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Thursday, November 20, 2014

In the Art Room: Our Gallery of Gratitude

 Do you ever get those ideas that come outta no where (usually while you are in the middle of doing something totally unrelated like cleaning the cat's liter box or brushing your teeth. Not at the same time, of course, as that'd be all kinds of nasty). You know, a thought that's like a big ole slap in the face and think to yourself: OMG, that's, like, a decent idea! I might actually be able to do this!

Well, that's pretty much how the idea of creating a Gallery of Gratitude came to me. This past weekend. Which means we busted out this bad boy in a week. Also which is totes a record for me as I currently hold the title of Slowest Art Teacher in the Universe. Not that I'm braggin' or anything, just statin' the facts, ma'am. And mans. 
 Since we are currently doing a Be Nice campaign at our school (we started last week by writing kind notes about each other's artwork. You can read more about that here.), I've decided to have the kids "give nice a try" with a new task each week. This week, I thought it would be great for the kids to show gratitude (which was also our word of the week, see how I did that?) to the folks that help them each and every day. I decided that my third and fourth grade students would draw portraits and write messages of gratitude (as they have an hour and could bust them out); my second grade would also write messages and decorate the frames (they've only got 30 minutes of art time); first grade would create oil pastel hearts and send their heart out to someone special; and kindergarten would create a handprint to give someone in the school a high five. 

With all that in my shockingly small brain, I went to the bookkeeper (one of my fave people, hi, Julie!) Monday morning and asked for a list of everyone that works in the school. I was thinking, eh, this should be easy for the kids. I mean, there's prolly only 45 folks that work in the building. WRONG, y'all! There are 71 super awesome people that teach, administer, parol, clean, cook, nurse and help my students. I realized then that this was gonna be a bigger undertaking then I'd imagined. 
 But the kids jumped right in. For my older students, we talked about gratitude and all the folks that help us at school. Then we chatted about how to draw a portrait. Each student was given a 4" X 6 1/2" piece of paper, a Sharpie and allowed to chose the name of the person they'd like to draw.
 At their tables, I had placed copies of last year's yearbooks (this was a big help, y'all) and a head tracing template. I decided to offer the template to the kids (it was optional) so that they'd feel confident with the head shape and be ready to jump right in to drawing.
 Once the pencil drawing was complete, the kids traced their lines with a thin Sharpie and added color with colored pencils. For most, this took an hour. For some, they had time to also write their message of gratitude.
 Many message of gratitude and picture frames were created by my second grade students. They had only one session of art this week due to our art museum field trip. Again, these kids were allowed to pick a name for whom they'd like to write. 
 While I was gone on my field trip to the local art museum with my second grade students, one of the assistant teachers at my school was my sub. I left her directions on having the first grade classes create these radiating hearts. 
The following art class, I had glued their hearts to a frame and had them write who their heart would go out to. This was great as it only took them 5 minutes and then we could return to our regularly scheduled art-making program.
 On Monday, I had a couple of my kindergarten classes. As they wrapped up their landscape paintings, they came to me for a hand print. As I printed their hand, we chatted about gratitude and I asked just who they'd like to give a high five to. After printing their hands, I jotted down on their paper "High five to Officer Graham for keeping our school safe". Those kindergarteners really had some sweet high fives to give.
 I'm happy to say that we were able to get the gallery (almost) complete and hung today! There are just a couple more messages of gratitude to be written but as it stands, everyone has a portrait on the Gallery of Gratitude wall. Or, walls, I should say. There's actually another wall across from the one above that is full of portraits, high fives and hearts. 
 I knew the kids would be excited to see their drawings and share their notes. What I wasn't expecting was the overwhelming response from those that I work with. Each was thrilled to see their portrait and read the children's comments. Several snapped photos of their portraits on their phones and have requested to take their portrait home. I do believe the kids accomplished our goal of showing gratitude to everyone on our school. Just in time for Thanks-Giving!

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Sunday, September 29, 2019

In the Art Room: Tiny Gallery of Gratitude

Recently, I shared that my students in fourth grade are working on creating their own Tiny Art Show. Because I was going to be out of school for a couple of days visiting the art teachers in Vermont, I needed a lesson to keep my students engaged. I created this Tiny Gallery of Gratitude sheet for my third and fourth grade students. I hope they enjoyed it (I'll find out tomorrow!) but fingers crossed they did. If you think your student would like it too, here's a link to the FREE PDF. 
I gathered these books for my sub to start the lesson with. They are all wonderful books to introduce the idea of gratitude. Because my sub would be with my students for a couple of days, I asked that she read a book at the start of each class...but I let her decide which ones to read. 
 Here is the sheet I created for my kindergarten through second grade students. (link works, just click on bold sentence!)

