Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In the Art Room: Printed Winter Banners

Greetings, giveaway friends! I thought I'd share with y'all the Printed and Stitched Winter Banners my third grade just finished off. Since they aren't Christmas-y, I'm excited that I can hang 'em in the hallway and keep 'em up for a while. AND hope that they bring us the glorious gift of a snow day. Or five. Not that I'd love a couple of days to stay home in my pajamas and power-watch episodes of Pee-Wee's Playhouse (don't judge) when I could be teaching childrens all day (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). But what am I even talking about, I've got 2 weeks of that kind of sloth-esque behavior in my future. So, lemme get back to the post at hand: Stitched and Printed Winter Banners.
 Ohhhhh, but lemme guess. You only came here to see if you won yesterday's giveaway and to see what's up for grabs today. Well, if you must know, like, right meow, scroll yourself downeth and sneak a peak. Then pop back up here and keep on reading. Go on, I'm waiting... 
 Oh, yay, you came back! I'll get to how you can win today's goodies in just a sec. For now, lemme 'splain these banners.
Since we've been jibber jabbering about Mexico this year in art class, I shared with the kids a couple of prezies on papel picado. We also chatted about other cultures that partake in cut paper designs like Japan (with kirogami) and Germany, to name a few. 

Then we talked snowflakes. Now, I go about teaching snow flaking making all wrong according to Phyl. I gave the kids a 5" square of paper which they folded in half and then in half again thus creating a square. Then they rotated the square to a diamond and folded that in half until they had a triangle. Which they cut into bits for their snowflake-y design. 

Using Geli-Plates, fabric and white tempra paint, we covered the surface of the plate.
Our snowflake was placed atop. I told the kids that it was okay if the flake didn't lie flat. If they fuss with the flake too much, it will leave marks on the surface of the printing plate which could result in a not-so-clean print. 
 Place fabric on top (pattern side down if using patterned fabric) and a piece of recycled "massaging paper" on top of that. Rub the entire surface...
 Remove massaging paper and fabric. Proceed to oooooooh and aahhhhhhh over your awesome print!
 The designs were really lovely and the kids enjoyed seeing the negative of their design.
The fabric we used was 7" square quilters cotton fabric. I happen to get a lotta fabric donations which is super great.
 I dig how this one looks very Aztec-ian.
Printing two separate snowflake designs took us one art class. On the following, the kids created the hangers for the banner. They used three small pieces of Sculpey clay that they swirled together.
 Here's how we kept track of everyone's stick. 
About half way into the second hour long class, I called a meeting at the sewing machines. I explained to the kids that only half of them would have the chance to stitch one day and the rest the next. After a brief sewing demo, I called about 4 kids over to the "sewing table" at a time. When those 4 finished, they became assistants to those up next at the table. 
 Meanwhile, the rest of the kids were either working on their hangers or drawing penguins (to be shared in an upcoming post!). Having all kids on task made my life a lot easier when it came to sticking close to the sewing table. 

And there you have it! And now, the winner...
Congrats, Natalie! (Lawd, my nails! Can you tell I was attempting to hold the paper in such a way to hide that thumb?!) I'll get your Tammis Keefe fabric out to you tomorrow!
Lemme share with you what's in store today. I have two miniature easels with canvases (like, cute!), a super adorable vintage book (the illustrations are amazing! I've already made copies of them so I'll have a set once this is outta my hands) and a VINTAGE Milton and Bradley (before they combined with Crayola) unused watercolor set! Yay!

Here's how you can enter to win (just a lil more work for you today):

1. Please follow me on Twitter! You can find me here.

2. I'm curious...why do you come to this blog? For the lessons, the DIY's or crazy outfits? I often feel this blog might be a pinch all over the place. So, I wonder, are there certain topics you enjoy reading about more than others? I truly appreciate your input.

3. Don't forget to leave your email addy so I can contact you. 

Until tomorrow, friends!

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  1. Anonymous12/17/2014

    Hi Cassie!

    I learned about you when taking a course through the Art of Ed website. I follow you because I not only enjoy your lesson posts (I am only one of two elementary art teachers in my community) and because I love your take on life. Reminds me of my time in Georgia when hubby was stationed at Ft Stewart. I absolutely love these prints and recently learned how to make homemade gelli plates that were a huge fave at a Saturday morning parent-child workshop I held. This is definitely a lesson I'm going to borrow!

    Best to you in your continued creative endeavours,

  2. Hi Cassie!

    First of all--LOVE the snowflake banners! You have your kids make the most amazing stuff. And I'm impressed that they were sewing them themselves.

    Yesterday's Christmas print fabric was gorgeous, but oh--the vintage art stuff has me salivating. Since I'm pretty vintage myself, I have a start of a decent collection, but those would be great additions.

    Following you on Twitter.

    Why do I come to your blog? As one of your Facebook friends, the wonderful art teacher clothes attracted me at first. But I love to see what you are doing with your art students and all the step by step instructions--with photos--are so valuable.

