Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In the Art Room: 4th Grade Snowflakes

So this lil repousse snowflake by my fourth graders just might be the fastest art project we bust out this year. Not that I'm bragging. I do believe those canvases coulda used a lil more work. However, I needed something short, simple and fun after our super long Mexican Sun/Moon weavings and this did the trick nicely. 
Just like this third grade paper cutting project, we discussed Mexico and the art of papel picado. I stumbled upon a couple of prezies on the art form which was great to share with the kids. I also have several examples of papel picado hanging in the art room so they could get the idea. So our first course of action: Cut some paper designs (I hesitate to call these "snowflakes" as they don't exactly meet the criteria but whateves).
Once the kids' designs were cut, they brought them to me where I placed them on a piece of 5" square matte board that I'd ready cut and doused in spray adhesive. Another hit of spray adhesive and a piece of 7" square aluminum foil was placed atop. The kids were instructed to return to their seats, fold the excess foil to the back and massage the surface with their finger tips only (no nails, y'all) until their design appeared. With the long winded chat and all that work, this took us about an hour.
In preparation for the following class, I'd spray painted each of the boards very lightly with the cheapest spray paint I could find (the dollar a can stuff from Home Depot is my jam). When the kids arrived, they were instructed to use 000 steel wool to burnish off the spray paint. They were thrilled when their design started to appear. That took them no more than 7 minutes. If this process looks vaguely familiar, I've done it with leaves as well. If you follow this link, you'll get a better glimpse at the step by step process. 
From there, the kids were each given a 6" square canvas. They traced the placement of their piece (I showed them an example of a diamond placement or a square. Guess which one was more popular?) and then commenced painting. I limited their palette to the cold colors (these are kinda sorta snowflakes, y'all. So we went with a winter palette for that reason). The only instructions I gave was a reminder to clean that brush between color switching and to keep the painting abstract (lines, shapes and color). The last 30 minutes of the second art class were spent quietly painting these canvases. Once dry, I added a touch of hot glue to the back of the repousse and attached. Boom! Done! Ready for hall display.
And now, on to the giveaway! Check out this huge pile of packages that I took to the post today. I hope y'all have been enjoying this giveaway as much as I have. It's been super fun. And, to be honest, what I've loved the most is reading all of your comments. So often, it's hard to leave comments on a blog or, quiet honestly, it's just easier not to (I'm very guilty of this so I totally get it). Which means, at times, I feel like I'm talking to myself because I don't often hear from y'all. So having this exchange with you has really meant a lot to me, thank you so very much for playing along. 

So, what's up for grabbies today...?
All sorts of glorious vintage goodness! Two lovely vintage alteration booklets, two packets of vintage buttons, a little needle booklet and an iron-on embroidery pattern set. So many pretties in one giveaway, ya'll! Vintage-lovers, this is right up your alley!

Here's how you can enter to win...

1. So, it turns out that A LOT of y'all want that needle felting kit! My question to you is...if I were to sell them, would you be interested? Would there be any other artsy kits you'd be interested in?

2. Don't forget to add that email address, kids. Tomorrow is THE LAST of the giveaway goodness, eeee!

And the winner of that needle felting kit?! Tracy Evans! Congrats, buddy!

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  1. Heck yeah I would so buy one! Anything you would put together in the fiber arts category would get vote !!!

  2. I would totes buy a felting kit. I think a stain glass kit would be cool. On another note, went to Cool Spring/Opry Mills today. It was crazzzzzy!

    1. OH, the mall (shivers) especially THAT mall. Bless you, my child ;)

  3. maybe; depends on the price

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. Yes, Any kits you would put together would sell. The Cassie Stephens / What the Art teacher wore line of anything art /craft related would sell.

  5. OOPs forgot the email again...renasphoto@hotmail.com

  6. What an awesome giveaway!! Love it! I would definitely be interested in your art kits. I think you should do a tree skirt to art skirt kit. They're so cute! Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher. I would've loved having a teacher who wore such cute, funky and stylish clothes . . . psst . . . I was taught my nuns . . . in black habits . . . gasp!!


  7. Yeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss. However, what you really need to sell is clothing. I wear a size 20 - lets start there.

  8. Hey you! Knock it off on the inspiration and making me excited to go back to school!! well sort of -not really cuz it would mean I would have to put on real clothes and brush my teeth etc. But love it! Merry merry merry to you and your hubby!

  9. Yes, I would definitely be interested in buying a needle felting kit! I have seen so many of the great projects you have made and would love to get my hands on the equipment and instructions!
    drtucker at hotmail dot com

  10. Anonymous12/23/2014

    I would love to buy a needle felting kit. I am so inspired by all your rad designs but intimidated to find and procure the supplies. This would solve the problem. My email is lkliment@zagmail.gonzaga.edu

  11. I'd love to gift this one to a good friend of mine. tracitrumpet@gmail.com (& Merry Christmas!)

  12. Yes Mam!!! Thanks for the giveaways!!! Have a fab Christmas.

  13. I would sooo be interested in a needle felting kit that corresponded with your diy's! Thank you so much for hosting all of these giveaways, it's very generous of you. :) Merry Christmas Eve! Lydia.h.parker@gmail.com

  14. Yes that's a good idea!


  15. Yes, I'd buy a kit. I would love it to come with great directions and maybe center or lesson plan ideas. I think crafters and teachers would be a great market and amazon might be an easy place to reach a wide range of buyers. You can post as a seller, and with enough interest, they might stock the kits!❤️ Kellycreatesart at gmail

  16. Ps- class packs would be amazing if you grew enough to package them in an open-ended, but easy to use, way!

  17. Bummed that I did not win the needle felting giveaway. Yes, I would be interested in buying a kit you put together. Please enter me for the vintage sewing items. Thanks kathyhills22(at)gmail. Dot com

  18. I'd totally be interested in a beginner felting kit. Love vintage stuff too!


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