As for supplies, I set out pencils, erasers and color pencils for my students to use. I asked that the sub save the work so that we could return to this drawing as a sketch for early finishers. I also want to see what they drew!

If you are interested in other projects that show gratitude, here you go:
 This Gallery of Gratitude lesson was a HUGE hit with the entire school with all creative hands on deck. I cannot recommend doing this lesson enough!
 I recently did an updated version of the Gallery of Gratitude and I love it even more! We used modeling clay and did a bit of writing out the faculty and/or staff member we were grateful for. Lesson here and here
Helping my students understand what gratitude is and how to show it is very important to me. Do you have lessons that you love that help spread gratitude? I'd love to hear about them!

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Gallery of Gratitude, Part 1

Hey, y'all! I am so excited with how these kid-created portraits of the faculty and staff at my school are turning out, I thought I'd share. This is just Part 1 of the Gallery of Gratitude posts...I'll be sure and post again once these are on display.

In case you missed the first post about our Gallery of Gratitude, you can check it out here. This idea is not a new one at my can see our Gallery of Gratitude from a couple years ago here
 Two of my fourth grade classes got their portraits complete. They did such a great job and I have so much left over modeling clay that I think I'm going to have them create self portraits next week. They've become pros at this and have really loved creating them. Here's the lesson video I created and used:
Here are the supplies we are using:

* Modeling or plasticine clay. No one brand is better than another. I have just been purchasing whatever is cheap at the craft store.

* Model Magic Glaze. Here's the thing: modeling clay always stays soft. These portraits will be on display for a while in my I knew I'd want them to be protected with a hard varnish. This "glaze" works really well at becoming super hard. I think ModPodge might work pretty good...but this stuff is a lot harder than that. 

* Plates from Hobby Lobby. So our "frames" are actually plates from Hobby Lobby! You can probably find them online. 

* Matte board. I cut ours down into 4" squares.
 Day #1: It took us some time to cover the entire background, create a skin color and add the head, ears, neck and nose. That took us an hour, believe it or not. Chatting about the project and watching the video took some of the time too.
Day #2: We really made progress. Almost all of the kids finished their portraits...some were super close! I thought I'd share what their works in progress look like.
Biggest bit of advice: HAVE PHOTOS! The kids really studied the photos, matching outfits, hairstyles, glasses and more. My sweet buddy the bookkeeper printed off yearbook photos and each student was able to use one as a reference. I plan to hang these photos near the clay creations when on display.
 And now, forgive me while I share a ton of these cute clay portraits!
 When we take these down, they'll be gifted to the teachers, faculty and staff. The kids will also write a message of gratitude about that person to be hung with their portrait. I'll post about that in Part 2!
 In the background, the kids were asked to add something that "said" something about that person. Here's a portrait of a kindergarten teacher. 
 Those are books behind our library assistant!
 And music notes behind our music teacher!
 I am loving the giant earrings and the cherries in this portrait. 
 This teacher plays guitar in his class. The glaze was just put on so it will dry clear, not milky like you see.
 One of our custodians is also our school D.J. Here he is, outside on field day with his baseball cap on backwards spinning records.
 This background, love!
 Incredible attention to detail! This one makes me so happy!
 Artistic license was taken with hair color here and I'm loving it. 

More to come, y'all! I had to share our amazing progress!

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

In the Art Room: Gallery of Gratitude Portraits!

After the holidays, with Valentine's Day on our minds, I like to have the kids spread a little love and cheer. I've got lots of lovey-dovey based projects in the works which I'll be sure to share. One project that really spread a whole lotta warm fuzzies was one we did a couple years ago called the Gallery of Gratitude. 
You can read all about it here. This project meant so much to the folks I work with. They were stopping in their tracks, reading the words the kids wrote about them, taking pictures, was AMAZING. We did it right before Thanksgiving to give thanks. I knew I wanted to do the project again this year...but missed the Thanksgiving deadline. So I thought it would be perfect for the winter...when we could all use some warm fuzziness. However, instead of drawing the portraits like we did previously, I decided we'd change it up a bit.
A while back, an art teacher (whose name I don't recall so I cannot give credit to -- so sorry!!) did modeling clay portraits with her kids and they were SO FUN. She shared the the kids looked at the author/illustrator Barbara Reid. Y'all have to check out Barbara's books and videos, so amazing. After watching her videos, I realized just how easy this would be for my fourth grade students. Here are the supplies we are using:

* Modeling Clay. The brand does not matter! And the stuff is CHEAP! So much cheaper than Sculpey and full of color. I bought some inexpensive variety packs from the craft store.

