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Monday, July 29, 2013

What the Art Teacher Wore #71

I have no idea what's happening here. More than likely I'm trying to suppress a fart because hubs was in the background making dinner and his gross-out-tolerance is extraordinarily low. Which is unfortunate for him, being married to a fart-in-the-kitchen-whilst-preparing-dinner dame like me. dress: The Limited (I know, right!); cumberbun: gift from a friend; crinoline: picked up at Pre-to-Post Modern in Nashville; shoes: Sofft; necklace: vintage Target
Ya'll've (yes, I just invented a new contraction: you, all and have. Deal wit it) heard of Shark Week, right? Well, with hubs on vacation last week, it was Hubs Week at Casa de Cassie. Which was awesome because we got to spend so much time together (well, okay, "awesome" might be a bit of an exaggeration. A week is a really long time) and we got so much done. For example, we managed to watch every episode of Naked and Afraid (are you watching this? You really should be because it rocks). Now, if you're like me, when you heard that title you had flashbacks of the time the electricity went out in JCPenny's while you were trying on bathing suits...very frightening and naked. Kid ya not. Thankfully, that's not what this show is about. It's a reality survival show that features a nude guy and gal who are stranded on a remote location for 21 days with only one item of their choosing. After watching back to back 'sodes, hubs and I already know what we'd take: a keg and a hot tub. Duh. 

Other than that, we went to the movies, visited friends and fam and just plain relaxed. It was a lovely week that just zipped by at the speed of a flying squirrel (more on that shortly). And now, it's back to reality. Hubs has returned to work and I go back to school on...Wednesday. This Wednesday, people! And I can't...stop...crying. Tears of joy, of course. Big fat hairy tears

Until I stop sobbing, I hope you have a super groovy week. Chat soon!
A coupla years ago, hubs decided he wanted to grow some fruit in our front flower bed. Which would be great if it wasn't The Front FLOWER Bed. Not like that matters as flowers have been refusing to last more than a week up in dat bed for as long as I can remember (which could have something to do with the fact that I'm like the Grim Reaper Gardener). So hubs stuck some strawberry plants and a blackberry bush in the ground. This year we've finally been able to get to the blackberries before our furry friends and have been munching on these lovelies for weeks. We couldn't figure out just who was eating up our strawberries until we came home to a skunk with a mouthful of berries and a tail raised and ready to rip, not unlike me in the top photo. To which we said, "We're good, skunk. You enjoy those berries, they's all yours."
Would you take a look at this super sweet photo-bomber? We're attempting to put this big ole gal on another diet...we've gotten a bit outta control giving her our table scraps (which include ice cream, cheese, yogurt and grits. Yes, grits. She's a Southern cat, after all). dress: BCBG; sweater: thrifted, Banana Republic; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; bow pin: Sweet Katie from The Little Red Squirrel!; shoes: Crocs...they've become my go-to shoe for all of this rain we've been having
Okay, dudes, quiz time. Do you know what this is...? And don't be all Mr./Mrs. Obvious and say, "Duh, Cassie, it's a squirrel." Because, I can assure you, after witnessing it flying up to the bird house and zip into it at the speed of light, it is not (and by "witnessing", I mean hubs saw it happen and told me all about it. And, unlike myself, he's not inclined to tell tall-tales or fart in the kitchen. Which I bet is mighty uncomfortable for him. The no-farting not the no-lying.)
I mean, it's totally not a regular squirrel, look at those crazy pupils. I had to tiptoe up to the house and hold the camera at arms-length just to get a good photo of the little guy. I woulda gotten closer but I had visions of him flying out of the house and attaching himself to my face and sucking my brain out thru my eyeballs. Because that's what flying squirrels do, right? Hence the dilated pupils.
Another photo-bomber who actually closely resembles the Unabomber, strangely enough. Funny-ish story, hubs and I were out recently when I overheard a woman say, "Oh, I love your sandals." Now, I'm not gonna lie, you dress crazy for a little while and you get rather used to folk commentin' on your duds (my fave, "Do you always dress like that?!") My response to the sweet lady was "Oh! Thank you!" only to discover she was talking to hubs about his hippie rope sandals. Hubs looked at me and said, "She was talking to me. It's not always about you. I look cute too." Indeed. dress: Tennessee Antique Mall
Definitely, um, cute.
Even though hubs had the week off, I had to get into my art room and work just a pinch. I managed to wash Paris off my windows and begin knockin' out my latest theme. I'm still far from finished but it sure made me sleep a little better at night to get some work done. dress: The Hip Zipper, Nashville; headband: Pangea, Nashville
Hubs and I took a mini-road trip to visit some friends in Knoxville, Tennessee. Whenever we are there, I gotta stop into my two fave vintage joints, Nostalgia and Four Seasons Vintage which are conveniently close together. I love this collection of salt and pepper shakers...but I scored my own collection at the thrift store just before droppin in here.
 I love a vintage joint with a shop kitty, don't you? This one cracked up me, I'd never seen a cat scoop water up and drink it that way. With this kind of talent I now understand why the restroom door had to remain closed. Wouldn't wanna interrupt a scoop-n-drink of toilet water.
So I've gotten like super lazy with my hair-stylin's of late. This is what happens when I wash my hair and decide to attempt Heidi braids: I end up with 1980's anchor man hair. Which is totally making a comeback so don't you knock it. dress: vintage; belt: gift; owl sandals and sweater: Anthro
Well, it doesn't look like this anymore because today I finished this beast! Although, just looking at this half finished monster, any idea where I'm taking the kids in art class this year...?

