giant pencils) and I've got itchy crafty fingers just looking at that fabric and those Scottie dogs. Thank you so much, Debi!
Pre-Birthday Friday: So my buddy the P.E. teacher sent all of my students to me telling them that I was 999 years of age. Which sparked a debate among one class of 3rd graders. One announced, "you are probably 18 years old, right, Mrs. Stephens?" I slapped my thigh and shook my head in wonder and cried, "Oh, my goodness, you guessed it! How did you know?!" This was met with a serious look by another student who muttered under his breath, "18? More like 40." Hey! squirrel sweater: Urban Outfitters; belt and boots: Anthro; dress: thrifted, Target; tights: Target
And then this happened...the pain! I can't even begin to describe. Typing has been almost unbearable. Thank goodness for good meds.
Birthday gags and goodies. Aw, just kiddin'. That little gag came in a box full of silliness that I can't wait to share with the kids on Monday. A freaky-faced screaming chicken? I think I just found my new art room attention getter.
Happy Birthday Saturday: Yippie! lace biker jacket: Forever 21; floral dress: thrifted diy; tights: Target; shoes: Softt
My baby bro (my only sib and he's 10 years younger than me. But I'm prettier) posted this photo from my 5th birthday on facebook. I remember that kitchen, those chairs and that car outside like it was yesterday.

 Speaking of baby bro, he sent me this groovy gift of flowering tea. Have you ever had this? It's made my Numi and it's these little tea bulbs that literally bloom in your hot water. It's fascinating to watch the leaves unfold and the flower come to life. It reminded me of stop action videos of plants growing. And it was tasty!

Not only was I spoiled with presents on my birthday but check out this weather! Hubs and I went for an eight mile hike (yay, exercise!) along Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. This was promptly followed by deep dish pizza and an ice cream sundae (so much for exercise!).
Well, back to non-birthday/no-more-spoilage week on Monday. Stay tuned for a brand new DIY that I'm just catty over (that was your cheesy hint!). Enjoy your week, kids!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

What the Art Teacher Wore #55

Lovely Monday: In keeping with last week's WIW promise, I decided to go all Valentines-y again this week. Hubs and I hit a Goodwill in Jackson, Tennessee recently and I snagged this entire outfit there. I've been hitting the thrifting jackpot of late which is good because I practically have nothing to wear (yeah, that was some serious sarcasm. This here cloths horse could outfit an army or two. Given they're okay with wearing dresses and fishnets). dress: Talbots, thrifted; sweater: Express, thrifted; sparkly fishnets: TJMaxx; butterfly brooch: vintage; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; shoes: Fluevog; necklace: ancient, Target probably
 Greetings, lovelies! I do hope Valentines Day treated you nicely. I decided to get my sweetheart a box of Krispie Kremes fresh off the convertor belt while I received an assortment of trashy mags and dark chocolate bars. So I guess you know what I've been up to this weekend.

When not catching up on the lives of the Kardashians (dude, how do people so utterly lame become famous? Ah, yes, because equally utterly lame people like myself keep reading about them), I did do some research on an upcoming self-portrait project for my first grade artists. Since we are learning about the United Kingdom, I've decided they are going to portray themselves as royalty, complete with the Crown Jewels. Not to be confused with "family jewels" or "Royal Crown" which will find you in a google-y place you might not want to be.

So I share with you just a bit about the Crown Jewels and I bid you a royal week. Ta-tah!
The Queen holds the Orb and Sceptre used at her Coronation, 2 June 1953. Doesn't she look divine? And so...young! I love how her wide-eyes read "holy cray, I'm queen!" yet her firm lips say " and ya'll better recognize." They do say "ya'll" in the UK, right? So the Crown Jewels are treasures (like those shown above) used in ceremonies. They've been collected by English kings and queens since 1660.
Ketchup and Mustard Tuesday: Because that's what this outfit reminds me of. Both my second and fourth graders are currently weaving. Once they (finally) get the hang of it, I enjoy reading a chapter book to them. This keeps them focused on what they are doing and allows me to introduce the United Kingdom through fun fiction. I'm currently reading Dodsworth in London to the littles and Mary Poppins to the biggins. dress: vintage, Amsterdam; belt, sweater, boots: Anthro; flower brooch: vintage, thrifted; tights and hair clip: Target
The British Imperial State Crown. Okay, growing up in the 80's, all I know about the imperial crown is what I learned from those Imperial Butter commercials. Turns out there's a little more to the crown than that. This solid gold crown is covered in 3000 precious stones including diamonds, rubies and sapphires (you know, what you got on Valentines Day). A couple of the jewels on the crown were worn by royalty centuries ago. In fact, the oldest gem was worn by Edward the Confessor in 1042.
A Gnomey Valentine: I attended a meeting at school this particular morning and a parent, looking me up and down, said, "You know, you were made to teach art." Now this could either mean I look like a crazy person or an artsy one. I'm not kidding myself, I'm going with crazy. gnome dress: made by me; tights: Target; shoes: Miss L Fire; sweater: Ann Taylor, thrifted
When not worn, the Crown Jewels are kept on display in the Tower of London.
Oh, look, it's a Yeomen Warder of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London, and Member of the Sovereign's Body Guard of the Yeoman Guard Extraordinary. Yeah, how 'bout we just call 'em Beefeaters, 'kay? These dapperly dressed dudes are the supposed guardians of the Tower of London but mostly they act as tour guides and attractions themselves. Why call 'em beefeaters? It seems they used to receive beef as a part of their wages. 
Happy Valentine's Day! Thursday: Oh the joys of teaching children jacked up on sugar. It was most def one of those "if you can't beat them (literally), join 'em." When you are as high on sugar as they are, it makes for a really fun time. Not. dress and sweater: DIY here; tights: Target; shoes: Fluevog; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
The Crown Jewels are the following objects: the crowns, sceptres (the long wand-like thing with either the cross or the dove on the end), orbs (that gold sphere with the cross on the top used to signify authority), swords, rings, spurs (think cowboy), colobium sindonis (this plain tunic worn to symbolize a shedding of vanity...worn under some pretty fab robes, of course), dalmatic (an even bigger plain tunic), armills (a bracelet), and the royal robe.
Freaky Face/Wrinkly Dress Friday: Yeah, it was one of those days. dress and belt: Supayana on etsy; tights: Target; shoes: Miss L Fire
Speaking of jewels, remember that thrift-score run I bragged about earlier? Well, lookie what I found this past weekend in Lewisburg, Tennessee? Holy moly, can you believe these finds!? I am so excited to welcome these crown jewels to my royal family of beaded cardis...
I betcha the Queen of England ain't got nothin like this in the Tower of London. Poor thing.
 Until we chat again, enjoy your week!

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