Monday, September 26, 2016

In the Art Room: Andy Warhol Inspired Flower Prints

Today my second grade friends started a new printmaking project that I thought I'd share with y'all. In our 30 minute session together, they were able to watch the first half of the video, discover a little about Andy Warhol, learn some new vocabulary, work with printmaking tools and complete about two sets of prints (one positive and one negative). Whew! Next time, we'll print again to insure that we have enough crisp prints to pick from to create our own Andy Warhol Flower-inspired collage. Lemme show you how we are creating these pop art beauties:
Here's what you'll need:

* Colorful copy paper. I found mine super cheap in the Back to School section of Walmart a while back.

* Fake flowers. I tried real sunflowers in my experimenting and found that the petals kept falling out onto the printing plate. Fake flowers from the Dollar Tree were my best find. 

* Acrylic paint. I tried using tempra and it didn't work on the Gelli Arts printing plate. 

* Brayers

* Printing plate. I used Gelli Arts but you could also use this recipe to create your own gelatin plates

* Scissors and glue

* Those two little words that get everyone excited: PUFFY.PAINT.
After the kids have created their prints, we'll proceed on to the collage and puffy painting portion of the video. I'll keep you posted in a follow up on just how these colorful beauties turn out. 

In other news, I kinda sorta totally wanna wallpaper my entire house in these. Who's up for a flower printing weekend?! Party at my house, you bring the flowers, I'll bring the brayers. I'm telling you, this project is so fun, just ask Andy...
I mean, doesn't he look thrilled?! Ha! Love that wonderful Warhol, y'all. 
This lesson is going to be followed up by a flower painting project by our next artist inspo: Vincent van Gogh. I thought printing the sunflowers would give the kids a good opportunity to see them up close, check out those textures and better prepare them to recreate them in paint. I'll keep you posted. 
Until then, have a super happy and colorful week, kids! 
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  1. Yay - I have a fresh new set of gelli plates and a big bagful of fake flowers from Michael's so I am ready to go. I asked them if I could have the random flowers that had fallen on the floor one spring and they gave them all to me free of charge! Thanks for the great video.

    1. Holy moly, that is a GENIUS idea!! Fake flower are so expensive. That is why I was so excited to see them at the Dollar Tree...but FREE is my favorite price. Thanks for the tip!

  2. cant wait to try this next month!

    1. Yay!! Have fun :) You can tell me all about it when I see you!!

  3. Okay...I just peed in my pants a little when I saw your lesson!! I have wanted to do a lesson that bridges Warhol and an artist named Geoffery Ricardo..he prints actual teddy bears! Love love love your lessons! Thanks for being an inspiration! Question-why are you using acyrlic and not printing ink? I am not very familiar with the Gelli plates other that what I have seen online...

    1. OOOHHHHHH< I just peed MINE. Gonna check out Geoffery! Might have to borrow that idea! You know...I'm not sure why I opted out of ink. I don't have tons of that might be why I sent with acrylic. I'll try ink and see how that goes as well. Acrylic DID NOT wash out of our paint trays so that kinda stunk.


  4. Whee! What fun! Fun and beautiful project.

  5. Hi there!
    What size are your gelli plates and how many do you have/ how do you manage the logistics? Everyone has their own? A group at a time? I am scared!

  6. Cassie Stephens-
    I enjoy your blog and was checking on posts and I came across your GEM of a project idea.I am a HUGE fan of Warhol's flowers and am so excited to try this idea with my 6th graders-I just made 6 prints and am willing them to dry so I can combine them! Your positive posts and your generous sharing of your creative ideas just brightened my day and will soon have 100 6th grade art students soooo excited.
    Thank you- thank you- thank you

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