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

What the Art Techer Wore #58

Annoying Almost-Birthday Photo Tuesday: Yeah, I skipped Monday. You can see what I was wearing when I was having a meeting-Mary-Poppins-moment here (scroll to the bottom). Although you cannot see it in this photo, my top teal top is covered in cats. I'm usually covered in cat hair so this was a nice change for me. black top, pencil skirt and tights: Target; cat print blouse: Forever 21; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; shoes: Softt
 Hey there, buddies! Welcome to my post-birthday post. I celebrated my 38th (what the WHAT?!) birthday this Saturday and it was pretty swell. Upon my request, hubs and I gorged on crepes, ventured into the craft store (okay, I did the venturing. The craft store is hubs kryptonite), and just did what we normally do on the weekends. A perfect birthday.

Not only did I celebrate my birthday this week, but we also began our clay animal sculptures. Which means all 400 of my students sunk their hands into some squishy goodness and began the creation of their masterpieces. These animal sculptures will be sold back to the student's parents for any amount they decide to donate. The money we raise will be donated to our local humane society. I've been so lucky to have moms and dads in my art room all week helping make 1/2 hour clay art classes possible. I really don't know what I'd do without them.

Because we are creating animals, I decided to go with an animal theme in my dress this week! I also thought I'd share just some of my birthday spoils. AND I've also received two packages this week from some of the sweetest ladies from across the pond. Knowing that my students are learning about the UK (which we will resume after clay-town), I received one package from England and another from Scotland. This totally rocked my birthday week, thank you so much ladies!
From the hubs. Most of this will be gone by the end of the week. What's not shown is the subscription to People magazine (I love me some mag trash) and some sketched out new ideas for my blog banner! It's long overdue for a redo and I'm thrilled to be getting some help on it.
Pants! Wednesday: Okay, I never EVER wear pants to school. Ever. I just don't like them. They touch me in weird places, they rub in other places and they just plain bother me. Kinda like my husband. So my students freaked out when they saw this outfit on Wednesday. I was asked by at least a half dozen if these were my pajama bottoms. Seriously, you guys? sweater: vintage, thrifted; pants and shoes: thrifted; tights and flower clip: Target
When I was asked by Jerra if she could send my students something, I would have never expected all of this! Postcards, tea, chocolates (not shown because they were devoured), playing cards, fabric and a One Direction poster, eep! I cannot wait to create a bulletin board with all of this goodness, thank you so much, Jerra!
Poodles and Paris Thursday: When I was giving a clay demonstration to one of my fourth grade classes, they were impressed by something that I did. Can't remember what. Not important. When one kid said, "wow, that's amazing!" I told her, "that's why they pay me the big bucks." This comment seemed to shock her even more as she looked at me with wide eyes and said, "They pay you to do this?!" poodle dress, Eiffel Tower shoes, beret hair clip: made by me, diy here; tights: Target; sweater: vintage, thrifted
Scottish sweetness! Debi was also kind enough to offer to send me and the kids a little something from her homeland. I yelped out loud when opening all of this plaid-tasticness. My kids are going to flip out over that giant pen (they have a fascination with my giant pencils) and I've got itchy crafty fingers just looking at that fabric and those Scottie dogs. Thank you so much, Debi!
Pre-Birthday Friday: So my buddy the P.E. teacher sent all of my students to me telling them that I was 999 years of age. Which sparked a debate among one class of 3rd graders. One announced, "you are probably 18 years old, right, Mrs. Stephens?" I slapped my thigh and shook my head in wonder and cried, "Oh, my goodness, you guessed it! How did you know?!" This was met with a serious look by another student who muttered under his breath, "18? More like 40." Hey! squirrel sweater: Urban Outfitters; belt and boots: Anthro; dress: thrifted, Target; tights: Target
And then this happened...the pain! I can't even begin to describe. Typing has been almost unbearable. Thank goodness for good meds.
Birthday gags and goodies. Aw, just kiddin'. That little gag came in a box full of silliness that I can't wait to share with the kids on Monday. A freaky-faced screaming chicken? I think I just found my new art room attention getter.
Happy Birthday Saturday: Yippie! lace biker jacket: Forever 21; floral dress: thrifted diy; tights: Target; shoes: Softt
My baby bro (my only sib and he's 10 years younger than me. But I'm prettier) posted this photo from my 5th birthday on facebook. I remember that kitchen, those chairs and that car outside like it was yesterday.