* Matte board. I used matte board because of the weight of the clay and I wasn't sure if it would warp cardboard. I happen to have a TON of matte board so it came in handy. I cut ours to 4" squares as I wasn't sure if the kids could do large pieces. They could have totally done it!

* Model Magic Clear Glaze. The thing is, modeling clay NEVER EVER dries as it's a combo of wax and oil. However, with a thickish layer of the clear glaze on top, it becomes pretty hard.

* HOBBY LOBBY METALLIC PLATES! Y'all! I saw these at the Hob Lobs a couple months ago and just about fainted. The perfect fancy frame, right?!

*Old school yearbooks. So we could look up the person whose portrait we are making.

* Names. These are the names of folks whose portraits we are making. We'll be doing a portrait of every person who works in our school building. 

Video demo I created for the kiddos: 
We started the project yesterday. We spoke a lot about gratitude, what it means, how to show it. Then I had the kids draw a name of a person who works at our school. I told them that if they were happy with the name they got, they could go to their seats and get started. If they didn't know the person and were interested in trading, they could remain on the floor. The kids remaining on the floor shared who they had and traded. A few kids were allowed to redraw a name if they had no clue who the person was...and I knew kids in my other classes would be happy to create that person's portrait. I did have a couple teacher's kids in the class who we all agreed should have first dibs on their parental units. Everyone was happy with who they were creating.
When I share my videos with my kids, I do not show them the entire video. Instead, I break it up into bits. For example, before we drew names, I had the kids watch the first part of the video about covering the background. Then we drew names and set to work. Thankfully, my heat was working and my art room was SUPER warm. This really helped with the manipulation of the clay. In the video, you'll notices I struggle a little because my heat was not working on the clay was super cold and hard. So crank up that heat for this lesson!
After completing the background, the kids came to the floor and we each announced which person we were creating a portrait of. That was fun and the kids were so excited. This is their last year at my school so many of them shared memories of the person whose portrait they are creating. We then watched the second phase of the video about creating a skin tone and creating the basic shape of the head, neck, ears and nose.
I will say this, a couple of kids made their head shapes super small. So I had those who "got it" go around and help make the heads a little bigger. For my next class, I'm going to have a head shape created out of paper and request that the kids place their clay on top and stretch it to that size...I think this will help make the heads bigger and more consistent in size.
I made sure to write down whose portrait was spoken for so that I could keep track of who we were creating and who still needed a portrait made. We might end up having a handful of extra teachers and staff...and I'll put my early finishers on those.
Here is my teacher example! I'll be certain to share our progress with y'all!
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DIY: 14 Faves of 2014

Well, Happy New Year's Eve-eve to all y'all! One of my fave things to do during this time o' year is to look back on the past and reflect on some of my happiest memories. I've been doing this the past coupla years and I really enjoy it (you can visit 2012 and 2013 here if you so desire). I hope you don't find it nearly as torturous as those Facebook "This is my life in a coupla rando posts and pics that some pimply teen working at FB picked for me. Thanks for being apart of it." thingies that keep clogging up your newsfeed. If so, my sincerest-ish apologies. 

For humoring my self-indulgent reflectin', I've got a giveaway for y'all! One of my fave things about 2014 was that I started the Artsy Book Club. We started out with a BANG! reading One Drawing a Day and really having fun with it. The prob? Drawing each and every day is taxing, y'all. However, I did love the bond we created. My next book club read was a double header (Teach Like a Pirate and Printmaking Unleashed) which I think was a big ole mistake. I was overwhelmed trying to read them both. So this time around, I'm throwing a book out there that I've been meaning to read for ages and I think we'll all benefit from and Ima gonna give one of you a copy! So, what's the book, you ask?
A true classic, amirite? AND one that I've never read. Here's how you can enter to win:

1. Leave me a message in the comments about what was your fave memory from 2014. 

2. Don't forget to include your email address! I'll let you know by Sunday, January 4th.

We'll begin officially book clubbing on Monday, January 12th. There are a million inexpensive copies of the book in the used section on Amazon (that'd be where this giveaway copy came from!). I do hope you'll join the Artsy Book Readin fun!

