Tuesday, November 14, 2017

In the Art Room: Sandra Silberzweig Chalk Selfies!

This is my second year to do this lesson with my third grade students and, even still, I'm amazed by the stunning results. And the kids are so super proud!
I created this lesson last year inspired by the artist Sandra Silberzweig. I LOVE her work and I know you will too. Here's the lesson video I created and used once again this year.
I'm not gonna lie: the devil is in the chalk brand details. The reason these colors are so vibrant is because I SWEAR by Faber-Castell's chalk. I stayed far away from chalk for many years because the colors were so stinkin' dull. But not these, they go on vibrant and stay that way. I cannot recommend them enough!
Also having that color wheel on hand helps tremendously. I found mine online after a quick google of "color wheels" and laminated one for each two kiddos. Our key word is analogous. They can't pronounce it but, by golly, they know what it means!
To seal, I'll hit these with a mist of hair spray. I like the dollar store variety...but do be careful. Sometimes it comes out in speckles and can leave that look on the kids' work. Nothing another thin layer of chalk wouldn't hide. 
We created these on 9" X 12" sheets of paper as that's the size of the frame for the Artome art show. I don't think I'd do this project much bigger...making black glue is not my favorite thing in the world. By the way, this year, I made mine with India ink instead of tempera paint. It seemed to work just as well and came out of the nozzle a lot easier.
I will say, I do believe my Rainbow Tree is starting to influence my artists! 
We most def won't be forgetting rainbow order any time soon!
And now for a ridiculous amount of colorful portraits! Sorry, I love each and every one, they are so stunning.
One thing I liked about this project is that even if the kids "mess up" during the black glue stage, it doesn't matter. I told them to keep going. If they finished one and were still unhappy with the glue, I allowed to do another. Then, on chalk days, they just picked their favorite and used the extra one as their back up paper.
We all have those perfectionists...I get it. But I'm not a fan of starting over 23 times...so I always require them to finish it out before starting again.

So looking forward to our art show! I'll keep you posted!
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  1. I thought if using black paper you could use clear glue not black glue? But I guess black glue on black paper dues look more vibrant. Thanks for the chalk brand and hair spray hint. I used to send my black glue pics home rolled up in newspaper then a bit of name-labeled masking tape to hold tube shut. These pics are gorgeous. They look like 'Senecio' by Paul Klee to me though.

  2. Cassie,

    Thoughts about using oil pastels vs chalk, as they are quite vibrant?


  3. Hi Cassie!

    What is your process of making black glue? I tried using India ink last year but it made the glue thick and wouldn’t come out of the bottle easily. Any tricks?


  4. Those kids are obviously enjoying what they're doing. Who wouldn't? Art is something everyone can do. Some claim they can't but the truth is they can but they're just not good at it, but who cares? As long as you're having fun, not to mention enjoying the many health benefits of making artwork, you're in the right direction.

    Hannah Sullivan @ Go Arty

  5. Just wondering, why do you have to use black glue on black paper? I've used normal glue on black paper a lot and it's fine since it's dries clear, right?

  6. Thank you so very much for this amazing lesson! I have shared this with my class of year 2 and 3 and the results are incredible, the kids worked so hard on them and are so proud! Thanks again. I wish I could show you a pic, awesome.


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