Monday, September 5, 2016

In the Art Room: Monochromatic Selfie Mural

Oh, y'all. Murals. Every time I have the kids create the pieces for one I think to myself: THIS HAS GOT TO END. The crawling on the floor, the hot glue burns, the accidental stapling of flesh (in my thigh? For real tho?). Then I hang it up and immediately forget the pain and suffering. I just stand back and absorb the awesomeness that is the work of my wee artists. 
Like awww, y'all. These selfies created by my first through fourth grade students (with about a dozen missing as they still have some finishing up to do) are just about the best thing ever. And it already has me plotting and planning our next collaborative project. Because I'm a glutton for punishment. 
In case you missed it, we started our school year with a monochromatic self-portrait project. You can see the finer details here. The above is the video that I shared with the kids. 
And here is a look-see as to my set up. The covered tables signify the colors available at that table. The kids could use any ONE color they wanted (which meant for that first day, they sat where they liked) but if a table was filled up, then move along, Little Doggie. On the tables there were two bins filled with markers and colored pencils of one color in a range of values. There were also mirrors on each table. 
At the end of the first week, I had a stockpile of these lovelies that I organized by color. Initially I was going to do something COMPLETELY different with these selfies. However, tried as I might to make the idea work (I was going to make a big ole peace sign), it just wasn't coming together. So I shelved the idea, allowed myself to let it go and I flipped my flop... 
And went with this idea instead: The Many Faces of J.E.S. 
Our students have a STONG sense of school pride. They are happy kids who truly love their school. Our school colors are yellow and blue. I think they are gonna totally dig this mural when they see it tomorrow!
But, like I said, the gluing, mounting, plotting and planning is what completely wears me out. I did this on a Sunday just so I could knock it out with plenty of uninterrupted time. And so no child could witness giant extension cords and hot glue guns on the ground. Is it any wonder why I am so accident prone? I set myself up for disaster. I truly am my own biggest enemy!
Next up: kindergarten still needs to create selfies. AND I had the posters that the kids created in this post laminated. I can't wait to hang them up alongside this mammoth masterpiece. 
I'm also stoked that this is up two whole weeks before Open House! Now I just gotta get three grade levels of Dot Day artwork up...whew. That outta be a good time. 
In the meantime, I'll just be hanging out with some colorful kids.
Who are so uniquely different. I love seeing the variety of creativity!
By the way...I may be a little spotty this week as I'm having a ROOT CANAL tomorrow. Be thinkin' of me y'all. And floss. A lot.
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  1. Amazing. other then that, I'm speechless. amazing!!!!!!!!! :o)

    1. thank you!! I'll tell my students you said so :)

  2. Denise McClain9/05/2016

    Awesome! And good luck with the root canal!

  3. Approximately what size areeach of the portraits?

  4. Anonymous9/06/2016

    Hi Cassie! I'll be trying this general idea with my elementary kiddos next week as an ice breaker- thanks for the inspiration, and I'll share what we make soon!

  5. I love it! I really like your variation on the ROYGBIV layout. Great job teach' and kiddos!

  6. Gretel9/10/2016

    Hi! What kind of paper did you use for this project? I'm trying it on Monday! :)

    1. I think any ole paper would do! I used scrap paper, actually! We happened to have some white 60lbs paper laying around. But even copy paper would work! Have fun :)

  7. Sarah sheta9/27/2016

    I love the idea :)
    can you share the lesson plan please

  8. Your hallways are beautiful! Do you leave these murals up permanently? I did the wings with my students this year and they didn't last- they were crumpled and falling down by the end of the year... any tips on keeping these so pristine? Thanks!

  9. Coming back to the art room after 20 years! This time a volunteer in my granddaughters's school. Am I crazy or what? Definetly using this with all the kids for the first week! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  10. how did you do the world mapmwith portraits?

  11. So beautiful, never heard of Artome. Can't wait to see your show!-M3
    run 3 cool math games

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