And now, on to 14 Faves of 2014 (in no particular order)...
1. My Artist-Inspired Dresses. The craziness continues. I started this artist/artwork-themed dress thing last year after creating The Great Wave dress. My most recent one was this Lichtenstein number (I've got a couple on my sewing room table right now just waiting to be created). 
This Starry Night Dress was actually started at this time last year over winter break. The light up part is my ab fave. 
Woof, this entirely needle felted The Scream dress had me seriously questioning my life's choices. It took me foreverness. I don't wanna even know how many hours were poured into that dress (although I do know that about 3 seasons of Project Runway were watched whilst needling away). I took a lil hiatus from needle felting after that number. 
But once I learned that there was a Kandinsky exhibit coming to The Frist Center for Visual Arts, I was back at the felting biz-natch. You can see the dress on the left and the one on the right by clickin' the linky-loo, Cindy-Lou Who

 2. Feature in Nashville Arts Magazine. From the interview to the photo session to seeing it all in print, that was easily one of the coolest things of 2014 for me. You can view the entire interview here incase your eyes cannot read flea-sized font. 
 And you can read all about that photo session and interview here
 3. The Artsy Sew Along. Originally just called the Apron Sew Along until we finished the aprons and people kept joining the fun (I love Denise's Frida/El Dia de los Muertos apron, don't you?)! I've got a new sew along project in store for us so if you join here, you'll be able to stay informed. If you are still wanting to get your apron stitching on, go here. There's all the links to the videos and tutorials you'd ever want (well, not really. But it's a start). 
 3. Going to NAEA in San Diego. Twas an absolute blast! It was basically Art Teachers Gone Wild which is always the best kind of party. I'm most def going this March (and leading two sessions, whuuuh?! Y'all best come and hold my hand, ermkay?). I loved meeting some of my fave bloggers and awesome art teachers. From left to right, that's Phyl, Patty, Rina and the lovely Donna. If you click on their names, you will be blown away by their awesomeness. 
And of course, Nic Hahn of Mini-Matisse! Like, seriously the nicest gal everrr.
4. Leading my first professional development at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Y'all. I was so super nervous to be leading that workshop! I mean, I'll teach kiddos all day long but other art teachers?! Who am I to tell 'em what to do? My nerves were set at ease by that awesome group of art educators and it was such a fun experience that I can't wait to do it again. 
5. Speaking at Bowling Green State University. That was another spooky/thrilling experience that I absolutely loved! Although, I gotta tell ya, my fave part was meeting Laura Dean of Painted Paper. Her blog is insanely creative and always an inspiration. 
 6. Gallery of Gratitude. As art teachers, we hang artwork in the hall all the time to boost the kid's self esteem and to show off their hard work. However, it's not often that we create art work to booster the esteem of others and congratulate them on their hard work. But that's just what our Gallery of Gratitude did. And the impact it had on my coworkers was very touching. This was easily one of my fave art projects of 2014. 
7. 4th Grade Legacy Mural. This project was one that came to me two weeks before winter break. The idea: have my 4th grade kids create a legacy for the school and present it as a Christmas gift before winter break. Getting this completed caused multiple panic attacks but with the help of my buddies the custodians, the bookkeeper, my librarian buds and all my fab fourth graders, it was finished and revealed to our principals. 
 8. String Art Project. This project was both a student and blog reader favorite. If you've not given this a go, I really recommend you do. Each and every kid loved it and was successful. And now my 3rd graders are begging to create one as well. I've got an alternative in mind for them that I can't wait to start after break. 
9. Circle Loom Weaving with 2nd Grade. This one was another blog reader/kid fave. Do y'all weave in your art rooms? It's one of my favorite things. In fact, I'm declaring January Weaving Month by hosting a weaving lesson each week on this here blog. I'm also presenting all-things-weave-y at the AOE conference at the end of January! I'm so looking forward to that. Are y'all going? 

10. 2nd Place Art Education Blog of the Year. Speaking of the Art of Education, this was a super nice surprise this year (I know it says 2013 but it actually went down in 2014)! I was thrilled just to be nominated. Shoot, I'm just glad that there's five of you out there that read my ridiculousness! 
11. Tennessee Elementary Art Educator of the Year. Well, that was a super nice surprise! Especially the part where I'm surrounded by some outstanding art educating action like these lovely ladies. Guess who didn't get the "Professional Attire Required" memo (as if I have any clothing that falls into that category!). 
12. Hiking Mount Baldy. Like, wow, y'all. That was a tough hike the hubs and I did this summer. But outta all the hiking we've done, this one was one of my faves. The views were amazing. 
Like, right? Once we caught our breath the view was even more breath taking. 
13. Halloween Horror Nights at Hollywood's Universal Studios. The hubs and I have been going to HHN for years. It's like our fave thing in the world. Seriously, the hubs loves it so much, he starts planning our trip in May. I was able to get this frightening clip filmed while standing at the front of the entrance to the park. Just watching it still makes my hands sweat. And to think we pay money to get chased my these maniacs! 
14. A Ladies Trip to Charleston. Me, my moms and my moms-in-law traveled to Charleston this summer and completely did the town. I'd never been before and the whole place was such a fun and unique experience. Fave part: the dolphin sightings right after these photos were taken. So fun! 
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