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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Robot Week! Home-Based Art Making

Knowing that so many of us are teaching and creating remotely, I thought it would be fun to do a little art teacherin' online. I shared yesterday all of the resources of mine that are free and able for you to use if you need to prepare art lessons for at home artists. However, I wanted to create something fresh and new and do a little LIVE art teaching as well.'s what I came up with: Robot Week!

What's Robot Week? Well, it will be a daily dose of creating centered around the theme of Robots. I'll kick it off on Monday this this lesson that I'll be doing LIVE but I will also attempt to archive to my YouTube channel
 For this first LIVE, I'll probably go for about 30-45 minutes. We'll just play it by ear. If you and your young artists can make it, great! 
You can join me on my Facebook page here or on my Instagram here!
Big thanks to our sponsor Dixon Ticonderoga for joining the fun!
Free How to draw Robots resource for you! To practice, inspire or color! 
 In my art room, we call these Idea Sheets. This one is yours here!
Mitch said I should make y'all a coloring here you go! 
On Tuesday, I won't be live but I will be posting a video on how to create robots that look more three-dimensional on my YouTube channel! Again, simple supplies can be used or swapped out for whatever you have on hand. 
I am super stoked about this one, stay tuned!
I know we probably all have a couple of cereal or snack boxes laying around. For that reason, why not try your hand at a collagraph rubbing? It's when you cut and glue shapes to a surface, lay a piece of paper on top and then, using a "sleeping" crayon (one on its side), rub over your design. I then added a watercolor wash to some of mine! 
It's a Build-Your-Own-Bot kind of Wednesday!
What to do with that cereal box collage? Well, on Thursday, I'll show you how to cover it in foil and make a print with just markers and water!
Oh yeah, this one's magical!
On the final day of Robot Week, we'll make a collage with one of my favorite papers to collage with: business envelopes! They have the coolest patterns and designs. 
I do hope you'll join the fun! If you do, I would love to see what you and your awesome artists create. You can email me your images at and I'll try to feature them right here!
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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Robot Week! Let's Draw Robots with Shapes and Markers!

In case you missed the's Robot Week! All week I am going LIVE at 11am CST drawing, creating, printing and making robots with YOU. You can watch me LIVE here or here! However, if you miss the video or want to create with me all over again, I've got the videos on my YouTube channel. Here you go: 
You might want to subscribe so you can keep up with the weekly videos! 
Initially, I was only going to go LIVE a couple of days but I've had such an overwhelming response from artists all over the world, I decided to keep it going! Here's the line up for the rest of the week:
 Simple supplies for tomorrow's LIVE!
 Then keep that creation handy for Thursday! We'll be using it for marker printing!
And on Friday, we'll create a collage! No paper? No problem! Let's recycle some old envelopes with fun patterns and designs!
Parents and teachers, looking for an extension? Here you go! Some writing prompts for when the robots are complete! 

Also, for free PDFs with a coloring sheet, how to draw robots and an idea sheet, go here! 

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Superhero Week!

I really cannot believe that I am heading into the fourth week of home-based art class! I have so enjoyed teaching those of you who have been joining in. This week I'm excited to share that our theme is Superheroes! Before I go any further, in case you missed Robot Week, Zany Scientist Week or Pirate Week, just click the highlighted word and head straight there for fun projects with video! 
Tomorrow, we'll kick things off with a Superhero Selfie! Any supplies you might not have, don't worry. I always share ways to make do with what you've got. 
 Who doesn't love a good onomatopoeia?! We'll make these with our favorite air dry clay recipe that we've used the last couple of weeks. Don't have the supplies? No problem, we can still make these plaques with paper and glue!
Be thinking of a word that makes a sound!
Let's make a pop-up card for a special superhero in your life! making pop up cards is highly addictive so get ready to become a little card making factory of fun!
Got toilet paper tubes? Well then you have the start of Thursday's project!
Be thinking about what three colors could be represent you as a superhero! 
To end our week of superhero goodness, we'll create our very own miniature comic book all! As superheroes.
 It's gonna be action-packed, y'all! 
To join the fun, you can catch me LIVE on my Facebook page or my Instagram. Or watch afterward on my YouTube channel. Be sure and subscribe as new art videos are dropped almost every day!

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Dinosaur Week!

I can't believe we are heading into our fifth week of LIVE online art classes! When I started this adventure with Robot Week, I didn't have any idea or plans to continue. But so many of you have joined the fun and, honestly, it's been such a joy for me that I don't see signs of least not for a while. And that brings us to this week's theme Dinosaur Week!

We'll kick off Dinosaur Week with a Paleontologist Portrait. We'll either create a self-portrait of that of someone else. Simple supplies are all you need and if you see a supply on the list that you don't have, don't worry. I always offer lots of alternative supply possibilities. 

Now that we are paleontologists, let's go digging for dino eggs! These fun moveable puppet-like eggs are easy to create and so fun to play with and create stories about. 
I seem to bring back the salt dough clay each week but I know kids love it! If you don't have the ingredients to make the clay, any clay will do: Model Magic, modeling clay, playdoh, you name it! 

What do dinosaurs eat?! Well, in this project, you get to decide! In this lesson, we'll make a mouth that pops open for you to draw whatever snack foods you wish to have your dinosaur munching on. 
 What if the dinosaurs...came back?! And roamed the streets of our cities? Let's make a pop-up city for our dinos to wander in. We'll create dinosaurs using cereal boxes and a TP tube!
If you'd like to join the fun, art class is free! You can catch it LIVE on my Instagram and my Facebook. You can always watch later on my YouTube channel. New videos added daily so you might want to subscribe. See you soon!
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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Zany Scientist Week! A Combination of Art AND Science Class!

 Well, hello, y'all! I had so much fun creating robots with you during Robot Week (all videos from last week are now up and able for you to view on my YouTube channel!) that I'm excited to share the theme for this week: Zany Scientists!
If you notice, I even decided to step it up a notch by combining art AND science. That's right, every day, I'll go LIVE on my Facebook and my Instagram and share with you both an art project and a science experiment! Because I know we are all trying to conserve the materials we have, you can either join in on the experiment or simply watch. Because the videos will be archived on my YouTube channel, you can always travel back in time and rewatch the fun. 
 Again, I'm using simple supplies that I hope you can find around the home. But, if not, know that you can swap out supplies with whatever you have on hand. No paper? How about newspaper or old magazines? No glue? What about a glue stick? Art making is all about thinking outside the box which is exactly what we'll be doing this week!

 Because some of our experiments are a little messy, look around your house for a cookie sheet or some sort of tray with a lip to it. This will help to contain any mess you make. Also, consider doing this portion of the art making outside! It's good to get a little fresh air and keep them mess at bay.

 The best part about creating is having fun. All of these projects were created with fun in mind. Don't worry about being perfect because there is no such thing! Just focus on the fun, y'all!

 We'll end our week with some clay that you can use over and again! This should keep you busy and creating until next the following week. 

Mark your calendars, y'all! And I hope to see you there. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this FREE coloring sheet! 
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