Tuesday, September 6, 2016

In the Art Room: A Fiber-tastic Twitter Chat!

Hey, favorite friends! I'm super stoked to share with y'all that I'll be hosting a Twitter chat tomorrow in conjunction with the Wisconsin Art Education Association. If you've never joined the fun of a Twitter chat, here are a couple of things you should know:

*  To join the chat, simply search #wiartchat in the search bar. Starting at 8pm, you'll see the chatter starting with questions by me about all things fiber. 

* To add to the conversation, begin your tweet with the hashtag and an A for answer the number of the question you are responding to. For example, "#wiartchat A1: Yes, fiber arts is in my curriculum!" 

* Know your abbreviations. Because of the limited amount of characters, folks will often respond with abbreviations which can be a little confusing. Just think of it like reading a text and the shortened words will make sense. 

* Hold on to your seats: these chats are often only 30 minutes in length. With a half dozen questions and a bunch of folks responding, it can get VERY busy. My first time joining in on a chat involved me just taking it all in. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Now, let's talk about what all the tweeting will entail:
I'll be resharing the questions during the chat so no need to put them to memory. I hope to chat with y'all tomorrow night, it will be so fun!

Of course, I'm thrilled to be chatting with my buddies in Wisconsin as I'll be there for their fall conference leading a fiber class and talking it up in LaCrosse on October 20th - 21st. You can find out more details and register to attend here
 And, since we are talking all things fiber-tastic...
Just a reminder that I'm teaching a fibers course over on AOE. Remember, if you use the code SAVE10CASSIEART17, you'll get a 10% discount!
So looking forward to chatting with all y'all real soon! 

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  1. I've just discovered you on YouTube & blog lovin'. I'm a great big fan!!! Definitely using some of your fabulous projects! Love the monochromatic selfies & then into a mural of some sort...right up my alley!!! I love the way you dress & would like to inquire where you find most of your cool dresses? I especially love the "artsy" one you are wearing in the new fiber post picture. Can you advise? Thanks so much! Keep up your great work!


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