 Speaking of baby bro, he sent me this groovy gift of flowering tea. Have you ever had this? It's made my Numi and it's these little tea bulbs that literally bloom in your hot water. It's fascinating to watch the leaves unfold and the flower come to life. It reminded me of stop action videos of plants growing. And it was tasty!

Not only was I spoiled with presents on my birthday but check out this weather! Hubs and I went for an eight mile hike (yay, exercise!) along Percy Priest Lake in Nashville. This was promptly followed by deep dish pizza and an ice cream sundae (so much for exercise!).
Well, back to non-birthday/no-more-spoilage week on Monday. Stay tuned for a brand new DIY that I'm just catty over (that was your cheesy hint!). Enjoy your week, kids!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #38

Tie Dye Tuesday: Yeah, I skipped Monday this week. Oops, my bad. This week marks the third year we dyed in the art room. T-shirts, that is. Our school colors our yellow and blue so I figured if I got dye on my clothing, it'd blend in nicely. sweater: vintage, thrifted; skirt: Anthro, coupla seasons ago; fishnets, tights, blue top: Target: boots: old favorite, be prepared to see them a lot, Seychelles
 Whut up, ya'll? I am currently trying to wrap my mind around the fact that in a mere 5 work days,  my fall break begins! And I'm pretty stoked. We're heading on another Halloween adventure which means I'll get plenty more wear out of my Horror Flick Dress. I just hope the other two Halloweenie/Fall-Themed dresses I'm working on also get finished in time. I've been spending entirely too much time online reading about Henri Toulouse Lautrec and all of his buddies at the Moulin Rouge. Which would explain why I'm sharing more of his paintings this week. I am currently in love with his paintings of Carmen Gaudin. I have a feeling you'll love them as well.
So apparently our friend Toulouse-Lautrec had a thing for red heads. Not only did he create many posters, prints and paintings of the famous red headed Moulin Rouge dancer Jane Avril, but he also painted artist Suzanne Valadon and laundress/prostitute Carmen Gaudin. That's her in the painting above.
Masterpiece Wednesday: On this day one of my third grader girls told me I looked like a masterpiece. How sweet! This was quickly followed up by one of the boys looking me up and down and asking, "Wait, what's a masterpiece again?" When informed it was a really good work of art, he continued to look at me with an "Oh...huh. Hmmm." dress: vintage, thrifted; sweater: thrifted; belt: Anthro, you must check out their mad belt sale going on now; tights: dunno, Target; shoes: Dolls by Nina
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) Carmen Gaudin Red-Haired Woman The Toilette, 1889 The story goes that Toulouse-Lautrec spotted Carmen coming out of a Montmartre restaurant and was immediately struck by her red locks and her hardened been-around-the-block-a-few-times air.
Chilly Fall Temps Thursday: I missed a couple of days of school recently. When I walked out of my room to greet one of my classes, the kids cheered and said, "Where were you?!" Before I could respond, one student said "I bet you were gone getting all of those tattoos on your legs." Yeah, no. sweater: vintage, thrifted; scarf: Amsterdam; skirt: Marshall's for $3!; tattoo tights: I forget; shoes: John Fluevog, my fave shoe designer
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) Carmen Gaudin After having met Carmen, Lautrec wrote to his mother that he was "painting a woman whose hair is absolute gold." I'm guessing he left out the part about her being a prostitute. Lautrec's family were aristocrats and Carmen was definitely not.
More Details Thursday: Since I skipped Monday, I thought I'd share another photo of Thursday's outfit. blouse: Anthro, gift from a friend
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) Carmen Gaudin At Montrouge. 1886-87. I had a copy of this painting on a postcard hanging in my painting studio when I was in college. I love her body language, the pursed red lips and those red bangs that are always in her face. I've always wondered what was on the receiving end of that hard stare.
Rainy Day Friday: The spooky storm started early in the morning and continued on through the day. It made it so hard to get out of bed. But, I'll do just about anything for you, Friday. dress and sweater: vintage, thrifted, DIY applique here; fishnets and tights: Target; Hunter boots: ebay; belt: made by me
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) Carmen Gaudin as The Laundress. 1889 I can't seem to find much more about Carmen online. Despite this, I feel like these paintings by Lautrec tell us so much about her.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) Carmen Gaudin Red-Headed Woman in a White Blouse in the Artist's Studio From this painting alone, I think you can tell she was probably guarded and cautious. I'm sure her experience with men lead her to be that way. Look at those hands. You can imagine their roughness from her work as a laundress. There is nothing dainty or traditionally ladylike about her. Yet she has a kind of unique natural beauty. The kind a guy with a penchant for red heads, like Toulouse-Lautrec, would appreciate.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #33

