Thursday, December 22, 2016

Art Teacherin' 101: Episode 26

Hello, most amazing art teachers! In case you missed last night's super fun chat, you can find it archived here. Be sure to join the fun next Wednesday, December 28th where we'll be talking about the advice we'd have given our young art teacherin' self. 

Last night's chat was create but lengthy. I decided to put together my favorite take-away's in this week's Art Teacherin' 101. Be sure to follow me here if you'd like to see more 101's, lesson videos, One-Minute Art Teacher clips and a random Elf surveillance clip. I'll be creating a lot of new video content to go along with this new Classroom Management adventure that we'll be kicking off in my art room come January. 

Love to hear your favorite classroom management tips! Leave 'em below so we can all get better at this magical thing called teaching. Love y'all!
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  1. That is how I run my room, everything has a home and the kids know where the homes are. Each table has a manager all year long and that person is responsible for getting all the supplies for the table. There is also one classroom manager who acts as a mini me and is in charge of the whole room. It sounds very strict nut its not, it's just a great way to get all the supplies out and picked up in s timely manner. They are so goo at it now I do not even need to lift a finger at clean up time. It really helps when there is a sub.

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