Sunday, December 7, 2014

What the Art Teacher Wore #125

 Christmas Red Monday: I scored this lovely vintage number during out California Adventure. I was so excited to wear it on Monday to kick off my (self-imposed) 15 Days of Holiday Dress until a group of fourth grade kids told me it was "not as crazy as the usual Mrs. Stephens." Humph. What do they know, anyway? (well, they know me too well is the prob!). vintage dress: Buffalo Exchange; bow belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; Disneyland pin: um, Disneyland; fishnets and red tights: Target; shoes: thrifted

Okay, lemme tell you about something that happened to me that NEVERRR happens: My week went by so super fast that all day long on Friday, I was convinced it was Thursday. I seriously said, "eh, I'll take care of that ("that" being the mini-mountains of messes I managed to create all week long) tomorrow" only at the end of the day when everyone was wishing each other a happy weekend did I realize that it was Friday. Like, whhhuuuuut?! Needless to say, I left those mini-mountains until Monday at which point I will curse my laziness. But, that's like every Monday, what am I even saying.

I think it was because this week was just so busy. It's that time of year when there are exactly one million things happening and trying to stay on top of it all is Mission Impossibleness. My solution is to live one day at a time and write everything on my hand and up my arm. In Sharpie. Although with all the hand washing I'm doing due to the fact that the kids are in a constant state of coughing/sneezing/upchucking, I might just have to start Sharpin' my notes onto my face. At least when I look in the mirror, I'll be all, "oh, right! I need to knab eht ot og...wait, it's backwards, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!" Hmm, okay, so that won't work. 

In other news, I'm super excited to announce THE WINNER OF THE WHALE RING GIVEAWAY is...cue drum roll...Jaclyn! Congrats, girl! And thank you to all that are now following Mary Beth on instagram and have discovered (and purchased from) her incredible shop. Big thanks to Mary Beth also for being so generous to give away one of her super fab pieces! 

I hope you guys have a wonderful upcoming week! Here's a peak at what the kids have been up to along with what I deemed appropriate to wear for 15 Days of Holiday Dress. What you wearin in your art room this week? I'd love to see, feel free to share your awesome art room attire here. Later, kids! 
 My second grade students created these 6" X 6" metal tooled poinsettia still-lives (still-lifes?) this week. I promise to share the entire process complete with detailed steps and process photos but for now, I'll just give you the short version in case you wanna give it a go. We had a ton of left over yarn scraps from weaving projects. Instead of trashing them, I've been hoarding them waiting for an idea to come to mind. And it finally did. I have the kids 6" X 6" matte board that was pre-sprayed with spray adhesive. Then they used the yarn to "draw" onto their super sticky board. Once complete, they brought the board back to me where I sprayed it again and slapped a piece of thin gauge tin foil on top. They used their fingertips (no nails!) to "massage" the foil and reveal their design. After class, I spray painted them black with that super junky $1 black spray paint from Home Depot (you want the crap stuff, trust me). The following day, the kids used 000 steel wool to burnish off the spray paint. Sharpies were added for color and decoration. Next up: painting the frame. So excited how these are turning out! 
 Oh, That's Better Tuesday: I was informed by said fourth grade kids, that this outfit was back up to my "normal crazy outfits." Good to know, youngins. sweater and dotted blouse: thrifted; bow brooch: gift; skirt: etsy; crinoline: Amazon; tights: Target; shoes: old. Fluevog. So comfy!
 My third graders have been working hard on printing their snowflake designs on fabric (I wish I had a back next week, por favor). Their job now is to work together and stitch their printed fabric pieces to create their snowflake banner. I was a little concerned about them using the machines but after super clear directions (along with super clear "your sewing days will be over if  DON'T follow my super clear directions"), they were extremely careful with the machines. Not to mention, they loved using them! 
Feeling Dotty Wednesday: Lemme tell you, waking up a lil late and grabbing whatever clothes you lay your hands on often results in the making of an outfit like this. I ain't braggin. Just sayin. sweater: Old Navy, last year; dress: thrifted; boots: DIY-dotted boots here
 Kindergarten finished off these winter collages this week. I don't usually repeat lessons but this kindergarten one I've done for a couple of years now. You can read all about is in this here blog post
Looking Like a Christmas Tree Ornament Thursday: You know, cuz, why not? sweater and skirt: thrifted; bow top: J.Crew; belt: Amazon; tights: Target; shoes: Dolls by Nina
 My fourth graders are working hard on these relief designs this week. We chatted a great deal about papel picado and created our own version in the form of a snowflake. Now, if you wanna know how to make a REAL snowflake, get yourself over to Phyl's blog because she's the expert! We created ours out of very thin copy paper and followed the same steps as the second grade did for their yarn creations: attached to a piece of matte board/covered in foil/spray painted black and burnished. Again, I'll share with y'all a full blog post soon but for now, here's you a sneak peak. 
 Candy Cane Shoes Friday!: I know, me in pants, so cray! But I did it for the sake of the shoes. I had to wear 'em...but they just don't look very good with dresses. Mostly because my feet are HUGE and I kinda look like I'm wearing clown shoes. And clown shoes don't look so great with dresses either. sweater: DIY, go here; dotted shirt: DIY, here; dotted pants: Target; candy cane converse: Marshall's years ago
 Friday night ended on a high note (or should I say a rainbow...?) with this sweet Christmas present from my baby bro. What better way to end the week, amirite?!
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