Purple Tuesday: Can you find what's wrong in this picture? How about my dress...notice anything unusual? When I was getting dressed Tuesday morning, I foolishly tugged on a little loose string at the bottom of my dress. Once at school, someone pointed out that my hem was coming undone (after I'd snapped this photo). Geez, I wonder why.  A work buddy helped me tape that hem back into place. You get to know someone really well when you lift up the tail end of your skirt in front of 'em. dress: Anthropologie, new with tags, my favorite Goodwill score to date; shoes: John Fluevog
Well, Happy End of the Week to you, kids! I totally enjoyed having last Monday off in celebration of Labor Day. Did you notice there wasn't an outfit photo for Monday? Yeah, I bounced between four different looks that day: pajamas, exercise clothes, yard working clothes and back to pajamas. Thought I'd spare you.

So included in this short What I Wore this Week is one of my favorite fabric designers: Florence Broadhurst. Because I'm toying with the idea of creating my own fabric, I've been pouring over the designs of some of my faves. My bedside table currently has a stack of fabric design books and Florence is at the top of the pile. If you've not heard of her, I highly recommend Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret and Extraordinary Lives.
Florence Broadhurst in her Paddington (an eastern suburb of Sydney, Australia) wallpaper design studio, early 1970's. Her vibrant and outlandish designs were a complete reflection of her character. All images pulled from pinterest.

Florence lived more lives than a cat. Born in 1899, she grew into adulthood during the roaring '20's. In full flapper garb, she toured Southeast Asian and China in various singing and comedy troupes. In her later designs, the influence of Asian art is strong.

Brown Wednesday: That's right, we are still wearing colors this week with kindergarten. This totally helped me get dressed in the mornings...although I've missed wearing my Frenchy-themed garb. dress: vintage, picked up at an antique store in high school; shoes: Frye
Always the entrepreneur, Florence established The Broadhurst Academy where she taught voice and instrument lessons in Shanghai. From there she moved on to England where she married, divorced, remarried and had a son. When World War II hit, she volunteered to help.

One of my favorite Broadhurst designs. At her wallpaper design facility in the late 1960's and 70's, this print could have been purchased on metallic paper. This was completely revolutionary at the time.
Black and White (with a pop of color) Thursday: top: vintage, thrifted. I love it's Matisse-esque design; skirt: Target; shoes: Softee
When reading about Florence, I found that many of the 800 wallpaper designs were not actually created by her. Her eyesight was failing and the task of creating all of those designs would have been impossible.  So she hired graduates from local art schools to come work for her. Some of  their designs she would claim to be her own. For photo ops like the one above, the palette and the brushes where simply props.
That's not to say she didn't have a heavy hand in the direction of the designs. This is another one of my faves.
Wear Your Favorite Color Day: Turquoise! dress: vintage, thrifted; belt: gift from a friend (thank you, Anna!); shoes: Anthropologie
Florence with all of the designs created in her studio. I love her vibrant fashion sense (dyed bright red hair, oh yeah!), even well into her 70's. She was known among her friends for her flamboyant style. Sadly she was murdered outside of her studio in 1977. Her murderer was never found and the reason is still a mystery.
Regardless, her designs are such an inspiration. I find them to be so beautiful and modern looking. Have you heard of Florence Broadhurst? Do you have a fave fabric designer?
Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy your upcoming week. Mine is going to be spook-tacular! More details soon.

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