    My email address:

  3. Let's try this again.... Followed - check. I love your blog - I come mostly for the fashion since I teach middle. I have been sporting reindeer antlers (that blink) this week and the kids think I'm crazy! I love your outfits!! Email is

  4. Love your lessons! Love your outfits! You share and inspire us all. Thank you.

  5. Your outfits!!!!! And your classroom/management!!! I'm a never teacher so I love to see how such a fun teacher operates!

  6. I follow you Cassie because of your enthusiasm and passion for the visual arts, your wonderful wit, your artsy fashion sense, and the incredible lessons and ideas you post!

  7. I come for the entertainment value! There's always something fresh and new and fun, and I can never predict what it will be. I also like seeing the projects the kids do. And yes, the crazy outfits have something to do with it, too! I feel like you make art accessable and fun and meaningful for us, as well as for the children you teach.

  8. Meghan Meyer12/17/2014

    Hello Cassie!
    I originally found you on Pinterest because of your amazing outfits. They never cease to make me smile and admire your creativity - same goes for your projects! I am a volunteer art teacher (there are no art teachers at our school!!!) for kindergartners and your project ideas and classroom commentary are invaluable. Your classes look so fun! As a graphic designer/illustrator I would absolutely love to own that book by Jerry Warshaw. Besides coveting the illustrations, I think it would be helpful info to share with the kiddos.
    Love from Minnesota,

  9. I follow you because of your great lessons and your energy. I also love your outfits! What a fun classroom your students must enjoy! Thanks for taking time out of your day to inform us about your day of art.

  10. Anonymous12/17/2014

    i follow you for everything you do...clothes, lesson plans, snarky whit...;)

  11. So I'm middle school and I visit because you are pretty awesome! The creativity you have with the fashion is astounding. I like your witty sense of humor too. I enjoy seeing what you do in your classroom as well.

  12. I loved seeing this gelli prints posting.. Just scored myself two gelli print blocks... so thrilled and excited to try it out soon. Most likely next week on Christmas as a little christmas day DIY activity.

  13. I love seeing it all from you! Your energy and spunk is to die for. You are an inspiration to many!!

  14. I come for the lessons! And you are totes ADORBS! -Shannon

  15. EEEK! I NEED this book! I am in my 2nd year as an art teacher for a school of kids grades K through 8th. My heart breaks when they say they can't draw, or aren't artists. Boy, does that motivate me! Everyone is an artist...they just have to find what they love. I love your blog for the art projects, your tutorials (and that it is sprinkled with fashion. It's like my little treat while I'm "working" on figuring out my next projects for the kiddos:) Thank you for being fun!
    xoxox - Heather

  16. Question? How many sewing machines do you have in the class? That looks like such an awesome sewing corner! I originally liked reading about the projects you do with the students, and still do. However, now I find I read more to just be creatively inspired. You are always looking for a creative way to do things or a creative project to embark upon and I like reading about that!

    1. Well, I was lucky to have an after school program purchase 10 of me...however, I currently only have 4 out and running. Once I become more confident in the kids working with them, I will pull out the rest. For now, I have 4 sitting at the "sewing table". Also, Brother is my brand of choice :)

  17. Oh my giant thumbs! Newer, not Never! Haha!

  18. I come to this blog for all three things: I teach after-school art classes right now, and get inspiration from other art teachers. I also sew my own clothes, and enjoy seeing what other sewers make, plus we seem to have similar tastes. I like to wear clothes that are not boring. Picking outfits for the day is a morale booster, and shopping for unusual fabrics and accessories is super fun. The DIY stuff is cool to see, though I admit I don't do too many crafts. I spend way too much time on the computer! lol

  19. Anonymous12/18/2014

    I love your fabulously creative outfits and the cajones it takes to wear them. I would love to have a teacher like you. And i love your narrative which is funny and real. You project true happiness and i love that. Don't change a thing love. Karen from Visalia.

  20. I enjoy everything about your blog- I especially enjoying looking at your wonderful outfits You are so creative! Your students are so lucky to have such a fun teacher! I don't do twitter so I'm hoping this will count towards entering the drawing. I collect old children's books so I would LOVE ti add this one to my collection.

  21. Anonymous12/18/2014

    I love your humor, outfits, and lessons! Thanks you so much!

  22. Anonymous12/18/2014

    You are creative, smart, funny and you have great lessons! Thanks for sharing

  23. Honestly, I cannot remember how I first heard about your blog. I was probably searching for art ed blogs to get teaching ideas. I have really enjoyed reading about all of the great ideas you use in your teaching, from the great lesson plans to your methods of classroom management. Thanks and keep up the wonderful work on blogging and teaching! P. S. I also love seeing your outfits. I would love to be able to pull off what you wear but I don't think I could get away with it!

  24. Happy to follow! Kellycreatesart@gmail

  25. I come by to see your outfits! I'm afraid I have to agree with Phyl. Snowflakes are 6 sides, not 8!! You fold the square in half then pull the sides in to an once cream cone shape. Trim off the excess in an arc and then cut your shapes from it. You always get a circle-ish shape and they are much prettier.

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  30. I know this post is very old, but I was wondering what size gelli plate did you use? 5x5 or 6x6? Thank you so much! Love the project and would love to do with a group of 3-5th graders in the next week or two.


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